Leah Remini Files Missing Person Report on Shelly Miscavige

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    No, the National Enquirer has not ‘found’ Scientology’s Shelly Miscavige

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, February 25, 2019


    ...we asked people who actually knew Shelly well what they thought of the woman in the photograph.

    Tom DeVocht: “That certainly is not Shelly and does not look anything like her.”

    Amy Scobee: “Not even close!”

    Valerie Haney: “Doesn’t look anything like Shelly. Not even slightly.”

    Oh, but it gets worse. As Mike Rinder revealed, the Enquirer knew their story was bogus. They showed the photo to Rinder, who told them it wasn’t Shelly, but they published the story anyway.

    They asked me if this was Shelly. I laughed and told them no. Not even close. But they ran it anyway. Because Where is Shelly IS big news thanks to @LeahRemini
    — Mike Rinder (@MikeRinder) February 23, 2019

    So this story is not only a mistake, it’s dishonest.

    We are well aware that our publishing a story like this is mostly a waste of effort. Probably for years (and we’re not kidding about that), we’ll be hearing from people that Shelly Miscavige was seen leaving the Freewinds because of this one bogus story.

    And Shelly goes from a prisoner in a secretive mountain compound to a pampered cruise ship guest, which cuts right against the outrage about her whereabouts.

    People have asked us if this is the kind of thing that David Miscavige would want planted in a friendly publication. We tend to resist that kind of conspiracy theory, and for now we’ll simply assume that the Enquirer set out to dupe its own readers purely for the motivation of cash register sales.

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