Little Boxes

Discussion in 'Fliers & Pamphlets' started by unperson, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. unperson Member

    Little Boxes

    This anon gets stupid lyrics stuck in their head at 3am.

    You all know the song (or you should :p)

    Little thetans on the hillside
    little thetans made of ticky-tacky
    little thetans given audits
    'till they come out all the same
    There's a bankrupt and a lawsuit
    and a murder and a suicide
    and they're all swept under carpets
    but they come out just the same

    Modify, add to, etc (or not).

    See you on Sunday :D
  2. Re: Little Boxes

    Brilliant. I hear it in my head sung a cappella, in a slow tempo and in a serious, solemn tone. Make the 'murder and a suicide' bit haunting, not glib. Someone please do it on youtube? Unfortunatelu I have no talent and cannot even bear to hear myself sing.

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