Let's talk anonymous posting

Discussion in 'Support Questions' started by exOT8Michael, May 30, 2010.

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  1. Fuckeye Member

    Re: Let's talk anonymous posting

    You're completely missing the point. I post both as myself and anonymously. I can post sensibly as both, and I can post useless bollocks as both. If there's anything that's too far, I get infracted. It's no difference as far as the mods are concerned, it's still a simple infraction. It makes absolutely no difference to the content of my posts.

    For example, you appear rather dense. If you posted as anon, you'd still appear rather dense.
  2. mirror neuron Member

    Re: Let's talk anonymous posting

    I'm just wondering whether there's anything at all that can be done by those of us who are not mods, given that the poll reflects some concern about derailing/trolling. Is it really entirely up to the mods to ensure that threads stay reasonably on topic? Would clarifying what is derailing/inappropriate use of anonymity help the rest of us to solve the problems without intervention? Marking extreme/derailing trolling with Do Not Feed? I'm kind of joking here, but I don't quite believe we have no power/responsibility in this. Maybe it is all up to the mods, but the idea that infracting is the only answer seems pretty authoritarian.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Re: Let's talk anonymous posting

    If something is inappropriate, report it. And the janitors will clean it up.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: If you could change something about WWP...

  5. The Moon Member

    Re: Let's talk anonymous posting

    I'm going to sidestep the whole "you shouldn't care about a little trolling anyway, you should expect bullbaiting at protests" thing for a second (which I do agree with) and pretend that everyone thinks trolls are a bad thing. Trolls are just going to sock up anyway, and proxies are not a hard thing to find and figure out. Removing anon posting to stop trolls is like making people remove their shoes to go through the airport... it might work moderately for a while but in the end people will just find a way around it. On top of that you screw over all the people who had a legitimate use for anonymous posting.

    It's a temporary fix with more cost than benefit, imho.
  6. Bipolart Member

    Re: If you could change something about WWP...

  7. mirror neuron Member

    Re: Let's talk anonymous posting

    I post anonymously a lot of the time too. Removing anonymous posting isn't a good idea. But over and over, threads are derailed for pages. It's hard for a lot of people to see what's happening till they're in the middle of overreacting. Even if you think that's their problem--is there some way that mods could more systematically help to identify potential derails earlier--either by commenting or by marking repetitive counter-productive posts in some "caution" kind of way? Maybe this comes down to making it clearer when to use the red button.
  8. AnonOfStout Member

    Re: Let's talk anonymous posting

    Easy fix for derailing trolls.

    Ignore them.

    It's a time-honored method of driving the trolls back under their bridge. If you feed them, give them attention, then you yourself are responsible for the pages long derails.

    And as Cloak was pointing out, if you can't emotionally or intellectually cope with a persistent troll or two, than you've no business leaving your hugbox. The world is not a nice place, deal with it.
  9. mirror neuron Member

    Re: Let's talk anonymous posting

    Agreed. Ignoring doesn't seem to be happening a lot of the time lately--the combustion of this thread, and the fact that it started as a potential derail in another thread, is an example of that. That is why I'm wondering about (not demanding) additional solutions. My last post here, gtg and I've said what I have to say.
  10. Hicks Member

    Re: Let's talk anonymous posting

    Pretty much, I just cleaned the whole derail about it, would be nice if we could get back on topic. I was not refering to all trolls or moonbats. But some socks/anon posters definitely diserve to be outed. Not all of em. Would make the most retarded and the worst useless crap posters of them all think twice before acting like 12 yrs old though. And make my day much more entertaining. Just giving my honest opinion.

    I think yall missd the (relevant or funny trolls need not apply) part too.

    You make some very good points here, we cannot babysit everyone all day long. I think there are many other ways than infracting to solve issues, and I can assure you that I would personally take every other avenue possible before attempting to out someone who in my mind diserves it, I would never do it without consulting other mods as well.

    But in SOME (sheesh you internet tough guys are sensitive) cases, it would be just so damn funny, and productive ;_;

    About clarifying, we are working on new set of guidelines that should be ready soon.

    A little trolling can often be useful in many cases, no one is denying that I think maybe except the one who derailed earlier and got her posts domed.

    The world is not black and white though, and let's face it, some trolls are just a waste of space. And dare I say I even saw a few productive moonbats, and vice versa.

    I personally was more thinking of a case by case basis, kind of like a ''wall of shame'' for those that use the anon username for either fail and unfunny trolling or moonbat speculation, supporting their own posts etc. The trolls/moonbats that I had in mind definitely are too retarded to use proxies and sock up properly. So nothing of value would be lost imo. The goal is not to scare away the community from posting as anon. But rather to jizzmop more efficiently.

    But again, my opinion is not worth more than any other opinion here. Discuss.

    Yes, I said wall of shame, I know....
  11. mirror neuron Member

    Re: Let's talk anonymous posting

    What would help me (and I've seen more of this lately) is for mods, as much as possible, to point out potential trolls/derails as they start to happen. This might help to avoid both trolling and over-reacting.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Re: Let's talk anonymous posting

    I'm an admin on a forum which at least used to get global attention, and has over 30k members. Not kidding here. But I won't prove it, as it is NOT an Anon forum, so sorry. I'm just establishing credentials.

    The role of the moderation staff should NOT be to coddle the members like that. It never has been on the forum I admin. It's impossible when there are hundreds of posts in hundreds of threads every day, for the moderation staff to read them all.

    As stated earlier, that's the point of the report button: If someone is breaking the rules or being an excessive asshole, report it. The mods WILL see it.

    Otherwise, it's sort of like taking a walk in a neighborhood where everyone talks to everyone. You won't always have someone with you to say "That person is lying." You have to be able to judge for yourself. The Internet is the exact same way.
  13. Hicks Member

    Re: Let's talk anonymous posting

    Yea, I been trying to do that lately instead of bashing on heads with varied results :p
    I still think it's a good idea to go that way first though. And then be harsher if necessary.

    That being said, mods are not always around so the report button works and it helps people.
  14. Hicks Member

    Re: Let's talk anonymous posting

    I worked on various major forums as well in the past, and let me tell you that modding chanology is by far the most insane shit I ever had to mod.

    On the other forums, the rules were quite clear and if you disrespected them, you knew what was coming for you :p

    Chanology requires some cuddling, but I'm not willing to be a babysitter :p

    Just for the record :p
  15. Anonymous Member

    Re: Let's talk anonymous posting

    I thought it would be of some such. And I know you can look beyond the Anon posting, and see that my name isn't among those asking to be a mod here.

    Just for the record :p
  16. Hicks Member

    Re: Let's talk anonymous posting

    Brb sending you my password and Username
  17. Lorelei Member

    Re: Let's talk anonymous posting

    Since some people use Anonymous posting to post sensitive information, that, right there, should end the controversy over whether it is useful here or not. That, and, well, do we not remember where "Anonymous" CAME from?

    When people are using the Anon ID to troll or derail excessively, mods tend to step in and tell them to grow up or GB2Dome. That works for me.

    I think I've used Anon 2-3 times, myself: once accidentally in one of those "does this clicky box do what I think it does?" idle ways, but it wasn't worth making a fuss over nor was I hiding my opinion or trolling, and I think I've used it once or twice to post sensitive info. Don't see the point, otherwise; I stand by what I write.

    Furthermore, I tend to ignore posts from "Anonymous" if the first sentence doesn't provide useful data. There's a lot to read, and there's a difference between someone ban-evading, sock-puppeting, or trying to escape the Dome and someone posting Anonymously for a less puerile reason.

    That said, what is wrong with an occasional clever bit of trolling? If you have never been AT LEAST ONCE entertained by our Troll Squad before, you haven't been paying attention, or have an atrophied sense of humour. You should get that checked out.
  18. s6xs6xs6x Member

    Re: Let's talk anonymous posting

    I'm Albert Einstein, nice to meet you good sir. Would you like to see my relativity?


    Excessive asshole is not breaking the rules as far as I know Good Sir.

    They should still provide dox of said statements, especially if it's not so well known information. The thing is, if it looks like insane speculations chances are it is insane speculations until proven wrong.
  19. Lorelei Member

    Re: Let's talk anonymous posting


    Agreed. Dude, if we start infracting people just for being assholes, there will only be, like, 6 people posting here.
  20. Hicks Member

    Re: Let's talk anonymous posting

    I would gently request you read my previous posts for clarifications about what I was suggesting.

    I by no mean want to infract every asshole on this site. What is so hard about reading at least the few posts before your post ;_;

    brb adopting foetal position in a corner.
  21. eddieVroom Member

    Re: If you could change something about WWP...

    All we know about the person behind any nick is what (s)he tells us. A new Nick is functionally "Anonymous".

    In either case, that simple username may bring a false sense of security. We used to play a game with our "new" handlers on alt.religion.scientology; we'd analyze word counts, typos, tendencies to use certain phrases etc. to I.D. the OSA. And, IIRC, we nailed a few.
  22. Random guy Member

    Re: If you could change something about WWP...

    That may be utter tinfoil (we do not know if they have the resources, intelligence or consider it worth the hassle to pull that off), or it may be what they are doing. I don't know, and neither does anyone else. I do not wish to take that chance though.

    I am not terribly important, and I live in a part of the world where the cult has severely limited power. Yet I hve no need to be namefagged. I post as much as I can under my own nick, but when I need to post something that would make someone in the know able to puzzle together who I am, I do tick that little anonymity-box.

    ...or when I want to tell really lame jokes. But I try not to derail threads. I am here to fight the cult, not to fight it's enemies.
  23. eddieVroom Member

    Re: Let's talk anonymous posting

    THIS lol
  24. JustSomeWoman Member

    Re: Let's talk anonymous posting

    I think that this thread is total fuc*king nonsense. 4chan is a source of outlandishness, and WWP's purported connection to 4chan deems it necessary for outlandish and objectionable content to be posted here.

    Now, the mods, a bunch of 70 year old spinsters, have prohibited the style of written exposition that 4Chan engenders, yet allow the the publishing of the picture of a Catholic nun. Frankly, I believe that the mods should allow the publication of a photo of a nude nun, in keeping with WWP's historic connection to 4Chan.

    The real crime of the mods is that they prevent exposition in the style of 4chan. "Black" comedy is one of the highest forms of comedy, after all. Black comedy is replete in the writings of most ancient peoples. Black comedy is the turning over of the usual style. Black comedy is recommended by most authors.

    The mods simply have no sense of humor.
  25. Anonymous Member

    Re: Let's talk anonymous posting

    fify, reads better now and goes hand in hand with nazi references.
  26. JustSomeWoman Member

    Re: Let's talk anonymous posting

    You should d:if for you modifying my post without specific notations with your changes.

    Your actions are criminal. You should at least have common decency, not to mention obviating legal charges of libel, to mark your changes clearly.

    You are so totally fucked.
  27. Anonymous Member

    Re: Let's talk anonymous posting

    Cool story bro.
  28. Stutroup Member

    Re: Let's talk anonymous posting

    Anonymous posting should stay. It's just too damned useful.
  29. Hicks Member

    Re: Let's talk anonymous posting


  30. Shinythings Member

    Re: Let's talk anonymous posting

    The nun is sexy, leave her alone!
  31. s6xs6xs6x Member

    Re: Let's talk anonymous posting

    Get back to the kitchen were you belong.

    Also, I want Salami on Rye, Tomatoes, Lettuce, and Mayo.

    Just remember when I hit you for getting my sandwich wrong, it's because I love you.
  32. Anonymous Member

    Re: Let's talk anonymous posting

    Why would infracting people remove them from the site? Only those who get excessively butthurt over the infraction will actually leave or be shoved, and no loss there.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Re: Let's talk anonymous posting

    I enjoy anonymous posting. Did I mention that I went to four barbeque's this weekend? The most interesting one was at the lesbians house (most interesting because of the mix of people) they has these kielbasa medallions in some b-b-que sauce that had sat on the grill for hours. Yummy!
  34. Hicks Member

    Re: Let's talk anonymous posting

    Sounds tasty, let's talk about it for about 3 pages until everyone looses track of whats happening.
  35. eddieVroom Member

    Re: Let's talk anonymous posting

    No -- wait -- don't tell me...
  36. Anonymous Member

    Re: Let's talk anonymous posting

    They lost track a page or so ago...
    Anyways, they also had these mashed potatoes...I think smoke flavoring must have been added...but those were semi-okay, with lots of garlic and butter. That smoke flavor really was wierd.

    I only talk food when people are losing focus on the topic at hand.

    Okay, done w BBQ talk, will go back over to the food forums *sigh*.
  37. Anonymous Member

    Re: Let's talk anonymous posting

    Tell me about [STRIKE]your[/STRIKE] [STRIKE]favorite[/STRIKE] [STRIKE]bbq recipe[/STRIKE]...why you feel this way.
  38. Trev6 Member

    Re: Let's talk anonymous posting

    All right, if we're supposed to be back on topic, then let's get back on topic.
    The thread's original post was talking about getting rid of the nun avatar and not cycling randomly through different pics. I think a simple poll would answer the question and put this [strike]trainwreck of a[/strike] thread to bed.

    Also, the wall of shame idea seems stupid to me, but hey... it might provide a fraction of the lulz ED gives us in cataloging internet retards, so what the hell?
  39. BusinessBecky Member

    Re: Let's talk anonymous posting

    I am just not done with the nun yet, the chastity is just to funny for me.
  40. Random guy Member

    Re: Let's talk anonymous posting

    Jeeebus, does the picture really matter?

    I personally found it lulzy when the anonymous posts showed up as seemingly random banned accounts. Not practical, but quite entertaining.
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