legitimate uses of niacin

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    Most people have no issue with the health benefits of niacin. They do take issue with how it's abused in the Purif where dangerously high levels of niacin are taken, and the Purification Rundown has never been sanctioned as a safe regimen except by doctors and medical "experts" who just happen to be Scilons.
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    I don't know how/why scientology uses niacin, I'm posting what approved medical use is.
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    Translation- niacin flush takes blood from the arteries feeding the heart muscle
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    Is this shit canned -theory what the scions use?
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    All the "evidence" for niacin treatment in psychosis comes from Dr. Hoffer in 1952
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    niacin toxicity

    may cause jaundice, abdominal discomfort, blurred vision, worsening of hyperglycemia, and precipitation of preexisting gout. People with a liver disorder probably should not take high-dose niacin.
    iacin flush "steals" blood from the heart, sauna heat will make the "steal" from the heart worse.
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    Because niacin causes flushing, ... speculation that niacin may be detrimental in myocardial ischemia because it may produce systemic hypotension and coronary artery hypoperfusion and may selectively dilate coronary vessels in areas of collateral-dependent myocardium, resulting in coronary artery steal. 1
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    Scions approve of ayurveda-
    ayurveda can be useful, the scions doen't own ayurveda. Its currently used at Scripts.
    This article goes from a simplistic discussion of ayurveda to selling one vitamin formula.
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    This is from the National Institute of Health

    Research Results for Meditation

    Selected results of NCCAM-funded research on Meditation:
    Scions don't own the medical use of meditation. They use it for the treatment of addiction, it works.
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    One of the best tools you can use to prevent gallstones is a simple liver cleansing procedure which you can perform in the comfort of your home and which is very inexpensive: the Liver Flush.
    The liver flush is a very beneficial procedure. It is usually recommended to precede the Liver Flush with 2-3 days of drinking apple juice (fresh fruits and vegetables are ok in addition to the apple juice). The malic acid found in the apple juice dissolves and softens gallstones, which makes for a successful Liver Flush. Fresh apple juice made from organic apples is best.

    JAMA article on dissolving gallstones (1904)
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    • It takes surgery to remove gallstones, not apple juice
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    • "Liver Flush" doesn't prevent gallstones


      Also for some reason they think parasites cause gall stones??
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    on the german wiki:
  18. I like my carots
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    new study I listed in another thread shows if someone is on statins and takes high doses of niacin, it can contribute to a heart attack
    So I wonder if people running the Purif ask people if they are on statins or not before they start
    and people who are not Scientologists like fire fighters, cops and vets who do Travolta's "Heroe Fund" detox
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    Anyone seeking medical advice from an internet chat board and/or Scientology is crazy.
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    Where is this discussion "advice"?
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    Scientology and niacin:
    Do they ask people if they have symptoms of
    Myocardial ischemia
    Hypotension (hyperthermia proven to cause hypotension)
    Liver Disease

    This is why

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