LIVE REPORT: from today demonstration 6/22 -- (part4)

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by I Ran Hubbard, Jun 21, 2009.

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    Fortunate that Youtube and Twitter exist then.

    Anyone watching from Iran (and I suspect that number is high), can see our solidarity in many ways.

    I hope...
  5. I Ran Hubbard Member

    From NIAC (D.C.) blog.
  6. I Ran Hubbard Member

    From Nico:
    Iran Updates (VIDEO): Live-Blogging The Uprising
  7. are there any protests today?
  8. Massive disinformation planned. Along with general strike.
  9. What fine info here.
    I note that this thread (the three before this one) were almost the basis of this news report:
    My Way News - Struggle among Iran's clerics bursts into the open
    But I got it here so much sooner.
    Thank you brave souls.
    Nan in So Calif.
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    From Twitter: RT: Today Monday 16:00 at 7 Tir Sq. peaceful mourning for #Neda #iranelection Iranians pass on to all friends and family
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    Please watch what you grab from twitter. It is not a reliable site anymore. You could be sending people into a trap.
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    This has already been posted. This is from yesterday?
  16. from-iran Member

    tnx guys for ur support

    Karubi also said ....
    2day @4 @ 7tir tehran
  17. JoeRodge Member

    I love reading your posts. Keep up the good fight!
  18. BBC NEWS | Middle East | West 'seeks Iran disintegration'

    'Contacting the enemy'

    Tough to win a propaganda war when the images and reports all condemn your side. But...that won't keep the current regime in Iran from trying.
  19. Extended Tehran Weather forecast:

    Could be a wet week in Tehran. Should hopefully provide some relief from the heat for those on the streets.
  20. from-iran Member

    tnx guys for ur support

    tnx to u all ,
    sometime ago people thought we were a wild n arrogant nation , bt now they get to know us , the real us, we are so thankful for ur help n support , n we wont n cant forget these moments , u stand up wit us ,n gave us an opportunity to be heard , n show the world wat they been ve done to us ,
    tnk u , tnk u ,tnk u
    time to go to 7tir
    see u guys soon
  21. JoeRodge Member

    GOOD LUCK FRIEND! MY prayers go with you!
  22. Young woman describes beating at hands of paramilitary

    Young woman describes beating at hands of paramilitary -

  23. be careful

    be careful, we'll think of you, sending you love and emotional support!
  24. baghalizer Member

    Please start twittering to Protesters to use masks. (even a simple cough mask) for not being identified in the pictures.
    Todays protest is about 30 mins later at 16:30 local time. I must get ready to go.
  25. Sunday: Updates on Iran’s Turmoil - The Lede Blog -
  26. hangerhead Member

    From BBC:
    BREAKING NEWS:Iran's Revolutionary Guards threaten to crush post-election protests

    Iran Guards vow protest crackdown

    Iran's Revolutionary Guards have threatened to crack down on any new street protests against the results of the country's presidential election.

    In a statement, the guards vowed to react in a "revolutionary way" to suppress unauthorised demonstrations.

    The Revolutionary Guards, Iran's elite security force, have close ties to the country's supreme leader.

    On Friday Ayatollah Ali Khamenei banned protests, prompting street violence in which at least 10 people died.
  27. Teachesl Member

    Demonstrations in the U.S.

    Is there any way of getting this information to the organizers in the U.S. about this?
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  30. "We cheated only in 50 cities"


    "We cheated only in 50 cities"
    In response to presidential candidate Mohsen Rezai, who argued that the number of voters exceeded the proportion of voters in 170 cities responded to the Guardian saying that Rezai was wrong and that the number of votes only exceeded the proportion of voters in 50 cities.

    This he explained that the reason was that people often traveled or pendalde to other places chose to vote in a place other than where they are registered to vote.

    Now, the Guardian Council to examine this and see if it would have played any role in the election.

    This will be better and better ...
  31. Polish Embassy

    I received mail from Polish Embassy in Tehran that they have any request for help injured people
  32. Jaymax Moderator

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    Iran MP: Ground ready to legally pursue Mousavi for acting against national security
  34. DanX Member

    CONFIRMED: Riot police, brought from other cities, have been settled in Shiroudi stadium south of 7 tir square

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