List of Sci Owned Media

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    Part of Mark Masters' TRN dream team, John L Pierce

    1999, he started John Pierce & Company, devoting his full attention and time to media brokering. Since then he has worked with clients such as Clear Channel, ABC-Disney, Salem, Educational Media Foundation, Beasley Broadcasting, Mortenson Broadcasting, Crawford Broadcasting and other respected and well known media entities
  3. Excellent Thread, Posters! <3 it!
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    Plus, Crawford is treasurer of DMIUSA also known as Digital Media Entertainment, which was purchased from OT Mike Lofrano. Also, Lofrano and sci wife became exec at TRN.
  5. Anonymous Member (the place of business address for all these TRN/Masters companies is 225 NE Hillcrest, Grants Pass, OR)

    Son and daughter of Mike Lofrano, Matt and Julie. Note, that Matt has taken courses (drug rundown, grade 1, and ?). This can be found through Google search, but names are absent from works at
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    Bain Capital owns a lot of shit, pretty much. Mitt is a powerful entity.

    More than twenty five years after its inception, Bain Capital manages approximately $65 billion in assets, and has founded, acquired, or invested in hundreds of companies including AMC Entertainment, Aspen Education Group, Brookstone, Burger King, Burlington Coat Factory, Domino's Pizza, DoubleClick, D&M Holdings, Guitar Center, Hospital Corporation of America (HCA), Sealy, The Sports Authority, Toys R Us, Unisource, Warner Music Group and The Weather Channel.
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  8. He was trying to demonstrate that he could appreciate a book by a religious leader/founder who wasn't a Mormon :)

    When his poor taste in books backfired on him he tried to weasel out of it by substituting the Bible and Huckleberry Finn as his favorite books.
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    Mitt Romney defends plan to form network of Mormon supporters

    Donald C. Alexander a tax attorney who headed the Internal Revenue Service from 1973 to 1977, told the Globe that the collaboration among Romney’s political team and leaders of the church and school could run afoul of the law.

    But Milton Cerny, a retired lawyer who formerly oversaw tax-exempt groups for the IRS, said the actions of BYU and the church did not appear to violate federal law, because Romney is not officially running for president.

    Peggy Riley, a spokeswoman for the Internal Revenue Service in Boston, said she could not comment.
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    Letter to CoS from Milton Cerny regarding getting tax exemption.

    Date: 6 Oct 2001 12:09:53 -0000 Message-ID: <> From: Tenyaka <Use-Author-Address-Header@[127.1]> Subject: The IRS talks to Thomas C. Spring, Esq.

    Internal Revenue Service Department of the Treasury Washington, DC 20224 {STAMPED} Nov 24 1987 Thomas C. Spring, Esq.

    1130 Seventeenth St., NW Suite 400 Washington, DC 20336 Re: Church of Scientology International 4233 Fountain Ave.

    Los Angeles, CA 90029 Dear Mr. Spring:

    This is to summarize the telephone conversation you had today with Marc Owens, Technical Advisor to the Director, Exempt Organizations Technical Division.

    In his conversation with you, Mr. Owens stated that the Internal Revenue Service is actively considering the information that has been submitted in support of the application for recognition of exemption under IRC 501(c)(3) of the Church of Scientology International and appreciates the cooperation shown by the applicant. However, Mr. Owens also noted the extensive history of prececessor organizations and related individuals as described in Founding Church of Scientology v. US, 412 F. 2d 1197 (Ct.

    Cl, 1969), cert. den. 397 US 1009 (1970), Church of Scientology of California v. Armstrong, No. C420153 (Cal. Super. Ct., July 20, 1984), Founding Church of Scientology of Washington, DC v. Director, FBI, 802 F. 2d 1448 (DC Cir. 1986), cert. den. 56 USLW 3231 (Oct. 6, 1987), and Church of Scientology of California v. Commissioner, 83 TC 381 (1984), 823 F. 2d 1310 (9th Cir. 1987). In view of this history, additional information is necessary for the Service to be assured concerning the organization's maintenance of proper books and records that would fairly reflect its income, assets, and expenditures. In this regard, the Service proposes to meet with representatives of Church to discuss a mutually agreeable solution addressing this concern. Friday, December 4, 1987, at 9:30 a.m.

    in Room 6411 of the IRS National Office has been set as the date, time, and place for the meeting. It is anticipated that you would provide us with any and all independently audited or auditable financial statements.

    The Service would then promptly proceed to examine them to assure that the exemption requirements have been met. With the continued cooperation of the organization, the examination could be completed within six months.

    We understand that you will shortly submit further information in support of your position that there was no private benefit or inurement of net earnings to L. Ron Hubbard. In addition, we expect that you will provide further information about several international Scientology organizations about which you recently informed us.

    - 2 - Thomas C. Spring, Esq. We trust that you will give careful consideration to this matter as the Service believes that it represents a reasonable approach to establishing that the Church's operations further exempt purposes exclusively.

    Please contact Mr. Friedlander at (202) 566-4756 when you have completed your consideration.

    Sincerely, {STAMPED} (signed) Milton Cerny Milton Cerny Chief, Exempt Organizations Rulings Branch
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    Part of the battle was public. A leading role was played by the National Coalition of IRS Whistle-Blowers, which Scientology created and financed for nearly a decade.

    On the surface, the coalition was like many independent groups that provide support for insiders who want to go public with stories of corruption. But Stacy B. Young, a senior Scientology staff member until she defected in 1989, said she helped plan the coalition as part of Scientology's battle against the IRS in late 1984 while she was managing editor of the church's Freedom Magazine.

    Ms. Young said she recruited Paul J. DesFosses, a former IRS agent who had spoken out against the agency, to serve as the group's president

    20 years later, here is Paul DesFosses

    Paul J. DesFosses is a retired U.S. Treasury agent and a Republican candidate for Bannock County treasurer
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  15. Maybe his opponent in Bannock County, Idaho could ask him about this.
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    Bad behavior for a whistle-blower. Acceptable behavior for a "scilon.

    Annie C. Desfosses v. Paul Desfosses, 836 P.2d 1095 (Idaho 09/02/1992)


    Nos. 18278, 18641

    1992.ID.15267; 836 P.2d 1095; 122 Idaho 634

    Filed: September 2, 1992.




    Consolidated appeals from the District Court of the Sixth Judicial District of the State of Idaho, Bannock County. Honorable B. Lynn Winmill, District Judge. 1992 Opinion No. CA-162

    Paul J. DesFosses of Pocatello, pro se appellant.

    Annie C. DesFosses of Pocatello, pro se respondent.

    Swanstrom, Walters, Silak

    Author: Swanstrom


    This is an action brought by Annie DesFosses to set aside certain conveyances made by Paul James DesFosses (Jim DesFosses or Jim), which are alleged to have been fraudulent in nature. This action followed Annie's attempts to execute on a judgment entered in the parties' protracted divorce case in 1987.[Footnote 1]

    Annie filed this separate action in 1988 under the Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act, I.C. § 55-910 to -921, to establish the ownership of property which could be used to satisfy the divorce judgment's monetary awards to Annie. Her complaint contained seven separate claims, each alleging that Jim had transferred an item of real or personal property with the intent to defraud his creditors, particularly Annie.
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    Desfosses, P James


    44 Holbrook, ID Inkom, ID Pocatello, ID Houston, TX Salt Lake City, UT

    Available Desfosses, Paul James Desfosses, Annie Hueichin Fosses, Pauldes J Desfosses, Monica Belle Desfosses, Jim Pesfosses, Michael J Desfosses, Paul James Desfosses, Paul A Desfosses, Peggy

    Get Details...

    Desfosses, Paul James

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  21. The way this thread keeps chugging along is something I think is wonderful!

    Outstanding work, glorious faggots!!! I <3 it!!!
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    Working on getting references and links all in one place and will then hopefully make sense of all this.
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    Top 5 radio station owners

    1. Clear Channel
    2. Cumulus
    3. Citadel
    4. Entercom
    5. Salem Communications

    Programming from these companies are broadcast on CRN Digital Talk Radio Networks, also known as CRN. The companies legal name is Cable Radio Networks, Inc., founded in 1983 by Michael Horn.
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    (Scientologist Michael A Norton, different from Dr Michael S Norton of CRN (probably?)
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    Michael Horn! Damn spell check! Leave me alone!
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    Michael J Horn is founder and CEO of CRN, not Michael A Horn (the actor and "scilon)
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    Citadel was purchased by Cumulus this year. They out bid BainCapital and the deal was sealed in August.
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    So no Scientology connection yet?
  31. Anonymous Member Christianity and Scientology creating networks in media and politics. Informative read.

    Paul Freed is CNP's Ben Armstong's brother-in-law. Ben Armstrong was a director of Trans World Radio from 1958-1967 and was NRB's Executive Director from 1967 until 1990, when Gustavson took over as CEO. CNP's Stuart Epperson's wife--Nancy--is a board member of TWR. Many CNP members are also members of the various organizations listed.

    Stuart Epperson owns Salem Communications with Edward G Atsinger III (brother of Nancy A Epperson)
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    I hope Davey the Dwarf is reading this thread.

    Tick Tock Davey...
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    Citizens for Honest Government Board Member, Carol Steinke, also sits on the board of a Scientology front, Citizens Commission for Human Rights (CCHR). Pat Matrisciana produced a video against 60 Minutes after the latter's expose of Scientology.

    Citizens for Honest Government publishes a newsletter, Citizens' Intelligence Digest . It is edited by John Wheeler, Jr., a former editor of The Christian American published by Pat Robertson's Christian Coalition. Contributors to Citizens Intelligence Digest include CNP's William Dannemeyer, Joseph Farah , Tim LaHaye, Dr. Stanley Monteith M.D., Brad Phillips, (CNP Youth Council), Chuck Missler, Larry Pratt and Carolyn Steinke. For More on Scientology See: Topic Cults
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    Joseph Farah (from above post) is owner of WorldNetDaily
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    A similar development is occurring in the U.S., where Conservatives who are alarmed at the moral decline of the nation are desperately aligning themselves with group like the Church of Scientology and Unification Church of Sun Myung Moon, who promises to help them achieve the "good cause" they desire. A primary example of this are the connections between Scientologists and the Council for National Policy. The CNP is a highly secretive coalition of numerous Evangelical ministries such as Focus on the Family, Family Research Council, Christian Coalition and Concerned Women for America with CFR (Council of Foreign Relations) members, entrepreneurs, legislators, former high-ranking military leaders, Moonie-front organizations. TV preachers and the bulk of the multi-millionaire Coors family and Catholics belonging to cults such as Opus Dei, DAR and Knights of Malta. Scientology's appeal to Christian Right groups has been through exposing psychiatry/ psychology in the schools and the drugging of children with ritalin/prozac, ect. However, though they have succeeded in removing psychology from California schools, the Scientologists have replaced it with L.Ron Hubbard's Dianetics. L.Ron Hubbard's CCHR web page lists Phyllis Schlafley's Eagle Forum, Gary Bauer's Family Research Council, The Rutherford's Institute, Beverly LaHaye's Concerned Women of America and CNP member Carol Steinke as signatories of the Scientology Pledge promoting the removal of psychology from schools. These high-profile Evangelical ministries are then used as models by the Church of Scientology to encourage Christian parents to sign the Scientology pledge. (http:// /educate/aptcaf1.htm) Lest it seem that these Evangelical ministries are naive about such cults, Beverly Lahaye and Gary Bauer were featured speakers (to the tune of $80,000 - $150,000) at Moon's Family Federation for World Peace and Unification Conference in 1996 and Bauer purchases full page ads in Moon's Washington Times.

    Scientologists also fund Paul Weyrich's former group, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) - a very pro-constitutional convention group. Weyrich, a member of Opus Dei and a Roman Catholic, is a member of the Board of Governors of the CNP. For information on Paul Weyrich, Chey Simonton's article on the Rockefeller/Heritage Foundation Connection exposed his ties with Rockefeller. Briefly, he founded the Washington D.C. -based think tank, Heritage Foundation, and the Committee for the Survival of Free Congress Foundation to draw in the Christian Right.
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    WTF? Site seems rather raving moonbat.
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    That's what religion is.
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