LIVE REPORT: from today demonstration 6/22 -- (part4)

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by I Ran Hubbard, Jun 21, 2009.

  1. tim new Member

    From reliable Iran Tweeter

    Allah Akbar rings out over Tehran again, street battles N,W and W Tehran. More unrest tonight Mashad and Tabriz
  2. Unconfirmed from mousavis twittr

    Please come to Baharestan Sq. in Tehran tomorrow at 4pm #IranElection
  3. tim new Member

  4. Hello

    I mean how can i protect iranian pepole from INDIA ?!
  5. Hezbollah is afraid their cash cow is gonna dry up, aye?
    They better stay focused on Lebanon and leave the job of threatening Iranians to others.
  6. how much Internet do the Iranians still have?

    if Twitter ends up blocked, they should try using a non-centralized protocols IRC or Jabber (redirected through port 80) for spreading the info

    that way, it's almost impossible to shut them down without shutting down the entire Internet for them.
  7. from-iran Member

    tnx guys for ur support

    ye Allo Akhabar was greater than yesterday bt battles ,not heard
  8. Mousavi has stated 'If I am arrested or killed - strike until the Gov falls'.
  9. Any evidence of disruption of business or services due to the strike?

    Are many people participating?
  10. Only two days ago the situation was quite uncertain for Khamaini's forces. I suppose they were at that time pissing in their pants as never in 30 years.
    Is that because of Moussavi, one of their colleagues?
    May be not, may be the revolt is real from the people of Iran, guys and girls who want something everibody else on the earth.

    Long life the spririt of resistance and good luck Iranians. Some more efforts and sacrfice and the tunnel will have a end.
  11. Kill the e-mail or the ASAP, IT'S VIRUS!!!

    found this info...
    cant really value it but hope it has some significance and can help somewhere...
    please comment....

    hips-software is very good protection - one of the best is defenswall.
    it controls every process and you can kill it when you like.

    another protection is a sandbox - like sandboxie or returnil.


    urgent newS about an e-mail from Yahoo, do NOT open E-MAILS from UNKNOWN senders

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  12. Mousavi has stated 'If I am arrested or killed - strike until the Gov falls'

    gathered info from:
    Atlas Shrugs

    5:14pm: Persian Kiwi tweets at Twitter:

    Wed Sea of Green is 100% confirmed - no cancellation will be made

    Mousavi has stated 'If I am arrested or killed - strike until the Gov falls'

    Iranian Gov newspaper - has tonight called forthe arrest of Mousavi

    all foreign embassys surrounded by militia to stop ppl going in

    all hospitals is surrounded by militia to check why ppl going in - if gun or baton injury - they arrest and beat u

    The parks in north of city are closed at night and militia attacking any ppl in park or walking in streets

    we have report of large street battles in east & west of Tehran now

    tomorrow Mousavi annouce start of a new type of protests - peaceful and silent - soon there will be strikes

    he only question now is how will the end happen - peacefully or with civil war

    the ppl have lost all faith in this Gov - Iran can never be same as b4 again

    all normal life in Iran has stopped - now everybody only talk about Sea of Green and rumours of how Khamenei will go

    everywhere is road blocks and fires and sometime u hear guns shooting

    It is just like living under martial law - u cannot go anywhere without being stoped or beaten by militia

    4:45: A bazaar strike! How bazaar, how bazaar!

    We will not waste our energy, but act efficiently. We have conveyed our words to the coup-makers to the world in the streets. Now we need to change our strategy.
    From this Tuesday, at 9 every morning we will all go to the bazaar in our towns all over the country. If they prevent us, the bazaar will close. If they do not, there will be such congestion that the business will get interrupted and the bazaar will close. If they disconnect the telephone lines, again all activities will get interrupted and the bazaar will close. As much as possible, we will shut down the whole town and go to the bazaar to shut it down.
    Take everyone with you. Bring the children, too without any slogans-without green signs-without sit-ins; pretending to go shopping but not buying anything. We will only think of shutting down the bazaar, but do not leave any traces, not even a victory sign by our hands. NOT AT ALL.
    We will only think of victory. Bring the children, all the towns of Iran, without slogans, without slogans, without slogans, quietly, quietly, quietly, without greens, without sit-ins, without fighting. If anyone starts quarrels or shouts, we will not join because we pretend to be going shopping. There is no need to fear, and everyone will come. No fights, no bloodshed, no slogans, no sit-ins. If they prevent us, we simply return because we mean to shut down the bazaar, not to assemble. If they shoot tear gas, the bazaar will close. We will act smartly and will not engage in any sort of fights although if any fighting happens the bazaar will close due to insecurity. But we will not engage in any fights, and calmly and solely think of victory. With the congestion the bazaar will shut down, or no one will be there. Under any circumstances we will win. Dear Mr. Mousavi: We do not need your martyrdom and self-sacrifice; we need your leadership until we reach our goals. Until 9am Tuesday, the 3rd day of the martyrdom of June 20th martyrs, we will have enough time to inform everyone. Inform friends by any means: through websites, foreign media. From Tuesday towards bazaar. Send this message to friends and the addresses below so that it gets widespread all over our dear Iran. This strategy is effective and there is no need to fear, and will bring millions of Iranians into the scene without any bloodshed. Rest assured this strategy is so effective that the enemy will soon start denying and making rumors, and will start struggling. Do not believe them because this program will continue. Do not listen to rumors and inform everyone by whatever means possible.
    Wishing for success
  13. sounds like bullshit to me
    just to sure open your mail using imap protocol through a proxy
  14. from-iran Member


    sounds like moja,hedin
  15. from-iran Member


    i heard some personals at Ministry of Power did strike ,n also in Yasooj strike was good , some st. battles at Kermanshah (another city)
  16. from-iran Member


    sure u r right, there s someting going on under the surface , n that s way these 2 days were quiet
  17. From my point of view sometime the solution is violence. Of course to send rocks if they have weapons is not the solution...sometime may be we have to kill even anonymously to give the fear....
  18. Ardalan Member

    i do not agree with that.
    Violence creates Violence... s starting killing people is not the sollution.
  19. from-iran Member


    no , that s not rit ,violence costs so much, n that s not who we do it
  20. I agree with you , it is only a question of time....
  21. Now on CNN:

    Candidate Rezaei withdraws complaint against result !!??

    Don't give it up....
  22. Ive read that earlier and it breaks my heart that we are unable to do anything.

    [I believe that if we can receive covert resources and support without prompting action by the regime, our enemy will be severely suppressed.]

    This is the first thought that comes to mind, but as my father(76 yr old ex-mil) says. " Some asshole would leak it to the press and It would come back to haunt us."
  23. Very soon, Iran will overcome ...
  24. MOD EDIT: Posts encouraging violence will be immediately deleted.
  25. Keyloggers are being spread

    best anti keylogger and anti screen capture software is PrivacyKeyboard
    another antiscreen is snoopfree and another antikeyl. is keyscrambler

    google it and be careful out there.....
    if possible - format the harddisk and make a new install to clean out now and then...
    cyberwar is a reality!

    from twitter:
    RT Be careful what you click! Keyloggers are being spread on #iranelection thread. Also, using Iranian government proxies is BAD
  26. tim new Member

  27. from-iran Member

  28. Anyone else know who these are?

    This is HUGE if ture, but who are they? Mojahedin or Sepah and Army? any one know?
  29. from-iran Member


    yes Rezayin on his website Tabnak mentioned it earlier
  30. They speak in English. I'd guess they were bored Americans.
  31. The blog in english is just to post the translation, the source in persian is here : ??? ?? peiknet
  32. atmasabr Member

    I'm a little suspicious.
  33. On CNN: thanks to Nokia Siemens, Iran gvt can mointor in and outgoing cellphone images.

    Maybe they should be hacked...

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