Leah Remini has left Scientology?

Discussion in 'Celebrity News' started by The Wrong Guy, Jul 5, 2013.

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  2. muldrake Member

    Good point as to specific responsibility. I'd go to shift the blame to Rinder. He was directly in charge of OSA at that time. Perhaps he has an excuse, too. Rinder, though, surprisingly to me, has been a lot more humble and willing to take responsibility for his deeds. Even though I personally detested him for years, because he was the dude who personally orchestrated the harassment of people I consider friends, I find myself more willing to forgive him than Marty with his continuing hubris.

    Obviously, the main perp in all this is DM (and frankly LRH for starting this whole scum operation). If it weren't MR or MR it would have been someone else.

    While I acknowledge your facts, though, and they certainly undercut my specific gripe, at least with regard to Rathbun himself, something still sticks in my craw about them. I'm finding it hard not to violate Godwin's law, because it almost sounds like Goebbels wasn't responsible for some Nazi propaganda released under his watch because he was on vacation at the time.

    Yes, I know that's a bogus argument, and I won't bother defending it if you point out it's bullshit. At the time Dennis got his shit tossed, it would have been on Rinder's watch, because Rathbun was largely in charge of internal matters.

    Frankly, though, whether I can justify it rationally, anyone who had anything to do with that security apparatus owes Dennis, and the world, an apology.

    Whoever was personally involved owes Dennis a PERSONAL apology. Whoever was involved in general owes the WORLD an apology.

    Whether they actually do apologize is up to them. Nobody's going to force them. They'll get no punishment if they don't other than that I will continue not to respect them much. I'm sure they'll survive.

    Again, though, thanks for facts. Facts never hurt.
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  3. rickybobby Member

    It's just WRONG. WRONG WRONG WRONG. People who knowingly support (financially or emotionally) this kind of institutional harassment and bullying, whether they took personal part in it or not, have a serious lack of a moral center. Pleading ignorance because they REFUSED to see what was going on is not an excuse.

    I can accept that there are understandable reasons that it might take a well-meaning person a little while to come to the realization that they supported a corrupt, criminal organization and corrupt, criminal leaders who lied, fleeced the unsuspecting and used immoral and illegal tactics to crush and manipulate any they saw as standing in their way--particularly those who got into it in it's early stages or at a young age. It doesn't, however, mean I will give them a pass because "they didn't know."

    Good, moral people try to atone for their "sins," one way or another. Less stellar individuals make excuses for the bad things they have done. I think some of the debates we have here with MR and MR boil down to whether we, the viewing public, believe they are MAKING EXCUSES for their sizeable contribution in building the morally bereft organization of Scientology or if they are they seriously trying to atone for their past decisions. Have they seen the light, or are they still fooling even themselves?

    Time will tell.
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  4. Correct Scifag is correct, Mike alsoo did the OP to snatch the papers back Gerry Armstrong took wiy him when he left.

    Brainwashed Hubbardsexuals are after all Brainwashed and will go to great lenght to protect their Satanicv Slavemaster L Ron Hubbard.

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  5. muldrake Member

    Well, arguably, if you're an American and you pay taxes, you're guilty of every crime against humanity committed by the U.S. government, even the ones you fought against and protested against in the streets. The same applies to any person who pays taxes to any government.

    I do agree in general with the principle of "willful blindness" not excusing otherwise criminal behavior. But frankly, anyone who supports any religious or secular organization that does anything bad is as guilty as any Scientologist if that entity then runs hog-wild and does evil shit. And frankly, many of them do.

    I don't subscribe to the general theory many seem to do that just having been a Scientologist, ever, requires you to grovel for forgiveness for the rest of your life. That's just bullshit.

    But in the case of the MRs and other top echelon ex-es, they personally participated in some genuinely vile, criminal acts, and yes, they do owe the world an apology. They can't just walk away and claim to be innocent victims. They committed atrocities. Just switching to the opposite side makes them nothing more than Quislings, who switched sides for their own advantage.

    Sure, they may be useful now, but I wouldn't trust them with. . .hell, I just looked around my room to look for a single object I might trust them with, and I couldn't find one. I wouldn't trust them with a tea cup, or an empty can of soda, or a dubious-looking sock, or a half-empty bag of doughnuts, or a cut-glass radioactive uranium glass decanter, or an empty manila envelope, or. . .okay, I think you got the idea.
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  6. Sneaks has once again thrown up a strawman. Marty may not have had a thing to do with the raid, but he had plenty to do with all the harassment my family, friends, employers and I experienced for years AFTER the raid.

    And I don't want an apology from scum like Marty for what they did to me. I want to know the details of the behind the scenes operations against me from Rathbun, Rinder and the rest of the thugs that spent millions trying to destroy me for speaking out against the cult.
  7. said the troll

  8. woginsky Member

    Go away.
  9. deirdre Member

    Well, I did a bunch of stupid and evil shit when I was in, and some of that is stuff I feel guilty about. Not, however, what the cult thinks I should feel guilty about. The thing is, I don't really have any sense of who is (or who would be) angry with me about that, you know? Over the course of years, it's Just. So. Much. Shit.

    God, I was a collection agent for Scientology. How fucking insane was that?

    Anyhow, I specifically forgave MR and MR for any part they may have had in my harassment, like sending Ingram over to my exes (he told them that I'd be arrested soon). I wonder how one of them (meaning my exes) reacted. I'd almost love to have Squirrel Busters video of that convo, though not enough for it to happen all over again. I forgave MR^2 because I knew they probably had a hand in harassing me, but I just don't have it in me to continue to bear a grudge now that they're out and trying to move on.

    Do they still owe the world an apology? Yeah.
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  10. I fucking forgive you,

    Insanity to the max

    I forgive you hun, ....

  11. muldrake Member

    As fucked up as it is, I was incredibly satisfied when they sent Ingram after me, even though he did a pretty good job wrecking my shit. Even as I was being escorted out of my job and into a police station, I was internally gloating that I'd made them do that. That may not make much sense, but I wasn't really acting rationally at that point in my life. I just wanted to make some action.

    So if I actually had anything to say to Gene Ingram, it'd probably be thank you. He may be a malignant cocksucker, but we had times together. God bless you, you dumb motherfucker.

    Still, I much more resent stuff that was done to other people. Particularly, whoever threw acid on Dennis's mom's car. What kind of person does something like that? What kind of person orders it?

    IMO, someone who owes the world an apology is the kind of person who does that.
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  12. Did you ever do a write-up of that story, muldrake? Would love to read about it.
  13. muldrake Member

    Yeah, I did. Way back when. But it was mostly lies. I should probably actually write a true version at some point.
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  14. muldrake Member

    Oh, here's the write-up. Warning. It consists about 50% of lies.

    On Wednesday, October 4, 1995 3:00:00 AM UTC-4, henry wrote:
    > I feel like Gregor Samsa.  Gene Ingram came into town yesterday
    > with a sheaf of papers and a pack of lies, and managed to get
    > a criminal complaint filed against me for "terroristic threats."
    > The police officer in charge of the case is very interested
    > in Gene Ingram's criminal history, so anyone with hard 
    > evidence should please email it to me.  I'm going to try
    > to get a hold of Grady.  Evidently, the criminal Gene
    > Ingram stated in conversation to the police officer in
    > charge that Grady was being sued.  I'm not sure if this is typical
    > bullshit and lies from Gene, but PLEASE if you have
    > any information on Gene Ingram, including arrest warrants
    > and so on, please email it to me IMMEDIATELY.  
    > I haven't decided how much of this information, which is
    > sketchy as yet, I am going to make public.  I'm going to
    > call Grady, the foremost Gene Ingram expert in the world,
    > to find out what crimes were committed by that vicious
    > skullsucking snake to track me down.
    > I also lost my job, partly based on alt.angst posts, 
    > nasty things said, and otherwise.  
    > forgery was included in the D/A pack on me (D/A = 
    > "dead agent" = Scientology's tactics of slandering its
    > enemies.
    > I'm very pissed about this.  They're not going to 
    > get away with this criminal harassment.  I will not
    > rest until Gene Ingram is behind bars with the
    > rest of his criminal cronies.
    > I'm going to have a very busy day today.  
    > h
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  15. BlooAnon Member

    I enjoy a good story. Does your story have dark elves and wizards in it? Cause that would be awesome.
  16. Yes, do it...for Eugene. :p
  17. muldrake Member

    Sadly, the only wizard in the story is I.
  18. BlooAnon Member

    Good enough. I'll picture you in a wizard hat and robe as I read it.
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  19. muldrake Member

    This image will probably do. I will not, however, recommend any particular brand of lube unless paid to do so by its manufacturer.

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  20. Buzzfeed: Leah Remini Shares The Truth About The Hardest Year Of Her Life

    HT - ESMB:

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  21. The Wrong Guy Member

    Leah Remini's Scientology tell-all: Her 8 biggest reveals | Zap2it

    Never has a former member of the Church of Scientology been as vocal as Leah Remini has proven to be in the months following her very public defection from the controversial organization.

    In a new, startlingly frank interview with Buzzfeed, Remini opened up on her experiences with the Church like never before, hoping to clear up the facts surrounding her decision to leave in light of the Church's aggressive smear campaign, spearheaded by former friend Kirstie Alley.

    "I don't want to be known as this bitter, ex-Scientologist," she tells the website. "I'm not trying to bash anybody and I'm not trying to be controversial. I just want people to know the truth."

    What follows are the eight biggest reveals about Remini's decades-spanning involvement with the Church:

    Continued at
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  22. The Wrong Guy Member

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  23. RightOn Member

    Thanks WG!
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  24. The Wrong Guy Member

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  25. anoninoob Member

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  26. muldrake Member

    I'm glad Leah Remini got out of this moronic cult and even more glad she didn't go through that bullshit phase of pretending there was anything good about it.
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  27. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology Responds to Leah Remini's Latest Comments on the Church

    The controversial church thought the TV star was seeking attention from the public when she said she left the church for her young daughter.


    A rep of the Church told Us Weekly in an exclusive statement that the actress actually was due to be expelled before she left. "It comes as no surprise that someone as self-absorbed as Leah Remini with an insatiable craving for attention would exploit her former faith as a publicity stunt by rewriting her history with it, including omitting that she was participating in a program to remain a Scientologist by her own choice, as she was on the verge of being expelled for her ethical lapses," the rep said.

    Here's the article referenced above:
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  28. nevarmore Member

    Whenever I see this from the Sciloon "church", in my head the voice of all the adults in the Charlie Brown TV shows immediately takes over, and everything following the phrase in red just turns into that noise.... WUAH WUAH WUAH WUAH

    strangest thing
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  29. Kilia Member

    uh huh....
  30. The Wrong Guy Member

    Rep for Church of Scientology says ex-member Leah Remini was 'on the verge of being expelled' when she quit

    Scientologists say King of Queens star Leah Remini is ‘desperate for attention’, was set to be expelled

    Scientology on Remini 'spin': 'Absurd, insulting'

    "It comes as no surprise that someone as self-absorbed as Leah Remini with an insatiable craving for attention would exploit her former faith as a publicity stunt by rewriting her history with it, including omitting that she was participating in a program to remain a Scientologist by her own choice, as she was on the verge of being expelled for her ethical lapses," church spokeswoman Karin Pouw tells USA TODAY in a statement.

    "Ms. Remini was not attending church services for years. In fact, she was upset because no one in the church was calling her or her family, going so far as to drag her daughter (Sofia, now 9) into the church to insist upon being given special treatment. Sadly, this is the accurate, flip side of the events she now is spinning, which are absurd, insulting and motivated entirely by a desire to grab attention.

    "We are saddened that Ms. Remini now feels compelled to attack her former faith as if there is something wrong with a good work ethic, encouragement to live a drug free life, a happy childhood and strong family – all values she and countless others experience from the strong religious community in the church."
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  31. RightOn Member

    This has been COS's response from the giddy up. I am just SO tickled that it finally got moar legs.
    I hope it pisses her off even moar and prompts her to burry them further
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  32. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology Slams ‘Self-Absorbed’ Leah Remini, Claims She Was About To Be EXPELLED Before Shock Defection | Radar Online

    Leah Remini on Scientology: ‘Everything the Church taught me was a lie’ | Fox News

    The Church of Scientology was quick to fire back at the actress, calling her "self-absorbed" and charging that her comments to Buzzfeed were part of a publicity stunt to satisfy her "insatiable craving for attention."

    In a statement sent to FOX411, a rep for the Church of Scientology stated that Remini was "on the verge of being expelled for her ethical lapses."

    "Ms. Remini was not attending Church services for years. In fact, she was upset because no one in the Church was calling her or her family, going so far as to drag her daughter into the Church to insist upon being given special treatment... We are saddened that Ms. Remini now feels compelled to attack her former faith."
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  33. Random guy Member

    Funny, that statement kind of reminds me a bit of the cults usual claim of "bitter, defrocked apostates living at the fringes of the web". Obviously, the spokesperson isn't an apostate, nor defrocked, but the tone is certainly bitter, and for a cult who has to use word-of-mouth rather than e-mail, the term "fringe of the internet" sounds fitting...
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  34. muldrake Member

    Attacking someone for changing their religion isn't normal.

    But on Scientology it is!

    Scientology. Not even once.
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  35. Twinkle Member

    Leah Remini speaking out against scicrap is the best thing to happen in recent years. She's well known and has a relatively high profile too, enough for the scicrappers to take some notice and vote with their feet and leave.
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  36. RightOn Member

    "She was upset because no one in the Church was calling her or her family"

    and why is that Ms Pouw?
    Is that Church policy Ms. Pouw?
  37. bAnon Member

    I would love to see Ms Pouw's running notes on 'responses' to media. Of course we only get to see the Rated PG stuff.
  38. muldrake Member

    Remember, the names Scientology uses to issue PR don't even necessarily correspond to actual people. "Karin Pouw" is just a name that goes on the paper that goes out in press releases. For all we know, she's in RPF somewhere.

    They do this often. You will see "press releases" come out from the usual names, and they will be in a completely different writing style than the last one.

    Eventually, they will change the name again. I wouldn't bet that anything coming out under the "Karin Pouw" name was actually written by her, though.
  39. The Wrong Guy Member

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  40. anon8109 Member

    This woman describes her interactions with LR on a film set. Starts at 1:49.

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