Leah Remini in talks to sue Scientology seeking refunds for former members

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  1. The Wrong Guy Member

    Leah Remini In Talks To Sue Scientology: Mike Rinder Testimony | The Underground Bunker

    In July 2013 the Underground Bunker first broke the news that Leah Remini had defected from the Church of Scientology. Now, we’ve learned that within the last year, Remini has been in talks to join a federal fraud lawsuit seeking refunds for former Scientology members, according to a sworn deposition.

    Luis and Rocio Garcia of Irvine, California filed their lawsuit in Tampa, Florida in January 2013, alleging that they had been lied to and defrauded by Scientology employees in order to get them to donate hundreds of thousands of dollars that they now want back. The Garcias and their attorney, Ted Babbitt, said from the lawsuit’s onset that they were talking to other former Scientologists who also wanted refunds, and they expected some number of them to join the lawsuit. So far, none has.

    But on January 6, former Scientology spokesman Mike Rinder, who has been working as a consultant in the litigation with the Garcias, was deposed in preparation for a February 18 evidentiary hearing, and he listed Remini as one of about a dozen former church members he has consulted in the past year about also filing litigation against the church.

    In the deposition, Scientology attorney Bert Deixler asked Rinder about talking with former members about a “billion-dollar lawsuit” (Rinder said he hadn’t heard of such an amount), and a “class-action” lawsuit, but Rinder said he always discourages the idea of a class action. Deixler then asked Rinder to name specific people he had talked to in the last year about suing the church, and Rinder named Remini with several others.

    When we contacted Rinder to ask him about the deposition, he said he was unable to respond because the litigation was ongoing. We also attempted to reach Remini for comment, but did not receive a reply. However, a source close to the actress tells the Underground Bunker that Remini is serious about pursuing a remedy for the large amounts of money she gave the church.

    Like other former members, Remini had banked money for future courses that she will now never take. And she also made “very large” donations after being hounded by church representatives to help in campaigns which, like the Garcias, she now believes were exaggerated or presented under false pretenses.

    Continued here:
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Here-say is not conclusive.
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  3. The Wrong Guy Member

    ‘You encourage people to leave the Church of Scientology': The Mike Rinder deposition

    On Wednesday, we told you about the startling admission by Mike Rinder in his January 6 sworn deposition that Leah Remini, who defected from Scientology in 2013, has been in talks to join a federal fraud lawsuit against the church.

    Now, we’re going to post the entire deposition for you to examine, and we think you’ll find a few other things in it pretty entertaining.
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  4. ravenanon Member

    Anyone else wish Rinder was no where near this?

    Overall, I hope it is very successful.
  5. Random guy Member

    Seems Rinder is goading them into doing blunders. The judge was not happy about abuse of deposition process. Excerpts from Rinder's deposition was printed by Freedom Mag before Rinder even had the seen the transcripts and signed it. I don't think the cult did themselves a service there.
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  6. RightOn Member

    When do they do themselves a service?
    Keep the PR flaps coming Poodle!
  7. Random guy Member

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