Discussion in 'Freedom of Expression' started by mojo, Feb 12, 2011.

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    Bastards. I hope @ least a few got the message re: how to get info out. Surely.
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    I hope whoever winds up in power in Libya does something about their flag. That thing is an embarrassment to the entire nation. A GREEN RECTANGLE ISN'T A FLAG SHITBIRDS.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    For those that don't know green is the color of Islam.

    Yeah, most of you know that. But some might not. While we're on the topic, any lurkers that don't know the difference between (and any overlap between) an 'Arab', a 'Persian', and a 'Muslim' should take the time to educate themselves. Not that anybody has made that error in this thread.
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    What difference is there, really? They're all a bunch of freedom-hating terrorists. After all, Glen Beck said it. Ergo, it must be true. /sarcasm
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    Actual reports are now over 300!

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    Requests for International community to intervene, "Gaddafi is a war criminal and a barbarian!"
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    It's so ON in Libya right now:
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    Army in Tripoli were told to fire on protesters & Army wouldn't do it & were arrested. The protesters set them FREE! Benghazi is free from Gaddafi control!

    Wonder if they're made in USA.
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    CNN right now, special report on Libya.
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    Streets of Violence Montage...warning
  17. MsOrangensaft Member

    During and in retrospect of revolutions people involved always say... that once the fear of death is gone, you no longer have any fear; nothing to lose. How amazing is it that a human being will face torture and a bloody, painful death so that their children can live free... So that strangers and their children can be free?
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  18. And how sad is it that such acts, such sacrifices, are sometimes necessary?

    This was done using an online translator, so any who speak and read Arabic and think it sucks, I'm sorry.

    الناس أحرار في ليبيا. السماح لهم بالعيش في سلام وازدهار إلى الأبد. هذه هي ارادة الله.

    And what I said, in English: The people of Libya are free. Let them live in peace and prosperity forever. This is the will of God.
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  20. MsOrangensaft Member

    Interesting that someone is proposing the regime be charged with war crimes. So, what's it called when police & military fire upon unarmed civilians with, "nicer," guns? :)
    The sad thing is: the Gadhafi regime, the Mubarak regime, the Ben Ali regime & those that will fall after... will never REALLY be held accountable for their decades of oppression, abuse & corruption in an international court of law. Their victims will be LUCKY if they ever see them brought before a DOMESTIC court, even. And by "regimes," I don't mean the lower-level people who were left behind when the shit went down; I mean those with power & money who fled to places like the UK, Saudi, Israel, etc..
    Gamal Mubarak, Hosni's son, has a home in Knightsbridge worth tens of millions of pounds & is reported to be there now. He holds a UK passport. Our friend Saif also has a home worth millions in London, as you posted before, and returned to Libya to help "smooth things over." There is speculation that Hosni may be in London, too, or will be going there to be with his family. No doubt Saif will hoof it back to his cushy pad when it goes down in Libya. I wonder where Daddy Gadhafi will go. I've heard speculation that he may flee to a home his family owns in France.
    My point is, there's something terribly wrong when ousted, decades-long dictators & oppressors can live out their "retirement," in mansions in FREE COUNTRIES like the UK on stolen money. I sincerely hope the people of Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and others get some kind of justice.
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    Don't think of London as a comfy escape for a network of sick fuck war criminals. It's more like their headquarters.
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    Thanks for the rolling report mate. :)
    Apreciate it.
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    Why I feel that this was horribly done as in Egypt? And while I feel that I'm not being tinfoilie-meh this time?
    This will possible end like Egypt.

    Btw: "when you see your neighbor's beard get cut...". Someone knows the rest? ;D Should tell it to Gadafi next teim ROFL
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    Love it Freedom 4 libya!!
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    How can this be fixed?
    During Egypt uprising I could get Live Stream English AlJazeera broadcasts on Internet but now I can barely get it! This has been going on for several days now! I thought it was my PC.

    I can't get any broadcasts from their site:
    So I switched to Live Station & can get very brief broadcasts & then they abruptly end.
    Live Station: ^
    You Tube nothing!
    You Tube:
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    all phones including mobile have been cut, massive aerial and artillery bombarding going on, the world needs to step in before complete genocide happens
  35. Anonymous Member

    *Graphic* Gaddafi Burns Soldiers Alive who Refuse to Kill Protesters

  36. COREarg Member

    At the matter, it seems that the situation had become so overwhelming that we are in danger of a nice world war or at least a war in the arab countries.

    It's about to get horrible,I think. Just wait to see the bodies exploding and spreading nice human meat all around in the name of an oldfuck who decided he doesn't want to leave the chair.

    so it's time to say it...

    EDIT: Saw video that Anon posted...I hate it when people make me swallow my words.
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    This is "Breaking News" line on the top of's home page.
  38. Rockyj Member

    Just when I was getting pissed because lack of USA Media reporting, CNN just showed a blurred version of the "soldiers burned alive" vid.

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