Legal trouble of forum Taringa! for sharing link

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Hack, May 12, 2011.

  1. Hack Member

    The forum Taringa! that was made by an argentinian, has some legal problems NOT for uploading material that is copyrighted but for SHARING links to that material, the liberty of Taringa!'s owners is in risk, and the reason is for "not controling enough their users" this forum has 7.000.000 users, and everyday more hey have like 1000 post's a minute... how do you look them all its just imposible... and the law says that its ilegal USING a document with copyright if the owner didn't agree... but not to send you to the place that people did... here is the original text (transcripted to english with google translater)

    So how you could figure out... this will not only afect to Taringa, but it will afect ALL the internet in Argentina... you can't share that you have to go to jail... where is the freedom of information, of culture, of sharing and recieving?
    I think we should do somethink about this....
  2. Anonymous Member

    Such as?
  3. Hack Member

    I don't really know... Got some ideas?
  4. Anonymous Member

    I'm full of ideas for stopping scientology. Also busy working with these ideas in real life and on the digital front.

    You might find anons here who agree with you, but I'm way too busy to take your "we should" seriously.

    Your "we should" comes across as a desperate cry for a personal army, and anonymous is not your personal army.
  5. Hack Member

    No, im not crying for a personal army, I was just sharing my ideas, and thats all
  6. Anonymous Member

    Your OP and a reply post implied that you had no ideas and were looking for an army of brain-stormers to feed ideas to you.

    As I stated, you might find a number of anons sympathetic to being your army of brain-stormers, but they are not breaking down the doors trying to get onto this thread with you, are they?

    If you would do some serious lurking and do some serious research about the main agenda of this site, you will probably have more fun.

    Coming to WWP with posts about "...we should this..." and "...we should that..." are just gonna piss members off and they will ignore you.

    Relax. Take your time. It's not 911, it's not rocket science. It's sometimes called "education."
  7. Hack Member

    yeah I know, im not searching for enemy's I already have a lot... so I was just trying to inform and help the people of Taringa! so everybody could share what they want
  8. Anonymous Member

    Everybody? This implies supernatural powers!

    I believe that on WWP, you will find that anonymous members commit to only fighting wars that can be won.

    Therefore, WWP anonymous has less than zero interest in the NWO, The Fed, HAARP, watching the Zeitgeist movies, attacking comcast for shutting off access to the pirate bay or proving that UFOs exist.

    As far as WWP is concerned, all that stuff belongs to the moon bats, and they can have it. WWP anonymous doesn't want any of it.

    Most of WWP is very busy in a war with scientology, and anonymous is winning that war. However, anonymous is not about to get cocky about this, rather, anonymous is intensifying the effort.

    Anonymous wants nothing less than scorched earth on this one and anonymous will obtain that.

    Expect it.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Hack, I sympathize with your cause. Still, I think Auntie Social is trying to tell you this: if you want people to care for whatever cause, you must at first care enough for that cause as to take the time and effort to articulate some kind of action plan. You can't just show up in the internet and tell people "this is important, please do something".

    The problem you're writing about is related to the ongoing controversy about copyright law. You will find lots of people interested in that on the internet, though not necessarily in this forum. You may want to elaborate some sort of proposal for that people. Maybe a facebook campaign, maybe a youtube campaign. If you're uncertain, research. Find out about similar cases.

    Google is your friend. Anonymous is not your friend.
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  10. Hack Member

    Yes, your right... Like I sayed before, I was just trying to help... and im kinda new in all of this stuff, so yeah maybe I don't know how to organize very well this things, but I believe.... NO, I KNOW that I can help, I can make some changes, maybe not big ones, maybe not alone... but with hard work everything is posible....
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  11. Robocat Member

    Good luck!
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