Lo que sé de las multitudes-Scientology taxi fare

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    Lo que sé de las multitudes-Scientology taxi fare

    Lo que sé de las multitudes « Ni libre ni ocupado

    (English) From a blog by Spanish taxi driver.

    What I know about crowds.

    Translation of bolded text.

    "a drop dissolved from this mass of people (look for him, he's in the photo) and raps on my window.

    "Can you open the trunk? he asks"

    I get out of the taxi, open the lid and the client releases his bags with so much vigor that the contents end up spread all over the trunk. I see: a videogame "Brain Training", the latest novel by Vargas Llosa, an inflatable sheep from Sex Shop (on its box I read: Inflatable Sheep Dolly of small size with a tunnel for penetration), pink velvet handcuffs, a Tarot deck, a bag of dehydrated fried onions from IKEA (Note: the closest IKEA is 15 km from here) and a thick notebook "Special Letter Soup". I close the lid poker-faced and the client asks me to take him to the corner of Santa Catalina and Prado. It sounds to me like that is the address of the Church of Scientology but I am not sure.
    During the trip we talk about the weather(me), football(him) and the traffic(both). Then we arrive at his destination and my doubts are dissipated.
    Indeed, the Church of Scientology.

    From the mass to the concrete. In short, there are no two people the same. In case you doubted?

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