List of scientology front groups.

Discussion in 'CoS Front Groups' started by Anonymous3373, Apr 9, 2008.

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    Re: List of scientology front groups.

    I've been going over the plethora of scientology domains/websites (most of which are little more than a single page - ah, this obsession with _looking_ big..) and it seems they can't keep their sites in order (a very large number of the links at are broken).

    Anyway, some updates for your list, Arnie, would be: is no more. But the CoS-controlled version of the Cult Awareness Network still remains.

    Some other disappearing sites are:, ,,,,,,,, ,,, (not a complete list)

    OTOH you have sites like "anonymousexposed" and such that've popped up of course.

    Anyway, I'll hopefully have the whole scientology-web mapped out for y'all soon.
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    Re: List of scientology front groups.

    The problem we face is that while there is but one truth but there are an infinite number of lies.

    All this Hubbard rubbish is due to an active base of perhaps 20,000 of them.. no more, but
    that allows a virtually infinite number of lies...front groups, scams... etc.

    There really only have been a handful devoted to exposing them, I'm so glad you folks are here now, and using all the data thats been collected over the years.

    Thank you
    Arnie Lerma
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    Re: List of scientology front groups.

    just found this tube video on what might be another scientology front group -- comments identify Herb Zerden as a scilon.

    YouTube - A Church's Secret Operations

    sorry if it's old news or posted elsewhere.
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    If you want to see the tax filings from all $cientology front "charities" then you can search for them here. The information is from the irs. It will tell you how much money each one makes, and who was paid to file the taxes.
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