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Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by anonvish17, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. anonvish17 Member


    Libya seems to be a cloudy subject full of uncertainty. So here's a thread to discuss and gather information. I know many anons have been calling for an Operation Libya in the hopes that the protests there could escalate to the revolution status Tunisia's did, but we don't have enough information to see if that's possible... yet. If we want an Operation Libya, step 1 is to GATHER INFORMATION. Here's what anon has so far:

    Leakspinner has a pretty good video summerizing the events so far.

    Essentially: the people are sick of their governments shit. They saw what happened in Tunisia, and some people seem to be encouraged. Libya has responded by completely blocking YouTube which is why there's been such a slow out-pour of information. No mainstream media outlet has really covered what's going on in Libya right now. Videos are hard to find, and the ones found are disappearing off YouTube, fast. I'm not gonna summerize the point again, just read the shit our watch the Leakspinner video. I've been mirroring videos from protests in Libya and I will post them along with download links here. I encourage you all to download and mirror. Lets spread this shit and make sure it doesn't disappear off the interwebs.

    A lot of videos are being posted at , but those are the originals. They can be taken down. Lets make a stronger archive of Libyan protest videos HERE:






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  2. anonvish17 Member

    Current wall-of-text info:

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  3. Anonymous Member

    Thank you kindly for this summary.
  4. Anonymous Member

    I would support an operation libya.
    In fact, I'd take vacation time to help.
  5. genoramix Member

    all for this. count me in. Just tell me the shit i could be useful at.
  6. anonvish17 Member

    Anyone here fluent in arabic? I'm trying to create subtitles for the man at 0:16, and more then that, just want to know WHAT he's saying.

  7. ZZZebra Member

    I am all for this. Just name some areas to get started. Meanwhile, I will dig through wikileaks to find out what I can.
  8. getDarker Member

    Time for get info.
  9. Anonymous Member

    NOT YET ?
    In the meantime, FUCK معمر القذافي
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  10. anonvish17 Member

  11. hushpuppy Member

    I like the way you work anonvish17.

    Will add this to my 'Watched Threads' list.
  12. genoramix Member

    actually if there are any swissfags, we could stage a protest to express our disagreement about Khadafi having billions stashed in swiss bank accounts.

    (ok..if actually we start this way, we'll protest pretty much for every fucking asshole full of money in the world. But that was just an idea after one night of insomnia)
  13. Shinythings Member

    I'd say there is enough info already. I mean, on the whole ground of freedom of information, why block fucking youtube?
  14. mojo Member

    after the brouhaha with the Swiss over his son, he pulled all his money out of Switzerland (much to their dismay).
    who knows why youtube is blocked...i suppose for fomenting whatever it is that they supposedly foment.

    just saw an interesting discussion on France24 English channel on the part FB and ANONYMOUS may have played in the Tunisian situation. while they give no kudos to any single group, they thought that the support from ANONS and the ability to interact on FB all contributed to not only the protestors but to perhaps the army's response..
  15. Anonymous Member

    So... begin Operation?
  16. anonvish17 Member

    With the Libya governmental opposition website,, now back online, I have some more information. First of all, the website was taken down by Gadaffie as part of his attempts at internet censorship. and who knows what else is still down. I'm going to get as much information as possible from this site while I can, and I encourage you all to do the same. There's a good chance they could go down again. Here's the big stuff I've found (use Google Chrome and have it translate the sites for you. It's rough but you can get the general ideas of the articles)

    Also check out their facebook page for more news
  17. anonvish17 Member

  18. If Gaddaffi gets any more plastic surgery he's going to wind up looking like Michael Jackson. He's already got the flash uniforms down.
  19. anonvish17 Member


    This video is from TODAY:

    Tunisia is not over yet. It's slipping back into chaos and if Tunisia doesn't get a democracy; Libya has no hope for one either. We can't move on to helping other countries till Tunisia has a stable democracy. Agreed?

    Here are some Tunisia dox.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Maybe I missunderstood but I do believe that the new government falling apart after 24 hours is a good thing considering that it was made up of mostly ben ali's honcho's.
    It appears Tunisia has momentum and there is very little we can do to influence it.
    All we can do is what we allways do; keep our eyes open, keep communication lines for the supressed open and inform joe public and the media.
  21. anonvish17 Member

    It doesn't really matter who was in the Unity Government, it's fairly apparent Ben Ali's drones are still calling the shots. But now it's even more chaotic on the ground.
  22. Anonymous Member

    Yeah this happened 2 days ago.
    Ben ali's drones were in gov, that gov fell after 24 hours.

    gov currently being formed has a pirate party member in it.
  23. anonvish17 Member

    Well, we should still keep Libya on hold until Tunisia is stabilized. Hopefully this next government will succeed and bring democracy.
  24. Anonymous Member

    "We should"

    Let anons decide and do what they want.
    Nobody should do anything but continue breathing.
  25. getDarker Member

    I think anonvish hasn't tried to set any behavior, he only said what an anonymous could do.
  26. Anonymous Member

    Ugh, you are right.
    I was scanning more then reading.
  27. anonvish17 Member

    Im not telling anyone what to lol everything I say should be taken as mere suggestions. No anon can tell another anon what to do. Im just sharing my ideas to see what others think.
  28. HumanVirus Member

    Is hard to believe that we will see big changes in Tunisia soon. Transition governments need some times even years for start to see real changes.
    Under my opinion I think we should have an open eye in the situation there and see how things are moving, and try to help as much we can, but don't expect solutions-express or miracles after 21-23 years under this covered dictatorship.
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  30. Anonymous Member

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