Leaked Documents (zomg epic)

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    Leaked Documents (zomg epic)

    Hi kids!

    A friend had informed me of a nice little link here: ... er-osa.pdf

    Why, what's this? It appears to be a 200 page file report on one 'Frank Oliver', leaked from Co$ in 1992. According to this, he was initiated into SeaOrg and, years later, he was labelled an SP for sloppy working and information gathering.
    Now, what's so much better are the files attached to the report...
    A photocopy of SeaOrg's billion year contract!
    L. Ron's essay 'A Manuel of Justice', which states in no unclear terms that THEY are the ones who decide who is guilty and who is innocent and THEY are the ones to hand out punishment - and exactly how they go about it.
    "Confidential: Office of special affairs network office" - orly?
    Extensive details on 'Black Propaganda' and their psychological techniques on the general public.
    AND their complete (at the time) list of SPs, organisations and individuals alike!

    What do you think? I haven't even begun to look through this stuff for legal implications! Pull this shit out at the right place at the right time and we are talking fucking MASSIVE DAMAGE.

  2. Re: Leaked Documents (zomg epic)

    Old news.

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