LIVE REPORT: from today demonstration 6/22 -- (part4)

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by I Ran Hubbard, Jun 21, 2009.

  1. JoeRodge Member

    This has been posted at least 4 days ago. Please keep things fresh!
  2. warning for for spysoftware in your mobiles.


    I want to add a warning for your mobiles.(which do such a wonderful job)
    I havent seen a report but want to warn because it is so obvious danger.
    Not everyone think about it.
    Programs like Flexispy and others can be used to take control over your mobiles and controle every function - invisible from the background.
    The intruder can hear, record video etc - and transmit the whole thing over the net or the phone.
    Hearing or seeing everything that goes on from your mobile or from the surroundings using the mobile as a monitor.

    be cautious of what you recieve in your mail or sms...
  3. Do not wait from medias...nor governments abroad. Act for freedom, not for image. Surprise them.
  4. What's the latest for tommorrow in Tehran?
  5. Ezhdeha Member

    They have to physically have the phone first to load that software onto it.
  6. has nokia released a statement about the matter concerning their business ethics?
  7. from-iran Member

  8. from-iran Member


    britis.h ministr,y of defen,ce came secretly to iran on sun. n met some powerful people here
    boushveg.blogspot.#com (in farsi)
  9. I knew Westerners were involved

    It is unfortunate that our young students think that the Western powers mean well for our motherland.

    They do not. They only want our oil and stir sedition.
  10. National Iran Resistance

    I've been searching and I found out that Mojahedin have a similar name:
    "National Council of Resistance of Iran"

    So it's very close to "National Iran Resistance". I would say they are Mojahedin but I can't be 100% sure.

    Here is he link to mojahein: National Council of Resistance of Iran
    Look at the title of the page.

  11. atmasabr Member

    And in additional news, the American soldiers are NOT in Baghdad.
  12. from-iran Member


    i dont think like that , i m even not sure about that, how bout this news that 2 iranian diplomats kicked out of england , u know there r differences on the surface n under it , these r the news n gossips somehow , we hav be aware of them ,then we can judge better , bt consider the both sides
  13. Don't jump to conclusion...

    Just because it has been written in a blog does not mean it is true.... could be disinformation, some wack job trying to stir things up.... etc.....
  14. Hmm..

    "The Iranian press says Sepah and Military participated in the violences, do not believe what they say. We are in our bases, getting ready to move upon orders. Not the orders of the of Supreme Leader, but those of the Khobregan."
    National Iran Resistance

    Khamenei wouldn't call upon Mujaheddin so I fail to see the connection based on the quote/statement. Or have I missed something?
  15. I see your point and that's what is confusing me too.
    But the name similarity is too much of a coincidence.

  16. Hesperornis Member

    that sounds familiar....
  17. from-iran Member

    Neda, ur my hiro

  18. No one has said it's true, that's why we want to sniff the site. Oh and the blog is a mere translation from this site:

    ??? ?? peiknet
  19. Don"t insult chimps

    Chimps are intelligent animals. Don't insult them.

  20. from-iran Member


    funny one !
  21. Actually the farsi page says something completely different. So it's not the translation.

  22. from-iran Member

    tnx guys for ur support

    tnx to u mir. joe klein klein
  23. That is what the morons that control Iran want you to beleive. Please don't fall for this. I am so sick of hearing this come from "religious" men....
  24. The west is NOT the problem. It is easy to blame things on that which cannot be controlled. It is hard to accept the reality.

  25. What does it say then?
  26. MEAN WELL???! Who mean well when govenment kill citizens for legal protest??
  27. Bijan Member

    It's an article talking about dissappearing of Ali Fazli.

    Edit: And talking about meetings, etc, but nothing about the English version.
  28. from-iran Member


    it s about separated divisions occurred in Sepah
  29. tt23 Member

    yes indeed! I always feel bad comparing thugs to dog, pigs, etc. I like, among others, dogs, pigs, and monkeys! Nice fellows so much unlike the thugs.
  30. Whole Europe thinks the same, we all know what and why happened in Georgia and Ukraine.
    People are fighting against US imperialism and they are helping with this USA.

    What do they want? Iran to became US ally?
  31. OOOOH Yesss and the current [so called] supreme leader and Ahmadickawad have been doing such a wonderful job of "parenting" Iran and watching over "her children"...:rolleyes:

    and as far as descriptions of countries being; "motherlands" or "fatherland", as if indicating that the citizens of said countries must be watched over and protected by some larger all knowing entity, puhleeeeze it's a freaking country filled with individuals who have the right to dream and hope for a better life, and by consensus of those individuals, have a right to make a choice based upon their own abilities to decipher and discern ALL information that is available to them and that they can FREELY discover on their own...

    {VERY SORRY an end of a day rant that is probably waaaay O.T. for this thread of current events and news, but some comments piss me off - especially when a quote appears to downplay and/or distort other peoples motives for standing up for themselves and their fellow Human beings.....NOTHING of what i've heard or seen from the streets of Iran indicates that these "protestors" want to completely (if at all) emulate western culture nor have I seen an indication that they are blind to the oft times corrupt deceit of the western corporate/political power structure...such a quote, as above, reeks as coming from a robotic soul-less lackey for the dictatorship :mad: SO piss off rat turd!}

    ok i'm done {for now :D}
  32. tim new Member

    We have another Gov't agent posting? Don't they realize how transparent they are?

    The protests in Iran have nothing to do with the USA. The USA is not involved as a Gov't. The News media and individuals are helping provide a voice for the people of Iran who the Gov't is trying to silence. But that is no different than most of the world other than Russia and China. If Iran wasn't censoring the protesters we in the USA wouldn't even be doing that, we'd just be following the news.
  33. tim new Member

    As I read the news on BBC, Iran expelled 2 of Britain's diplomats so Britain in return expelled 2 of Iran's - called tit for tat
  34. tim new Member

    There are reports that the movement is growing within Iran. It isn't just Pro-Mousavi , it isn't just students. More and more people are disenfranchised with the existing "government". More cities are protesting and more people from all walks of life - young, old, rich, poor, educated, less educated. It has a broad base of unhappy people including people who did not vote for Mousavi.

    Clerics join Iran's anti-government protests - indicates mullahs are out with the protesters in some areas now
  35. tim new Member

    As long as the memory of Neda lives; so will the protest

    Yet another article on Neda. Try as they will, the Iran Government can't suppress her life or her death. Ironic isn't it that she wasn't even there to protest. Just got out of a car stuck in the traffic and watched. Then she was murdered. The man with her was her music teacher.

    Slowly more and more details emerge

    Who was Neda? Slain woman an unlikely martyr -
  36. tim new Member

    from twitter

    "reports in the night of gunfire in Karaj- unconfirmed, but supposedly a BIG fire burning there."

    I need to study my Iranian geography to get a feel of how wide spread this movement is
  37. This is what pisses the western world off. People say such stupid things as this person, and it seems people believe it. I would hope that the people of the middle east are smarter than that. I would have no idea about that. But I am an American, and I stand behind what is being fought for. I have, and will continue to spread the message to my fellow "westerners" that the Iranian people are fighting the good fight. I continue to hope that the state run information services of Iran have not completely brainwashed people into thinking the west is as bad as their terrible theocratic government tells them it is. It's an insult to the people of Iran to think they are so stupid as to believe everything their "government" tells them.

    I stand behind you, from the USA. Be safe!
  38. A u pičku materinu, od kud si se ti stvorio...... Kakav manijak :)

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