"Live" reactions to Oprah/Tom Lovefest

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  1. WileyCoyote Member

    "Live" reactions to Oprah/Tom Lovefest

    For those who are actually torturing themselves watching this LIVE (or who are just curious about someone who IS).

    Katie Robot shows up and then almost instantly disappears "taking the kids into town".

    Tom shows O Suri's "Office" under the stairs.

    O acts shocked that Tom's kitchen is "normal".

    Katie makes cupcakes and everyone loves them.

    More in a bit. Contribute if you are torturing yourself too.

    I am NOT a Nielson home so I am not giving Oprah ratings over this. If YOU are a Nielson home, TUNE OUT NOW.
  2. Anonymonus Member

    Re: "Live" reactions to Oprah/Tom Lovefest

    Katie makes sure to say I love you not once but twice when leaving. Gag.
  3. mojo Member

    Re: "Live" reactions to Oprah/Tom Lovefest

    where the fuck are june and ward?
  4. WileyCoyote Member

    Re: "Live" reactions to Oprah/Tom Lovefest

    O reads from one of Tom's prized "script books"--bound scripts of his movies. (Guess which movie? Huh? Huh?)

    As she reads the opening scene, the oh so clever editors show the scene from the movie with her basically taking on a voice-over role. We see Tom's underpants from 25 years ago.

    Going to break, we hear Oprah's "this is the CLEARING up of everything" comment that's been in all of the commercials for this trainwreck.

    Heh. Clear. This is likely the only time we will hear that phrase on this. In this context. But I bet we will hear "ethical". Right?
  5. Yoni Alter Member

    Re: "Live" reactions to Oprah/Tom Lovefest

    Guys, I have to say: You know me. I hate the CoS as much as the next Anon and want to see it destroyed and will actively work to see it destroyed and all of the parishoners set free to live their own lives in peace.

    That said, this is too much. It's just too much. It's too painful.

    I'll read a transcript later, but I think I might go into a Diabetic coma if I keep watching this.
  6. WileyCoyote Member

    Re: "Live" reactions to Oprah/Tom Lovefest

    Sofa joke by Orca.

    O tells Tom and us that they "haven't talked" since Sofa 1.0

    The two of them act OH SO SHOCKED that Sofagate was a big deal to anyone.

    "What was going on with you in that moment" she asks Tom.
  7. Yoni Alter Member

    Re: "Live" reactions to Oprah/Tom Lovefest

    There is a certain irony to this being Holocaust Remembrance Day.
  8. WileyCoyote Member

    Re: "Live" reactions to Oprah/Tom Lovefest

    Tom blames "the Internet and things getting re-edited".


    O reminds Tom "you've been in love before". But "feeds" him an opening that "this is different, right"?

    Suri was born a year to the day since he met Katiebot. Wow! Fate! Except there is no fate, right Tom?

    "It's a confluence of things" Tom whines.

    O mentions Access Hollywood and the Brooke comment.

    "Brooke and I have always been friends" (um, not) "and it came out wrong and I apologized".

    Tom, who is Clear remember, was feeling "pressed" which is why he screwed up.

    It was about "child drugging", Tom says.

    Oprah minorly disagrees and points out that Tom told Matt Lauer that he dissapoved of BROOKE using anti-depressants, NOT her child.

    Tom reminds us he "felt pressed".
  9. Panini Member

    Re: "Live" reactions to Oprah/Tom Lovefest

    There is now a thread in the Talk About the Oprah Winfrey Show forum aiming viewers dissatisfied with the crappy interview to the juicy Marc Headley interview. Harpoons should be aimed to draw more attention to this. Community: Interview with Tom Cruise's former ...
  10. WileyCoyote Member

    Re: "Live" reactions to Oprah/Tom Lovefest


    Ah well. I continued to record my observations. They are in one big piece below. Beware that they ARE a bit scattered and this seems more like an annoying "Data dump" because of this. Sorry.


    "It came out wrong", Tom keeps saying about his mistakes in the press. Because you know... even CLEARS make mistakes, right?

    18 minutes in. First mention of Dianetics by Tom.
    30 seconds later Tom mentions Scientology and how its BASED on people being ALLOWED TO BELIEVE WHATEVER THEY WANT. They are "just here to help".

    O asks him if he feels he "comes under attack because he's a Scientologist".

    Tom basically spins this that people asked him SO much about it that he eventually gave in and talked about it.

    Tom says people should "read it for themselves", he's not hawking the religion.

    O says she read "you and John Travolta tried to convert me, I don't remember that". That's her entire answer to ANY comments she's read about her connections to so many Scilons.

    O brings up the famous Internet tape. O feeds us the information that "its obviously been heavily edited". This is not TOM saying this, it's Oprah. Tom of course TAKES OFF on that theme and tells us it was a private speech to his parishoners, illegally stolen, and OUT OF CONTEXT.

    Going into commercial....


    Back now.

    Being a celebrity is bad, O and T agree.

    "The Internet" Tom whines.

    On Andrew Morton:

    O outraged says: "It is IMPLIED in that book that this isn't even your child".

    Tom be pissed that Suri was likened to "Rosemary's Baby". "IT'S one thing if you talk about me, but if you go after my family..."



    O asks about Katie and Tom reminds us "she talks herself". (she does?)

    "How's Kate's family accepting you".
    "I love them" Tom says.

    "What's your relationship with Nicole now?"
    "Easy", Tom sez.

    O "clears up" the fact that Nicole has NO problems with custody, no problem with him, etc.



    Everything in Tom's life is Suri-rific. FINE TOM! But do you think the a Sea Orger is allowed to have this kind of relationship with their kid?

    It gets mentioned for the 10th time that "Kate loves sugar".

    O shows the camera a photo of Tom dressed as Santa. To show that Katie isn't a robot (she designed it or some crap like that) and that they are NORMAL PEOPLE WHO BELIEVE IN GOD AND SANTA AND CHRISTMAS!

    "Do you think your kids are having a normal life" O asks. "Or does the Cruise factor..."

    "Is it hard on them if you are being attacked in the press?"

    All this gets spun by Tom into "I am a positive person and I do my best".

    Suprisingly he's now smart enough to use the phrase "we are good people" instead of "ethical". He's obviously been reading these boards closer than we think...



    O asks Tom if he's been "misunderstood" for the past 3 years.

    Tom says he's made mistakes but its "been spun SO much".

    ITS OUR FAULT! Yikes! HOW COULD WE DO THIS TO TOM! (snicker) But MOST Oprah fans WILL buy this. You know it.

    Oprah laughs like a loon and tells us how comfortable she is with Tom. And shows Tom and us her naked big feet.

    Break (tease is Tom taking Okra on a snowmobile)


    The rest is just that. A snowmobile ride. Not even worth typing about.
  11. h0m3r Member

    Re: "Live" reactions to Oprah/Tom Lovefest

    I can't even read that crap lol.
  12. D... Member

    Re: "Live" reactions to Oprah/Tom Lovefest

    Fuck that shit.
  13. Gunslinger Member

    Re: "Live" reactions to Oprah/Tom Lovefest

    Oprah hasn't been a "real" journalist in decades.

    Let's get wacky TC on Larry King if he wants to be so "open." Fucking tard.

    Or better yet, get the megalomaniacal dwarf on Jimmy Kimmel or Conan O'Brien where the host won't go out of their way to go dowen on him.
  14. Anonymous1551 Member

    Re: "Live" reactions to Oprah/Tom Lovefest

    Thank you for your sacrifice in watching that - I dont think I could have done it myself, but its good to be educated on whats happening in terms of Kate-o-bot and Flying man. I'm disappointed in Oprah, but then again why would she tackle hard issues with a possible future guest - perhaps just too heavy for her audience to handle. Leave the news-gathering/investigative reports to the pros I suppose...
  15. Re: "Live" reactions to Oprah/Tom Lovefest

    I agree I cant watch that...


    I've lost all respect for Oprah.

    YouTube - OPRAH's Channel

    her YT so when she uploads the TC interview everyone can tell her it was a weak interview

    Seriously...really dont like Oprah
  16. WileyCoyote Member

    Re: "Live" reactions to Oprah/Tom Lovefest


    But I predict everything will be that Tom sounded SO NICE!

    And anything critical said will be turned into an attack on lovely Katie and angelic Suri. No matter WHAT it is, the "spin" will be if you talk bad about Tom, you are injuring an angelic little child.

    Tom's "associations" will be dismissed as irrelevant because they are "personal choice". Which, as we now know from Tom is the CORE belief of Scientology. RIIIIIIGHT?

    Mainstream journalists won't be allowed to talk to him unless the "criticism" is described as attacks on his family, or "little mistakes" he made that we're spun into madness by evil Internet people. You won't see a SINGLE journalist with the balls to say "Tom, can you talk about your relationship with David Miscavige?", muchless communicate that Tom has to answer for who he gives money to or what THEY do with that money. "Cause you know... "personal choice".

    I don't think this will be an option.

    Looking at that channel in the past, I recall that the show doesn't upload most of their material. The channel is just there for ads, basically. With the occasional well-orchestrated "behind the scenes" clips.

    And those will have comments turned off or put into "approval" mode.
  17. Re: "Live" reactions to Oprah/Tom Lovefest

    Tom, ya know, if you die of lung cancer, it will be personal choice :D
  18. Jugular Member

    Re: "Live" reactions to Oprah/Tom Lovefest

    This is me voicing my displeasure at the disproportionate amount of interest in something that only passingly relates to our activities.

    Really are other things to worry about.


    BOOO YA.
  19. King Nerd Member

    Re: "Live" reactions to Oprah/Tom Lovefest

    Propaganda CRAP!!!
  20. WileyCoyote Member

    Re: "Live" reactions to Oprah/Tom Lovefest

    As a person, a human being, Tom is unimportant.

    As a figurehead, you can't say that.

    A lot of Anon success has been because he made it SO clear to the world how bizarre and mind warped these beliefs have made him. Sure, ultimately our position is that people can believe what they want, but we all know people are MORE willing to listen to Scilon criticism if they think of Tom as nuts.

    And this "interview"? There's a certain percentage of minds it will NEVER change. But it will change others.

    The worst affect though is the "tie" that its trying to establish between ANY questioning of Tom and people attacking his poor little baby. He (and obviously Oprah) want to set the tone that any crap you throw his way hurts a poor innocent child and a "normal" family. And that anything he's done has been innocent mistakes blown out of proportion by evil Internet people (that makes this our issue too--a lie designed to hurt us certainly is relevant).
  21. eksef Member

    Re: "Live" reactions to Oprah/Tom Lovefest

    ROFL. First thing I see at Oprah's YT is David Blaine's slow talk about red blood cells inside a plastic bubble.

    Comment away on Oprah's channel!! If we can't comment on Scifag's channel, we will on their allies.
  22. 423 Member

    Re: "Live" reactions to Oprah/Tom Lovefest

    Wow that was so nausiating, and I only watched the last five minutes. I had to mute the tv the last couple of minutes because I could not stand listening to the a**kissing- the closed caption was bad enough.

    I shall probably boycott DOVE and V8 for sponsoring this program today. Join me.

    Thanks to those who endured the whole hour.

    Monday's show was taped today? --did we have someone infiltrate the audience or protests outside?

    Tom, you better get to the doctor now, and see how much asbestos is in your lungs and abdominal cavity from the Freewinds boat. You do not have superhuman powers. Hopefully all the exscient. are doing the same.
  23. Bucky Katt Member

    Re: "Live" reactions to Oprah/Tom Lovefest

    You know, Oprah's popularity levels have taken a severe beating recently. They're due to her open support of Obama, sure, but having her popularity numbers drop precipitously from 77% to about 50% is quite the thing. And more of Oprah's core viewing audience is dropping Oprah from their viewing schedule (and it looks like they're picking up Ellen instead). So if we can get enough suburban moms to take a good look at what old Tommy boy's "religion" is truly all about, particularly from the anti-family angle presented by such bright lights as Jenna Miscavige Hill and Astra Woodcraft, maybe this whole Tommy thing will be just the thing to get Oprah's viewing audience to shrink drastically. And then she can know that perpetuating dangerous cults is srs bsns in terms of ratings and popularity.
  24. Dunvegan Member

    Re: "Live" reactions to Oprah/Tom Lovefest

    Feh. TommyGurl probably thinks teh Tech and teh Purif "handled" the blue asbestos.

    Any softball Cruise interview is a viable target of criticism. It was his video being pulled from YT that kicked a lot of the present stuff off. He's the spokes-model for Scientology...what did that vid say...he's brought LRH Tech to over a billion people?

    He's the shillebrity at the forefront of cult propaganda. Knock down his lies and spin with the truth. Only takes a second or two to comment. Oprah lost all common sense and ability to connect with non-celebrities a loooong time ago. Time "Oprah the Corporation" was told. A. Lot.
  25. WileyCoyote Member

    Re: "Live" reactions to Oprah/Tom Lovefest

    Really, if you talk about this anywhere public (including the Oprah boards) I think the proper vibe is reinforce that contrary to the way Oprah "showed" things, that our "main issue" with Tom is not couch jumping or "if Suri is his baby" or the big laundry list of CRAP that was tossed in to show people are "just picking on Tom".

    EVERY post we make should mention his close personal friendship with David Miscavige. BY NAME.

    EVERY post should talk about his financial contributions.

    EVERY post should avoid being a "Scientology data dump" and focus JUST on the fact that people should be held accountable, and be asked about, people they give money to and befriend.

    It's a simple tactic. Don't focus on thwapping readers (or people on other boards) over the head with "we don't like Scientology". Don't LET the Scilon sockpuppets turn the issue to "Tom is SO nice, stop attacking him and his family!". Focus on personal responsibility for your choices. You support this guy, this cause, so why won't you answer questions about WHAT WAS DONE WITH YOUR MONEY.
  26. Re: "Live" reactions to Oprah/Tom Lovefest

    The video he talks about that was edited - yeah, it was edited by the Church of Scientology!

    My overall opinion of Oprah was apathy, but now I don't like her. She gave Tom an hour to advertise and sell himself back to the public, without hitting on some important issues.

    I'm just glad I didn't have to see her bare feet. Seeing her nude in the movie "Beloved" was disgusting enough.
  27. WileyCoyote Member

    Re: "Live" reactions to Oprah/Tom Lovefest

    Another notion based on a comment spotted up on

    If a person was personal friends with Rev. Moon of the Moonies and gave money to them, wouldn't it GENERALLY be expected that people would ask about that? And if they did, how is this "attacking their family"?

    So how is this any different?

    Its a good "angle" to hit this from. Use Moon, or some other nice cult figure. Moon might indeed be the best because he's not a proven murderer like Charles Manson or Jim Jones, or has holed up in a compound that got raided like David Koresh, and yet people KNOW Moon is nuts. Likening Miscavige to him, and insisting that asking about such as association is legit, seems the best bet.
  28. Prometheus1 Member

    Re: "Live" reactions to Oprah/Tom Lovefest

    Another video with his arse mouthing off about scientology will be so great right now.
  29. Magoo Member

    Re: "Live" reactions to Oprah/Tom Lovefest

    This was TC doing his best at a "PR Handling" of the pubic,and I have to say,
    They drilled him well. Yes, it was syrupy---but you could see Oprah was "So comfortable: "This is THE most comfortable *I* have ever been" She raved,

    This was Tommy boy, doing his best to get back to just being "just a guy"---trying to deflect away the obnoxious things he has done in the
    last few years, as a celebrity, that have ROYALLY turned people off.

    He says he most cares about "Loyalty, trust, honesty, friendship"

    Well, why doesn't he give a DAMN when his "church" lies through their
    teeth to people, about people ALL THE TIME? Ok, he "doesn't know"--
    but I think That needs to be repeated, over and over.

    Does he feel everyone needs to become a Scientologist O asks?
    TC: respect everyone's right to their own
    religion. BS! No he doesn't. Remember his: "You're either IN or you're
    OUT": THAT is TC, from the inside.

    And IF O is "Anti-cults" which she is.........why won't she let the opposing
    side of Scientology present *their* facts? Because she doesn't want to lose the "golden boys: TC and JT"? That's my guess.

    Well, we'll see where this goes.I still think Tommy boy has done way too
    much damage to "Clear" it up in one interview. As long as he's a Scientologist------he HAS to lie: That IS the nature of it. I already gave one above. Nichole and the kids was another one, you could hear in his voice, he KNEW he was lying about the kids seeing both parents.

    Time shall tell................tick tock, tick tock...........

  30. avbb Member

    Re: "Live" reactions to Oprah/Tom Lovefest


    I think Oprah is star struck with Tommy. She has that "look a celeberity!" expression. After watching this show I came away with a very bad taste in my mouth.

    I do believe Miss Oprah is rubbing too many elbow with $ci-Celebs and may be falling down the rabbit hole. Knowing she is one, of if not THE most wealthest women in the wold, you can bet, there's something really rotten here.

    And now Oprah is on the couch with NO shoes on. Ain't nuthin professional about that.

    man, I need some lysterine!
  31. ANON E MOOSE Member

    Re: "Live" reactions to Oprah/Tom Lovefest

    I vomited in my mouth a little reading this.


    i have not been a fan of tom cruise ever. but thought he was cute years ago as he looked like my son somewhat.

    my daughter hosted tom and his family on an island a few weeks ago. they fished, hiked and talked alot. so here is the scoop. she said that they were the nicest, kindest people she had met in a long time. very cordial and very friendly. children were delightful. the fun thing was the tom was very protective not wanting anyone hurt, even my daughter who is 31 and over 6 feet tall.

    i just had to share the news that she turned my mind around about tom. totally

    thank you "

    i left a tl;dr comment full of reasonability.

    In my limited experience, osa can handle straight crit easy as pie with denials and hate. They struggle a lot more when the opponent is not so clear cut. Their brains are hard wired to see black and white, us or them, good and evil. They presume any niceness as covert hostility, tone 1.1 and say so, coming off as, at the very least batshit crazy.
  32. Anonymoose335 Member

    Re: "Live" reactions to Oprah/Tom Lovefest

    The script started out okay, but they really oversold the "reconciliation" bit in act three. Oprah taking off her shoes and showing her ugly bare feet was comically over the top. Also, Oprah is a really shitty actress and it shows. The story required Oprah to start out incredulous and a little confused by Tom's "couch incident" and then proceed to be charmed and won over. She was just a surrogate for the audience, as always. She totally couldn't sell it, though. The coda at the end where TC is hugging and kissing Oprah must have been a parody. Because if not....jesus.
  33. Daywatch Member

    Re: "Live" reactions to Oprah/Tom Lovefest

    Any Video Anons who can put together what Tommyfag says on Oprah and Contrast it with what he ACTUALLY believes and says on the "stolen" video would win like 8 or 9 internets
  34. CVAnonymous Member

    Re: "Live" reactions to Oprah/Tom Lovefest

    Seriously. I have to stop reading. I honestly think I'm going to throw up.
  35. Magoo Member

    Re: "Live" reactions to Oprah/Tom Lovefest

    Take it easy--------it's Friday night! All you saw was a "PR Handling"....
    and Oprah pitching her Monday 25th Show.

    Sadly------------the guy is STILL being used, and he's STILL lying.

    I just made a video of it. It's still being uploaded, but check it out:
    YouTube - ToryMagoo44's Channel You probably will disagree with me,
    but it's what I felt, today. I may change tomorrow---but I doubt it.

    Happy Friday!:flowers:

  36. WileyCoyote Member

    Re: "Live" reactions to Oprah/Tom Lovefest

    It's even worse seeing it. Something about the tone of Oprah's voice, the whole buzz of happy happy joy joy surrounding the whole thing.

    And you can also hear the vocal cues, the coaching for Tom, in her voice. It's not just what she's saying that's leading him, but also HOW she's doing it.

    Gotta admit it. She's "good". You can REALLY see that she's a master manipulator from this. I'm almost as impressed as I am horrified. It's transparent what she's doing, and yet its also really effective, I think, for the uninformed and (I hate to characterize it this way) the weak of mind.
  37. Anonypeg Member

    Re: "Live" reactions to Oprah/Tom Lovefest

    Wait a sec ... Oprah has a youtube account? Would it be worth manning the harpoons and giving her well-sourced information on Scientology by sending her a message via youtube? Specifically, the issues that mean something to her (like human rights abuses and breaking up families)?
    There are a lot of uninformed celebrities out there (such as Madonna, when she publicly defended Tom Cruise because she felt people were attacking his beliefs) and Oprah may very well be one of them. I'm hoping at the very least that even if she doesn't read her accounts, someone will pass the message along if enough of us do it.
  38. WileyCoyote Member

    Re: "Live" reactions to Oprah/Tom Lovefest

    a.) She doesn't monitor the channel personally. It's Harpo Robots doing it for her.
    b.) Public comments are "on approval" too, I think.
    c.) Oprah's OWN message boards have been flooded by information. Including the subforum for the actual show. I think its conclusive that its all being ignored.

    The best way might be Video Responses to her videos. Unless those are locked/made approval based too (they can be, right?). But really, the point would no longer to be to educate her, but maybe a few of her VIEWERS. She appears to be hopeless--either too shielded from actual real input or totally uncaring.

    People who participated in one of her online classes/book discussion study groups for this Tolle book were saying she might be approachable that way. But, again, I bet there's a big filter between her and anyone "real".

    EDIT - Maybe they changed the "approval" thing. 'Cause as a test I just posted a comment on an OPRAH video and it showed up IMMEDIATELY.

    So comments may be the way to go.

    That said, if her robot workers are smart, there probably won't be any Tom videos up there. You'd have to comment on her OTHER videos.
  39. Counter false statement that TC YT video was edited

    Anonymous, this is VERY IMPORTANT to know. Please create a copypasta file for this on your desktop.

    Mark Headley is a former Scientologist and Executive Producer of many of the videos produced by Golden Era Productions, including the now-infamous Tom Cruise video where he states that Scientologists are the only ones who can help at the scene of an accident, among other things. The Church of Scientology and its supporters have repeatidly stated that this video was heavily edited, and taken out of context, and that is why it appears so strange to many people.

    However, Mark Headley, who produced this video, has stated that the version seen on youtube and on the internet has NOT been edited in any way.

    "And those videos, the way they appear, they are not been edited after the fact. That is actually what aired and that is what played to the Scientologists. I know people will tell you different but those were straight off the DVDs."


    Mark Headley Interview with Kevin and Bean, KROQ 4/8/08

    Mark Headley interview occurs from 41:43 - 55:24 on this mp3.

    The quote above can be heard at 48:30 minutes
  40. avatar2008 Member

    Re: Counter false statement that TC YT video was edited

    "You're lying, the producer of the "leaked" Youtube video says it was UNEDITED, I have the mp3 of his interview" is now a meme. :fuckyou:

    Seriously folks, memeorise this line, use it well on May 10th.

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