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  1. Links for information
    Operation Clambake main site. Great info about various aspects of Scientology and why it's fucked.
    Video and audio from Mark Bunker. Buy his DVD!
    Great resource on the trail of dead left by Scientology.
    What can you say, it's wikipedia and it's about Scientology.
    Lots of stuff here. May be gone at some point.

    Copypasta straight from PChan
    List of Scientology Terminology ... e_Internet
    Scientology vs the Internet: Essential Reading. on how to fight the CoS
    What high level judges and politicians have said about scientology -Excellent copypasta here
    The whole 38 Mins of David Miscavige (Cult Leader) and Tom Cruise Back up
    Detailed analysis of Scientology brainwashing techniques, scary shit
    Video of Tom Cruise high on $cientology
    The Unfunny Truth about $cientology
    Jeremy Perkins: A Scientology Family Tragedy ... 2176767287
    The Bridge' short film about Scientology, contains original Sea Org video
    Apologetics Index: Countercult research resources on Scientology ... mer-alert/
    Religion News Blog: News archive on Scientology
    Outspoken critic of Scientology - A bit of a nut, but knows his shit when it comes to SeaORG
    old sk00l l33t blog name ("SC1ENT0L0GY")--with links to various and sundry Scientology info sites.
    Video: Secret Lives - L. Ron Hubbard, lying and monies-obsessed from birth
    Video: Scifag orientation
    Video: BBC panorama - Scientology & Me
    Video: (description needed)
    Scientology explained by South Park
    Mirror of various Videos,Document,Images,Flyers and so on
    Posted on Thu, Jan. 24, 2008
    Church of Scientology brings its anti-psychiatry exhibit to Kansas Capitol
    Scientology vs. IRS
    Feel free to add more.
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    Thanks for the links - I'll be adding many of these to the main site as the relevant content is added.
  3. Sorry if any of these are repeats! I looked through quickly, and it looked like it was clear.

    "Bare-Faced Messiah: The True Story of L. Ron Hubbard" By Russell Miller

    "L. RON HUBBARD: Messiah of Madman?" by Bent Corydon and L. Ron Hubbard, Jr. a.k.a. Ronald DeWolf ... Madman.txt

    "Inside Scientology/Dianetics: How I Joined Dianetics/Scientology and Became Superhuman" by Robert Kaufman ... /index.htm

    "The Total Freedom Trap: Scientology, Dianetics and L. Ron Hubbard" By Jon Atack ... FTrap.html

    "My Nine Lives in Scientology" By Monica Pignotti ... lives.html

    "The Road to Xenu: A narrative account of life in Scientology" By Margery Wakefield

    "The Scandal of Scientology" By Paulette Cooper ... /index.htm

    "Understanding Scientology" By Margery Wakefield
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    The most current and up to date list of fanancial fronts and businesses is; ... index.html

    It is extensive and anyone in the U.S of Canada (I believe) can apply for financial records under F.O.I.
    Apply NOW!

    The whole website is a treasure trove

    Scientology -- Is This a Religion? By Stephen A. Kent Department of Sociology University of Alberta ... mpared.htm
    Is Scientology is anti-Christian and Satanic?
    The "clearing house" for factual information about the raving, lying, lunatic sociopath who fabricated Scientology® and Dianetics®(scanned documents including hubbards convictions, College grades etc)
    Hubbard quotes on psychiatry and psychology ... index.html
    Report of the Board of Enquiry into Scientologyby Kevin Victor Anderson, Q.C.
    Published 1965 by the State of Victoria, Australia
    "The way to make a million dollars is to start a religion."
    What is Scientology?
    Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health (exposed)
    Cover up of pedophile child sexual abuse by Scientology
    Scientology & Dianetics
    Tax-exempt Child Abuse and Neglect ?
    Fair Game: Scientology's written HCO Policy starting 18/Oct/67
    Scientology's Volunteer Ministers program
    NarCONon Exposed
    Applied Scholastics and Study Tech
  7. saw these posted elsewhere, thought to post them here

    PDF books about and critical of Scientology - Faced Messiah.pdf - "Bare Faced Messiah" Piece of Blue Sky.pdf - "Piece of Blue Sky" Pdf version - "Scandal of Scientology" (Paulett Cooper's book that Scientology tried to frame her with a bomb threat for) - "The Total Freedom Trap" - "The Mind Benders" - "The Cheryl S Story" - "The Testamony of Margery Wakefield" (Former member of Sea Org) - "Road to Xenu" Margery Wakefield

    More PDFS here

    A big list of books critical of Scientology (multi-formats)
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    It's a bunch of Dutch sites, please add. Lay low on the bandwidht, PLEASE! I doubt the second link can hold loads of it, as it is a -personal spot on the tuubs-
    I did not create these, but I know 'such' URL's. And these sites stay low, mostly, on the I-n0t traffic. Knowledge is free! For all. Anon is bedankt! :wink:
    As long as it may remain! #Dutch[/url:1hq796z3] :arrow:
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    The first link,, has no trouble with bandwidth. It is my website. 8)
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    I have to say that I've NEVER liked that particular gif.

    The fact that it uses Lisa McPherson's autopsy photo, followed by a goofy skull just seems kind of disrespectful to her and her family.
  12. anonEmouser Member

    Plus it just looks....silly. Like, bad B-movie silly.

    The CoS may come straight out of bad B-movie material, but we don't help ourselves focusing on that part. The IRL--and very real--nature of it is what this is all about.
  13. Clamosaurus Member

    So youve seen it before, thanks, as I didnt create the .gif (as you undoubtedly knew)

    Then you'll know precisely why it is in my sigline in this forum.

    Demostrating how scientology sucked the life from a beautiful woman isnt "silly"
    Nor is that scientology murdered her.

    Your supposition could also apply to reasons given for the date of intended picketting on a global scale

    Lisa McPherson — Date of Birth: February 10, 1959

    Lest wet forget

    And it doesnt get much more "real" than that
  14. Randomness Member

    I won't make you remove that sig, but don't defend having it.

    It is tacky and disrespectful.

    On this forum nobody needs to see it, we all know about Lisa, most of us are campaigning because of her story (theunfunnytruth) etc.
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    Why does Scientology demonize Psychiatry?

    For the same reasons they demonize me. So that current victims will not learn the facts that Dianetics is nothing more than a perverted version of the state of the art of psychiatric "Advanced Technology" in 1943 - Scientology, at its lower levels, is, simliarly a refried and also perverted version of Jungian free association techniques that also, has been laced with Alestair Crowley's satanic invocations which strip you of your conscience, while you are being told you are on the bridge to "Total Freedom". At Scientology's highest secret levels you are essentially stripped of any money you still have while being made ill by long exposure to the E-meter's electrical effects and driven over the edge.. into a mental state where you are mentally or even physically unable to seek justice for having been defrauded.

    Links helpful for understanding what scientologists face in leaving scn[/url:2o0xn3l1] ... ncites.htm

    Pages for public to print out and give to scientologists or mail to them
    that are helpful in creating doubt while NOT being threatening (no xenu) ... logist.htm ... ogist2.htm ... ogist3.htm ... ogist5.htm

    3 page flyer formatted in MS WORD for duplication for current members ... ailing.doc

    posters for public and handouts for scientology KIDS here

    pages for helping scientologists recover


    The leader of scientology

    The founder of scientology

    Interview with the SON of the founder of scientology in Penthouse

    55 years of newspaper articles.

    The sources of scientology

    Audio files for learning more than you need..

    Media Links to exmembers whose judgment I trust

    Ex-member stories
    see drop down links at bottom of her story
    for dozens more

    arnie lerma Tel 703-241-1498

    I always answer email,
    just ask all writing to listen to THIS RADIO SHOW[/url:2o0xn3l1]first.. before asking questions, this goes for journalists too. If you dont listen or read anything else of mine please listen to that one.... thank you, alerma@verizon.netcom (remove the com from the end, itis there as a spam trap..)
  19. for those of you who know german this is another good source to educate yourself about scientology. Its publicly available information gathered by german protection of the constitution (Verfassungsschutz) and Arbeitsgruppe Scientology which has been watching and documenting scientology-activities since 1992: ... start.html

    Must reads:
    "irrgarten der illusion" contains basically the whole scientology-story. Very readable, almost entertaining. ... source.pdf

    "Gehirnwäsche im Rehabilitation Project Force": ... source.pdf

    this one is also available in english:
    "Brainwashing in Scientology's Rehabilition Project Force": ... source.pdf
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  21. Re: Links for information

    Chris Cowen here has done a huge amount of research. Follow the link below for very detailed scrutiny of CoS activities. Includes official papers from UK, NZ and Australia. The best source material I have seen on the net, although it could do with updating.
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    Re: Links for information

    This link will take you to the infamous IRS document sometimes referred to as the "secret deal" of 1993. It's the deal in which all of scientology 'settled' it's various on-going feuds with the IRS for 12.5 million dollars, and finally obtained it's tax exempt status. It's long, it's complex and it's VERY interesting:
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    Re: Links for information

    Thanks for the info, very useful. Could this thread be stuck at the top of the board?
  25. lermanet_com Member

    Re: Links for information

    PEW Religion Forum

    Interesting new religion study:

    Scientology doesn't even appear anymore. They have Wiccans and even
    Pagans at "< 0.3%", but the percentage of Scientologists is too small
    to even be noted!

    Link has been added to

    Current Estimate is less than 50,000 active

    Arnie Lerma
    Tel 703-241-1498
    Support: Exposing the CON
    for our friends and family
    to get them out of scientology
    before they end up here:
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    Re: Links for information

    I'm going nuts trying to find that site which has scientologists and the courses they have completed, with dates... does anyone have a link? Ty in advance..
  28. lermanet_com Member

    Re: Links for information


    added 3 march am
    Watch Scientology's Conman L Ron Hubbard state on video:
    "I only had TWO wives"

    Then read what his THREE wives thought of him

  29. Me Member

    Re: Links for information Will take you direct to the bit you need. Hope this is of help.
  30. argh Member

    Re: Links for information

    Thats the one! Ty! :D
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  33. Re: Links for information

    I was doing a search for Golden Era productions and I think I found a goldmine instead.. there are TONS of links here!

    Martin Ottmann a former Scilon's page, with lots of goodies.
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    Re: Links for information

    I don't think this link has been posted, and it has a large list of links to information about scientology.

    Seems there's way too much information for people to start working through.

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