Leah Remini TV series about how Scientology rips families apart

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  1. Corey Steele is a helluva guy and would never work for the Church of Scientology!

    Tony Ortega: Corey Steele is a helluva guy and would never work for the Church of Scientology!

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    Earlier today the Underground Bunker posted a story about a man named Corey Steele, who lives in Sherman Oaks — in the very apartment complex where a woman named Amy Scobee lives.

    Amy was the subject of a recent episode of Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, and she’s been experiencing a lot of harassment from the Church of Scientology. She’s been followed and photographed and her image has been plastered on anonymous attack websites that we believe are operated by Scientology.

    And so when she saw that there was a man parked outside her apartment recently, spending hours in a red zone and looking in her direction, Amy believed she was being surveilled and photographed again by Scientology. When she went out to photograph the man and his car, she says that he reacted by filming her with his smartphone.

    But Corey Steele tells us that he not only lives in the same complex as Amy — something we verified with the complex manager — but he says that he was simply parked there because he likes to sit there and make phone calls while he’s working. He was not there to film Amy, and he was not working for the Church of Scientology.

    “I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, and I would never work for those guys,” he told us.

    Corey works for a personal injury attorney, and he says he’s actually a really nice guy. He said being identified in our morning story was very stressful, and for that we apologize.

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
  2. Dang. Looks like I missed tonight's episode. I am hoping I will be able to stream it soon.
  3. Leah talked about her email and showed a clip of her on the stand in the AMA episode.
  4. When Rinder was asked if scientology is involved in politics he laughed it off and said NO!
  5. RightOn Member

    There was some screwy goings on at AMA last night.
    Repeating clips and the cult's views twice. It was just very strange.
    Darn sneaky thetans!

    I am glad they showed the clip of Debbie Cook, but I was hoping that they would have included the part where they dumped water over her head standing in a trash can.
    Maybe it was a legal issue of some sort.
    Also question....
    Leah said "you didn't have to believe in OT III". but isn't part of auditing getting rid of BT's? That confused me.

    I am glad they are urging people to come forward and to write their politicians.
    Exposing Scientology is always a catch 22 fas far as getting action against them to happen. The only way to expose them is to tell the horrific stories of abuse and fair game. But then once told, people are even more afraid to come forward. But then ends have to justify the means some day.
    If nothing happens legally, or they are not investigated, I hope that Leah gets even more mad and keeps pushing on.
    I would love a new catch phrase to be "they went all Leah Remini on them" LOL
    Seriously though, I know this must be extremely stressful for her and her family, and I hope she doesn't tire of being mad and continues.
    But I hope she also steps back if it becomes too much for the sake of her health and her family.

    As far as the ending of the COS question they were posed?
    Taking away their ax exemption wasn't mentioned at all and I was hoping it would be. The COS breaks the law = no tax exemption.
    But maybe they don't feel that it would make a big enough difference? I think it's a start!

    So she said kids will tell their stories next. Jenna? Nora Crest? I don't think the Woodcrafts (Astra and Zoe) would participate or Kendra Weisman , but I hope it gets mentioned that they started Ex Scientology Kids. There are so many horrific stories.

    I had to laugh when Leah said that she would be satisfied if Shelly would come forward and said "Fuck you Leah" :p

    Looking forward to the next one!
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  6. The story about the guy who was spying on Amy Scobee has been taken down and replaced with another story explaining that guy's side of the story - he actually lives in the same complex as Amy Scobee, so he had every reason to be parked where he was for the several hours he was observed to be "spying."

    Since the guy's story checked out, I assume Tony took his original post down for fear of a libel/slander suit. Check for yourself. The other story disappeared, along with all the comments. If you look at the oldest comments on the new post that replaced the old post, you'll see the people wondering what happened and why all the comments disappeared - it was because the story had been replaced.
  7. The Wrong Guy Member

  8. The Wrong Guy Member

    Leah Remini wonders about the well-being of the wife of Tom Cruise's Scientology pal

    By Carole Glines, Fox News, December 20, 2016


    Leah Remini raised the explosive topic of the mysterious disappearance of Shelly Miscavige in a special episode of her A&E series, "Scientology and the Aftermath" on Monday night.

    During the hour that was called "Ask Me Anything," Remini answered fan questions via Reddit AMA about various Scientology topics. And the former "King of Queens" star didn't hold back as she continued to hammer the Church she left in 2013 after having been a member since childhood.

    At the end of Monday's show, Remini read the most controversial viewer question of all — where do you think Shelly Miscavige is?

    Shelly, the wife of Scientology leader David Miscavige (who is also a close friend of Tom Cruise, the Church's most famous member), allegedly hasn't been seen in public for years. Remini was so alarmed that she questioned guests at Cruise's 2006 wedding to Katie Holmes about Shelly's whereabouts — which reportedly outraged Scientology members. In 2013, Remini filed a missing person report regarding Shelly with the Los Angeles Police Department.

    It's been reported that detectives closed the missing person case after saying they had met with Shelly in person.

    However, Remini continues to wonder about the well-being of the Scientology boss' wife.

    On her Monday A&E episode, ex-Scientologist Mike Rinder said that for a long time, Shelly was at a property the Church owned near Lake Arrowhead in California.

    "She was sent there when she displeased David Miscavige," Rinder claimed.

    Remini asked, "Why, Mike, why?"

    He replied, "Shelly was privy to everything that went on with Dave."

    Remini exclaimed, "Which is why I filed my police report," adding, "Which, by the way, I'm still following up on because there's still answers that I need.

    "I do NOT know that she is alive.

    "I do not know that she's not being held against her will. I do not know these things and so if the Church produces her, by bringing her to an event — even if she went on a program and said, 'Hi, Leah Remini. Go fuck yourself,' I'd be happy to know that she was alive. The police department should say, 'Yes, we've seen her.' No, I wasn't told that. I was told that a representative saw her or spoke to her," the actress told the cameras.

    Rinder commented, "That is what they managed to convince the LAPD of."

    Remini vowed, "I'm going to continue to get and gather information."

    As the show noted, the Church has stated the police report was filed in bad faith — and Scientology has also challenged the credibility of Remini and all the contributors to her series. In fact, the Church has said on a website it launched to slam her claims, "Leah Remini's 'reality show' nothing more than a scripted, rehearsed, acted and dramatized work of fiction. She and the other anti-Scientologists in her program have been expelled from the Church for unethical conduct."

    In responding to fan questions, the actress said that Scientologists are brainwashed and taught to believe "by turning you in" for supposed infractions, "they are helping you."

    Later, Remini urged viewers to Google "Scientology and coerced abortions," amongst other topics.

    Continued at
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  10. rua

    You forgot the link to Tony Ortega's "retraction":
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  11. mojo Member

    another very episode that's tough to watch. Thank you Leah!
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  12. RightOn Member

    Another powerful show!

    Wonder if she considered starting a gofundme to be able to air some TV spots? Or if any of the wealthier COS ex members would buy a few spots?
    Beghe? Haggis? Lisa Marie Presley?

    A "Stop the Abuse Now" sort of campaign?
    Telling people if they have been a victim of the COS to please come forward and contact the authorities or at the very least write to the politicians in their states. This could reach a lot more people. they can be a little bit more precise by including a website that people can go to that would explain what people should be reporting, due to the fact that there is a statute of limitations factor. Maybe something about passport confiscation, mail being gone through or confiscated, whether they were a child when they were a victim of the COS?
    Don't know how that would work legally or if the TV stations would even consider airing spots like this because of how litigious the COS is.
    Would love to see it happen though!

    Come to think about it, do they have really to mention being a victim of "Scientology"?
    Or maybe they can have titles under their names... "Church of Scientology Member for 35 years"
    Leah and Rinder (Beghe, Haggis, Lisa Marie and more) can appear in the commercials and also have others ex's say the following things?
    They can say something like:
    "No religion or group can tell you who you can or can't talk to"
    "Or tell you what you can read or keep you from the internet"
    "Or disconnect you from your family and friends"
    "Or convince you to give up your house or your hard earned money"
    "Or coerce you into having an abortion"
    "Or take away your passport or go through your mail"
    "Or physically or mentally harm you"
    "Or not pay you what you deserve"
    "Or keep you from proper medical care"
    "Or abuse you in any way"....
    "Make the right decision and leave"
    "If you or a family member were or is a victim, then report it to the authorities, write your Congressmen"
    "Stop the Abuse"
    "Because something can be done about it" <--- oh snap! DM would blow a gasket!

    and then they can provide a website to go to for more information?
    Something on that order?
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  13. RightOn Member

    He looked so much better!
    Although Karen's choice of blouse should have been checked. Sorry, I know that is VERY catty of me to say, but it looked pretty awful. :eek:
  14. The Wrong Guy Member

  15. The Wrong Guy Member

    ‘Scientology’ accuses church leader David Miscavige of physical abuse

    By Erin Jensen, USA TODAY


    Scientology adversaries, Leah Remini and Mike Rinder headed to Seattle, Wash. and Los Angeles, Calif. in Tuesday’s episode of Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, which focused on founder L. Ron Hubbard’s successor, David Miscavige.

    Former parishioners Remini and Rinder met with ex-Scientologists Jeff Hawkins, Tom DeVocht and Ron Miscavige, father of the current leader, in part four of the A&E docu-series.

    Hawkins and DeVocht discussed weighty allegations of physical abuse in Seattle, while Ron described his experiences at the Church’s international headquarters, dubbed “Gold Base” near Hemet, Calif.

    “(David) was a mean guy,” said Hawkins, a parishioner of three decades who Rinder described as "the marketing guru of Scientology." “David Miscavige physically assaulted me five separate times.”

    Hawkins recalled one alleged beating when he attempted to explain a script he’d written for an infomercial he said David didn't like.

    “(David) just keeps working himself into a tizzy,” Hawkins told Remini. “Then, finally, he jumps up on the table, launches himself at me, knocks me back against the partition wall, starts hammering my face, knocks me down on the floor. I was scratched up. My shirt was ripped off.”

    DeVocht, who Rinder referred to as David's "go-to guy," also was a member for 30 years. He left in 2005.

    DeVocht said he was once attacked by David when he failed to obtain a permit to tear up the sidewalks outside the organization’s property in Florida to ward off a protest.

    “(David) goes, ‘Did you get it?’” DeVocht shared. “I said, ‘No, sir,’ and before I could even think he dove across the table, grabbed my (expletive) tie, and shoved it up. And I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t talk.”

    DeVocht said he left the denomination because he found that several claims were unsubstantiated, including what the Church's path to spiritual enlightenment entailed. He alleged that David, using guides from Hubbard, planned to take it upon himself to design different levels on the path.

    “(David) said, ‘Hey, I’ve got worksheets – Hubbard’s worksheets,’” DeVocht said. “’That’s all I’ve got to work with. I’ve got do develop what OT IX (a high level on the path) is.’ It suddenly hit me… that it’s a farce.”

    The Church pushed back against Hawkins' and DeVocht's claims in scathing letters to A&E.


    Ron, David’s father, told Rinder and Remini in Los Angeles that he and his wife’s 2011 exit from Gold Base took six months to execute.

    “If the word got out that we were planning on leaving, we would’ve been seized," Ron said. "My car keys would’ve been taken away. Becky and I would’ve been separated from each other, and we would’ve done manual labor throughout the day, and when we weren’t (doing) that, we’d be interrogated by an auditor.”

    Ron, who was a member for 42 years, painted a bleak picture of life at the organization’s international headquarters. He claimed to have lived within the constraints of a barbwire fence, that his outgoing letters were read by security and his phone calls were monitored. He also said members were accompanied on doctor appointments to keep them from fleeing.

    Source, and cult responses:
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  17. At least she wore one.

    This message by arata has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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    5 Things We Learned From 'Scientology and the Aftermath,' Episode 4

    From 'Operation Freakout' to why Ron Miscavige left the Church, our takeaways from this week's two-part episode

    By Amelia McDonell-Parry, Rolling Stone


    Thanks to strong ratings in its first few weeks — including their highest series premiere numbers since 2014 — A&E's Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath surprised viewers with not one, but two episodes this Christmas week. In Monday's special installement, Remini answered questions from her Reddit "Ask Me Anything" and introduced the story of Paulette Cooper, a journalist who was allegedly the target of a nasty Scientology PR campaign called "Operation Freakout." (More on that in a bit.) That was followed up by last night's hour, which focused on current Church of Scientology leader, David Miscavige. Here's what we learned from these two back-to-back episode.

    1. Members are advised to watch out for "entheta"


    2. There were attempts to discredit a critical journalist in the 1970s


    3. Some Scientologists believe L. Ron Hubbard isn't dead


    4. David Miscavige is allegedly said to be developing higher OT levels


    5. Ron Miscavige finally left the organization in 2012 after Googling info about the Church


    Full article:
  19. The second review by Nick Riccardo that I"ve found to be particularly thoughtful.

    Screener TV: Leah Remini, ‘Scientology & the Aftermath’s’ most compelling subject

    Nick Riccardo December 21, 2016

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  20. He's alive and well on Target 2.

    Isn't he????
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  21. I found this meaningful.

    Lemons and lemonade. The Lord working in mysterious ways.

    The bottom line is that if Leah's mom had never brought her into Scientology as a child, Leah would not be in a position to do what she is doing now.

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  22. TrevAnon Member

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  23. [CommunicatorIC, post: 2599076, member: 88274&quot;]I found this meaningful.

    Lemons and lemonade. The Lord working in mysterious ways.

    The bottom line is that if Leah's mom had never brought her into Scientology as a child, Leah would not be in a position to do what she is doing now.

    View attachment 261248 [/quote]

    Yes, it's very meaningful, what an amazing, refreshing outlook for Leah to have. She's helping more than she'll ever realize or take credit for. All the Best to Leah and her Mom. Thanks for Posting this!
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  24. Quentinanon Member

    I think a much more accurate characterization of David Miscavige is: The Dope of Scientology

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  25. I apologize to this poor man in that case. I can understand Amy Scobee's paranoia considering the absurd, intimidating surveillance that has been placed on her in the past. I've sent a report and asked the mods to remove my post # 286 as well. Thanks so much for letting me know.
  26. I think a more accurate characterization of David Miscavige is: The Last, Best Hope of Scientology

    e.g. none
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    Where Are Scientology’s Spokespeople?

    By Mike Rinder


    This is the page of “spokespeople” from the scientology website:

    Not a single one of them is willing to go on camera and dispute or try to respond in any way to what is being covered every week on this show.

    Believe me, the church was asked repeatedly for specific people to appear, and just generally for ANYONE to appear. Crickets.

    Of course there are letters that go out in Karin Pouw’s name. She doesn’t write them. But her name is on them. But she has not been seen on camera for a decade or more.

    Bob Adams is completely invisible, so too Nick Banks and Tracie Parker. They are simply ghosts.

    Erin Banks does local puff PR pieces for the opening of ideal orgs and sometimes introduces the great man himself on stage for the Ideal Org openings. But no questions about anything other than where the marble comes from for the reception desk or “tell me about the community activities of the church.” She is the pedigreed offspring of a whale and a Guardian Office spy, young, attractive and speaks American — qualities poor Karin can never have so she will always be doomed to be the shadow in the shadows.

    Since the demise of Tommy “I’m Angry” Davis, Dave has not had anyone he trusts to deal with the media on behalf of scientology, other than his non-scientology consigliere Muffins Monique Yingling. But even she was not sent forth with her basket of freshly baked goodies for Leah’s show.

    But, the REAL omissions are two-fold.

    First, where is Heber Jentzsch? The President of the Church of Scientology International has been “disappeared.” Like so many others, from Shelly Miscavige to Ray Mithoff (the “Senior C/S International” entrusted by L. Ron Hubbard to “take care of the tech”) and Guillaume Lesevre (Executive Director International of scientology — supposed to “wear the hat” of L. Ron Hubbard in the administration of scientology), Heber Jentzsch vanished from sight and nobody apparently has the rank to answer where he is. He was the spokesperson for scientology for decades. There is no new President of CSI (just like there is no new Snr CS Int or ED Int – no other posts in scientology are important so long as “COB” of RTC is around) and you cannot even find a mention of the President of CSI on their website any more. What is the story with Heber and why no President of the church?

    But more significantly, where IS David Miscavige?

    Why won’t he speak up? He is the undisputed leader of scientology. He alone knows how to do everything better than anyone else. He considers himself the master of controlling the media (“I won Ted Koppel an Emmy because my interview was so good”). He single handedly brought the U.S. Government to its knees. Yet his dinghy is sinking and he is too scared to be made fun of that he cannot step out of the bubble and speak up on behalf of what he proclaims is man’s only hope for eternal life. Scientologists believe themselves to be the masters of communication and the master of Public Relations. David Miscavige is the ultimate scientologist (just ask any current scientologist who epitomizes the ideal of their species and 100% will respond “COB”) – yet David Miscavige is demonstrating that L. Ron Hubbard and scientology do NOT have the answers to dealing with a “few SP’s” who are making up lies for fame and fortune. And Miscavige is content for scientology to be torn to pieces and destroyed by “lies” and he says nothing?

    This is perhaps the greatest indictment of scientology’s unworkability.

    They are being overwhelmed and cowered into hiding by a “failed actress,” a “wife beater” and a “cast of admitted liars”.

    Here's the full article, and comments:
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  28. david miscavige is too busy goofing the floof to care
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  29. What group of 1.1 covertly hostile loathsomely stupid pieces of shit are tweeting this moronically imbecilic Leah Remini Scientology conspiracy video?

    Any guesses?

    The video splices together footage of Liz Hayes from an old (e.g., it still has the mock house in front of the entrance) 60 minutes Australia story on Scientology's "secret" bases with an old video of Leah Remini from long before she left the Church of Scientology.

    The YouTube account -- &quot;Digital Investigation Data Analysis&quot; -- has uploaded only one video, the video below. It did so on December 22, 2016.

    One can use this search to find the tweets:;q="@LeahRemini working for #SCIENTOLOGY"&amp;src=typd

    When you examine the Twitter accounts tweeting the video, it is clear (pun intended) they are for-hire spam Twitter accounts used to circumvent the Twitter rules that ban tweeting the same thing from the same account multiple times a day.

    Gee, I wonder who could have hired the person or entity behind these spam Twitter accounts?

    I'm reminded of a wognition I had when the Squirrel Buster hat-cam people slithered out of the primordial slime. That for the sufficiently dedicated Scientologist not only do the ends justify the means, but also that they are beyond embarrassment.

    Typical Tweet:


    Comments are open on the video.

    * * * * * BEGIN INTRODUCTION * * * * *

    Leah Remini: Secret agent still in Scientology? - Operation Underground!

    Published on Dec 22, 2016

    Scientology is clearing out any doubters within the church before going underground - LITERALLY! Secret bases, underground bunkers, remote landing strips are all READY TO GO... but for what?

    * * * * * END INTRODUCTION * * * * *
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  30. The Internet Member

  31. The Wrong Guy Member

    LAPD needs two more weeks to respond to Leah Remini about missing wife of Scientology leader

    By Tony Ortega, December 23, 2016


    The Los Angeles Police Department has notified Leah Remini’s attorney, Douglas Mirell, that it needs an additional two weeks to fulfill Remini’s December 12 records request regarding the whereabouts of Shelly Miscavige, wife of Scientology’s leader, David Miscavige.

    On August 5, 2013, Remini filed a missing person report with the LAPD about Shelly, who was once a formidable executive in Scientology, but who vanished from Scientology’s “Int Base” near Hemet, California in late summer 2005, and has only been seen in public one time since — at the funeral of her father in the summer of 2007 while in the presence of a Scientology “handler.”

    Shelly was once a fixture at Scientology events. But she hasn’t been seen at one since 2005, and she’s also cut off from her family. We think we know where she’s been kept all this time, but Remini’s 2013 request put the LAPD on the spot to locate her.

    On the morning of August 8, 2013 we broke the news of the missing person report, but by that afternoon the LAPD was leaking to other reporters that it had checked on Shelly and that Leah’s report was “unfounded.”

    Remini herself never received a formal response from the department, even though she was the one who filed the request to check on her. So, in her December 12 records request, Leah asked not only for a formal response to her report, but also a lot more detail besides…

    1. Who conducted the investigation that occurred in response to the [missing person report]?
    2. When did that investigation commence?
    3. When did that investigation conclude?
    4. What actions were undertaken in connection with that investigation, and by whom?

    And several more detailed questions.


    We called up Ray Jeffrey, a Texas attorney who has extensive experience in litigation with the Church of Scientology and prying records from it. He also has plenty of experience with requesting government records.

    “I think it’s promising that they’re not raising a bunch of reasons why they don’t have to give her any records. They’re just saying they need more time,” he told us. “They’re not saying that they’re not going to give her the stuff. So I think it sounds good.”

    We hope he’s right and the LAPD has some interesting things to say about how it checked on Shelly’s condition in 2013.

    As for Shelly’s current condition, the sightings we reported recently got picked up far and wide by other media. Our sources in the small mountain community of Crestline where the sightings occurred tell us that the place is buzzing about the story, and that people are keeping an eye out for Shelly.

    Meanwhile, perhaps most importantly, Shelly’s husband David Miscavige continues to say nothing publicly about the woman he married on December 30, 1982, and who hasn’t been seen by his side in 11 years.

    More here, with comments:
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  32. The Wrong Guy Member

    Here's an interesting comment that John P. posted in response to Ortega's above-mentioned piece. Quote:

    While it is indeed encouraging that the LAPD has invoked the 14-day extension that it's apparently able to get under the relevant FOIA laws rather than stonewalling with a formulaic denial, it's still not entirely clear that the response will be what Leah (and the Bunker readership) hopes for.

    I strongly believe that the LAPD is using the time to figure out how to "spin" the results it obtained because they likely contain evidence of conduct that, if not outright illegal, will paint the department in an adverse light especially because it is being provided to the host of a high-rated TV show.

    It is unlikely that the Department needs additional time simply to collect the information. As someone who has spent the last 20+ years investing in the technology industry, and with extensive software company investment experience, I am quite familiar with the capabilities of document management systems in common use. In particular, the LAPD undoubtedly has a very capable suite of "e-discovery" software, which is like a Google search engine for companies, allowing them to search quickly and effectively all records including e-mails, Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, text messages on company-owned cell phones, etc. as well as the records for their case management system. These systems are used for production of documents to the other side in lawsuits, under the relatively unique US system of "discovery" where parties to a suit must provide all information, including data that may incriminate them, to their opponents.

    So I have no doubt that the LAPD records unit got everything that Leah asked for within an hour or two of beginning to handle the request. But I suspect that they saw something that caused them to have to bring in upper management to review the documents and figure out what to do. Thus, I believe it will be interesting to see what they come up with. I am sure it will be particularly interesting to have Ray Jeffery or one of the other members of the Bunker legal team comment on the detailed information provided.

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  33. Quentinanon Member

    The "Operation Underground" video is just part of a black propaganda operation against Leah Remini in an attempt to "ruin her utterly".
    The strategy is to sow distrust and pit anti-scientology activists against her because the "team of OTs" in the scientology crime syndicate is helpless at stopping her.
    The script for the video was written at the OSA Int investigation section and the video was produced at the Gold Base.
    It's just more scientology fail.
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  34. AnonLover Member

    Leah Remini FakeNews-style propaganda vid indicates the cult has learned their mistake on the FreedomMag footbullet series of dedicated smear issues that backfired into triggering the massive exodus period from Truth rundown -> Wright's New Yorker Haggis bio.

    A good counter would be to poke y/t accts with high view counts on the original news story, and get them to change the title to match cult's version and beef up the tagging.
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  35. PODCAST: Chris C [@MiamiSixthMan] of Come Get Sum [@CGSHere] interviews Chris Shelton [@sheltondesigner] from Scientology The Aftermath.

    Audio at link.

    * * * * * BEGIN INTRODUCTION * * * * *

    Chris Shelton is the Author of Scientology A to Xenu: An Insider's Guide to What Scientology is All About, Maintains a Youtube channel with his video series "Critical Thinker At Large" regularly exposing and deconstructing the inner workings of Scientology. Fresh off his appearance on A&E's Leah Remini Scientology: The Aftermath and the just released Scientology smear video on his character has graciously agreed to do this show and nothing is off limits!

    In this extra hour long episode, Chris tells us why family and disconnected Scientologists make these attack videos, I recall a scientology recruiting attempt via the book Dianetics and much much more...

    Is Chris upset about the video made about him? Are Scientology's defenders bad people? Why is Scientology's doctrine so secret where most all other religions cannot wait to "spread the word"? Find out the answers to these questions and more on this special EXTRA edition of Come Get Sum!!!

    Follow Chris on Twitter @sheltondesigner

    * * * * * END INTRODUCTION * * * * *
  36. The Wrong Guy Member

    Just a reminder that on December 25 from 7:00 pm to 11:01 pm on A&E, episodes one through four are being rebroadcast back-to-back.

    Merry Christmas, Dave!
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  37. The Wrong Guy Member

    Mike Rinder published this post today. Quote:

    To my friends who join in the discussions and contribute meaningfully to this blog, and to all those who follow without commenting but are a silent force of support — I wish each and every one of you a wonderful holiday filled with joy.

    Cherish the family and friends you are with. They are truly the most valuable things in life. Sometimes that only hits home when you no longer have them.

    Enjoy your day, wherever you may be or whatever you may be doing or whoever you may be doing it with. Forget the bad and spend a day focusing on the good and happy.

    Source and comments:

    Robert Almblad, who in the past has been mentioned here many times, left a comment that's worth sharing here. Quote:

    "A friend of a friend inside and high up in the Church described the effect of Leah’s Aftermath as a single word on the current Church of Scientology: DEVASTATING."

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  38. TrevAnon Member

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  39. ...I'm going to guess at the chain of events here. TWG posted it in this thread, then CiC saw it here and posted it on ESMB, where you saw it, but didn't realize it came from here, and then you came back and re-posted it here, somehow not noticing that TWG posted it immediately before you.

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