Logistics and logic

Discussion in 'How To Instructions' started by KnivesAndFawkes, Sep 21, 2010.

  1. Logistics and logic

    I understand using public transport.
    I understand wearing masks.

    At what point do you make the transition between the two?
    If you leave home as Guy Fawkes, you're a giveaway.
    If you put it on on the train, you're a giveaway.
    If you go into the station loo when you get to your target and come back out as GF, you're a giveaway.
    If you put it on outside the CoS building, you've failed miserably.
    And then in reverse, at what point is it safe to remove the mask?
    Scilon follows you onto the train, you've got a major problem surely?
  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: Logistics and logic

    Ducking into the loo you won't be noticed - because you just look like any other person. Come out with mask on.

    Leave protest and, if followed, hop in a taxi and take it around the block or two. You can flash your face to the driver to set him at ease. Or, duck into a department store and use a change of clothes.

    In our city there's a stair way we use with public loos at the top and a food court. Anyone following would be distracted by the crowds at the foodcourt and wouldn't see us go into the loos anyway. We exit with fresh wig/hat/clothes.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Re: Logistics and logic

    ??? Get on the bus for the last leg. Assume no scilons on the bus. Get off the bus, wait for others and the bus to leave. Put on mask.

    When you get away, get on bus, get off bus at random station, if nobody get off with you, drop the mask. Pick up the bus on a different route.

    Are you talking about scilons may have access to CCTV in train stations?
  4. Re: Logistics and logic

    I was thinking more from the "Someone went in normally and came out in a mask, WTF?!" factor.
    I wasn't thinking about the scilons having access to the CCTV, simply that they may follow you to the station and get on the same train, putting you in an annoying situation.

    What is the likelihood of the taxi driver being one of them, and you're now in a one on one situation with them, and are no longer Anonymous as you've flashed your face to them to set them at ease.

    Fairly far-fetched, I know. I'm just jumpy that the amount of "anti-terrorism" that happens and "looking shifty in a public place" seems to be a common cause of concern.
  5. CarterUSP Member

    Re: Logistics and logic

    Walking around for a while in a mask works for me. Some people stare, some ignore.
    I doff my anon identity as soon as a suitable moment presents itself.
    Cultists are too scared to come out when we're protesting anyway. I could stand outside their front door and get changed, no one would notice. It's not worth the risk though, I don't want some OT to fire a lightning bolt at my underpants.
  6. xenubarb Member

    Re: Logistics and logic

    Ironically, you are anonymous until you don the mask!

    Seriously, unless you got Uncle Ruckus eye, or a hunch, or a huge wen on your face, or purple hair, or you're stunningly beautiful, nobody is gonna notice you. Until the mask goes on.
  7. Re: Logistics and logic

    And the next logistics question...
    The London raids say that they end up down the pub?
    How does drinking + mask work?

    "Ah! You must be one of those Chanology people. You want alcohol. Do you have a driving licence, passport or Prove-it! card?"
  8. Anonymous Member

    Re: Logistics and logic

    Taxi is easiest. And there's no rule that you have to take off your mask. You educate the driver about Anonymous until he's willing to let you get on. Walk to a busy pickup point that is not directly outside of the org, or call a taxi service. Pick a random point and ask him to drop you off. Make sure he drove away before you took off the mask and disappear. Even if he sees your face at a distance and he's a plant, it's hard to ID you with an impression in his head.

    Going to the pub are sitting ducks. They aren't afraid of nothing. (you can always use an anonymous straw)
  9. PodPeople Member

    Re: Logistics and logic

    That's kind of profound, xenubarb.

    And reminded me of another irony I've thought about recently:
    The Mask of Scientology vs the Mask of Anonymous

    The Anonymous Mask is one you can see and understand when you learn its purpose.

    The Scientology Mask is one you can't see or understand when you learn its purpose.
  10. Anonymous Member

    Re: Logistics and logic

    Contact your local cell if in doubt about how to get where ya going.
    Also, read the multitude of 'how to stay safe' threads here, and use your common sense.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Re: Logistics and logic

    I wear sunglasses and a hat or a hoodie until I get near the raid. I keep my head down and put on my mask near the raid or when I am close enough that other anons cover me while I mask up. It is only your face you need to hide and you can do that without a mask.

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