LIVE REPORT: from today demonstration 6/21 -- (part3)

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by I Ran Hubbard, Jun 20, 2009.

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  1. NeverGiveUp Member

    So when will YOU take your step down out of the ring?

    DROP IT.
  2. all non-current iran or non-iran posts should be posted in OFF TOPIC section not this thread or section
  3. will nvr hpn, we have checks and balances to prevent this. sry to burst yer bubble. look at 2nd amendment.
  4. We Are All Iranian Now

    So, is it a general Global Strike on Tuesday?

    Worldwide solidarity?
  5. NeverGiveUp Member

  6. Yeah, right. :)
  7. totally agree, im the one who posted last about 2nd amendment rights, too bad the iranien peeps didnt have such rights, might have a diff outcome, soon. nvr give up, nvr stop. behind you all the way.
  8. Yeah, right, you can say anything but nobody will listen if you are not mainstream and brainwashed.
  9. We listened to your minor view, we simply think it is WRONG.
  10. No, that was just RTs from a trusted source, check your sources to find original.

  11. just stop feeding the trolls and responding to messages like this. If we ignore them, they loose all power. Keep this thread on track and topic and stay united.
  12. Yeah, let's be stuborn, narrowminded "freedom fighters" for american way of life.
  13. I hate injustice, and I recognize it where I live, but I never intended this to be off topic. I actually posted on the wrong thread (damn you, tabs!).
  14. No, LETS KEEP THIS THREAD ON TOPIC. So people don't have to sift through these useless debates to find the real news and information which is suppose to be posted in here. ALL you are doing by derailing this thread and hurting the Iranian people.
  15. and i picked a quote at random as an example of an argument taking place and derailing this thread. Didn't care what it was about.
  16. If you are here, you should be smart enough not to feed the trolls.

    Keep it on topic.

    I hate that I had to contribute to the spam to tell you this.
  17. atmasabr Member

    You guys *could* use the Report feature to report an off-topic or trolling post if you think it is actually hurting the site.
  18. atmasabr Member

    You mean like they did here?

    [Edit, sorry, wrong link at first]

    It's surreal. These women are amazing.
  19. NeverGiveUp Member

  20. atmasabr Member


    That simply would not be possible in the United States (our turnout is too low).

    By the way, how large was the Iranian turnout again?
  21. Visionary Member

    Iran media: Council rejects claims of voting irregularities -

    Hmmm. That kind of makes it harder to use this as a reason for nullifying the vote as a fallback measure, if things get out of hand for them.
  22. Ezhdeha Member

    It doesn't matter what type of conclusion they have come to because the people have made their decision, things have gone past the point of no return. This regime must step down and accept the PEOPLES next decision on how things will be from here on out.
  23. NeverGiveUp Member

  24. Last time I checked this thread was for news and updates. If you are angry about being called a child for posting completely irrelevant information here and having debates about unrelated topics, then deal with it. You are being called a child because you've earned the right to be called one once you started acting in the ways you do.

    This thread is for news information ONLY, stick to it or get off these forums.
  25. NeverGiveUp Member

    Sorry if this is a repost
  26. skollie-IRAN Member

    Yes it truly is amazing and very inspiring.
  27. NeverGiveUp Member

  28. That is awesome.
  29. I Ran Hubbard Member

  30. I mean the video, not disgusting Nokia/Seimens.
  31. I Ran Hubbard Member

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