Letters to Congressman etc.

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    Letters to Congressman etc.

    I've been looking for a thread with fill in the blank type letters that can be addressed to various public officials but I haven't seen one thus far. I've written a few and sent them on my own but I'm not very good at it. Has anyone got some professional sounding all purpose type letters that can be copied into Word and edited for mailing/emailing?
    ( I hope I posted this in the right place)
  2. perro de paz Member

    Re: Letters to Congressman etc.

    I copypasted this one together from a few different letters I found. I've sent it to my Rep and both my Senators. Here's where I got the copypasta material.

    Dear such and such

    I am contacting you today to ask you to revoke the Church of Scientology's tax exempt status. As a concerned voter, I am troubled by the activities and operating procedures of the Church of Scientology.

    Many high-ranking members of the church participated in "Operation Snow White," the largest infiltration of the United States government in our history. Their aim was to suppress unfavorable information about the church in official records, obtain tax-exempt status for the church, and gain confidential information about their enemies. In 1977, an FBI raid of the church revealed information about other conspiracies inside the church to influence the government and persecute the church's detractors.

    Information gained by the church from its members during "auditing," which is similar to the Catholic practice of confession, is used to blackmail members into remaining in the church and keeping quiet about its practices.

    Under their policy of "Fair Game," any person declared a "Suppressive Person" (anyone who opposes Scientology) "may be deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologist. May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed." Critics of the church and former members are subjected to stalking, harassment, physical attacks, libel and slander. These tactics are official church policy, well documented, and continue to this day despite what CoS spokespeople claim. Their founder, L. Ron Hubbard, said that he considers the purpose of the courts not to seek justice, but to destroy people financially, mentally, and emotionally. L. Ron Hubbard said that the object of a lawsuit is not to win but to bring about ruin.

    As evidence of Scientology's threats to democracy, free speech, and the freedom of American citizens continue to come to light, I feel compelled to ask you, as my representative, to treat Scientology as it deserves to be treated: as an increasingly wealthy and dangerous organization that should, at the very least, be required to pay taxes.

    Media attention to this issue will only continue to grow in the coming weeks and months, and I would be proud to hear your name on a newscast calling for the revocation of the Church of Scientology's tax-exempt status, forcing them to pay back taxes from this period of ill-gotten protection, and perhaps even an investigation into their business practices under the RICO act.

    Sir, I really wish I could sign this letter. Given Scientology's long history of attacks on any and all of its critics I am in fact afraid to. I must remain anonymous. This fear is not unfounded (please research "operation freakout") It is unacceptable that as an American citizen and a citizen of the great state of --- I should be made to feel this way. Please take action by looking further into the actions of Scientology and its leadership

    Thank you for you time.
  3. Deetinator Member

    Re: Letters to Congressman etc.

    I'm just going to go off of this thread instead of starting a new one. Ok, here's a few letters I've compiled and written. My plan is that we send a barrage of letters to arrive on our protest days. Use these templates or write your own. Remember: snail mail is more effective, so if you can, send it via US Postal service! These all need to be sent as close to the 18th as possible. Feel free to send extras early! Spread the word to get everyone on board with this plan!

    Prepare yourself for a wall of text...


    To Department of Treasury:
    (taken from

    We believe The Church of Scientology is a cult and not a religion, because of this, the Internal Revenue Service should cancel their current tax-exempt status. They should not enjoy tax-exempt status similar to that of other religions, houses of worship, and legitimate social service and educational organizations.
    We feel the cult was created by its founder, L. Ron Hubbard as a scam to become a millionaire. We, the undersigned, allege that the Church of Scientology and their affiliate organizations are involved in a multitude of illegal activities, including, but not limited to, perjury, subornation of perjury, murder, harboring a fugitive, harassment, treason, practicing medicine without a license, hate crimes, battery, assault, negligence, violations of international law and other crimes. By repeatedly and continuously showing signs of being a cult, The Church of Scientology has demonstrated that it is incapable of conducting itself in a manner expected of nonprofit groups receiving federal tax subsidies. I, the sender, urge the United States Treasury Department to cancel the tax-exempt status currently extended to The Church of Scientology and its affiliated organizations under Section 501(c) of the U.S. Treasury Code.
    [Your Name]

    Send to:
    Internal Revenue Service
Fresno, CA 93888
    or e-mail:
    The IRS did not specify an email to send fraudulent claims to, this is the next closest thing. If you are able, I highly suggest using the address instead, and send it so the message arrives as close to October 18 as possible.
    Note: If you have the time, visit to see the official "tax-scheme" form.


    Here is an example letter you can send to your senator:

    [Honorable or Senator] ___________,

    I'm writing you today to ask that you revoke the Church of Scientology's tax exempt status.

    In the 1990s, the Church of Scientology used blackmail to cow the IRS into recognizing it as a non-profit charitable organization. In truth, the Church of Scientology is a money-making machine -- and a particularly dangerous one at that, with a documented pattern of deception, harassment, spurious litigation and bringing irreparable mental and physical harm upon an unknown number of American men, women, and children.

    As evidence of Scientology's threats to democracy, free speech, and the freedom of American citizens continue to come to light, I feel compelled to ask you, as my representative, to treat Scientology as it deserves to be treated: as an increasingly wealthy and dangerous organization that should, at the very least, be required to pay taxes.

    Scientology, just like any cult, exists for the simple ends of making money and recruiting new members. It should not get a free pass from the government when it comes to paying taxes on its enormous earnings.

    As your constituent, I will be eagerly monitoring the outcome of this letter-writing campaign.

    [your full name]
    [city, state]


    Here's my example of a handwritten letter:

    Senator/Representative [Insert Name]:
    The cult of Scientology has achieved tax-exempt status through illegal means, and the IRS has yet to explain how this is possible, even after constant questioning. Members of scientology have been known to harass verbally, financially, any way possible, even to follow you home and picket your yard if you have anything critical to say about their organization. Through these means, this cult has managed to shut the IRS up and have stolen thousands of documents, for which he founder of Scientology's wife went to prison. Even though some were convicted, Scientology itself managed to slip through the cracks on this one and still retains its tax-exempt status, without explanation. I implore you to prompt an investigation into this, or take any action you can see to it that this institution has to pay taxes like the rest of us. I trust you can ensure their tax-exempt status is removed.
    Taxpayer [or Insert Name]

    Feel free to mix-and-match/edit these letters, or write your own.

    Find your Senator here: U.S. Senate: Senators Home

    Find your Representative here: United States House of Representatives, 110th Congress, 2nd Session

    Remember, though we are Anonymous, this is where we need to step into the light. Send by email, if you truly wish to remain anonymous. That is perfectly fine. Snail mail and phone calls are more effective, though they pose a bigger risk of losing anonymity. However much you are willing to risk is up to you. All that really matters is that you do something. These are going out officially on the 18th, same day as the protest, but feel free to send out a few early, if you like. Spread the word!

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