Leah Remini Files Missing Person Report on Shelly Miscavige

Discussion in 'Celebrity News' started by rickybobby, Aug 8, 2013.

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    Yeah, I don't think so.
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    Scientology is acquiring a role as a RL comic-book bogeyman. "Look out! Scientology's gonna getcha!!!"

    I'm okay with this.
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  3. This speculation shit is such a waste of time. Who the hell knows who the source of that gossip story is. I've been around people who write for those shit-tastic stories, and sometimes they make shit up.

    But, if there is a grain of truth in it, I would wonder if there is some sort of concern that there may be some concern that the files that were kept on Brad Pitt way back when he had some scn counseling hold things that are just private about that particular public figure.
    It must take some tight maneuvering to balance the pursuit of fame, control of ones own public image, and private life.
  4. Ack! i'm so tired and it is almost 3 am and i need to turn my computer off. good night.
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    You wrote an open letter in THR in July praising Leah Remini’s break with Scientology. What kind of feedback did you receive?
    I’m in London, so I’m fairly insulated from any feedback. I figured what I would do is make this like the last letter I write on the subject and then I leave it alone. A™fter the letter, I was asked to do a number of interviews. I turned them all down. I plan to continue turning them all down.
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    It's disappointing that he refused to be interviewed on the topic. The way I see it, he promoted the Scientology for decades by virtue of being a celebrity client of the company, and he now has an ethical duty to undo the damage he caused by speaking out against the criminally convicted corporation every chance he gets.
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  8. Having spoken publicly, and produced a number of excellent clips that have been repeatedly used - i.e., for Jenna Miscavige Hill, giving credence and weight to many of her claims - I think Paul Haggis gets a pass.

    I am thinking specifically of the clip of him saying "Fuck Them. I would take them down only for that." (paraphrased) in reference to the CoS's illegal use of child labor.

    His many quotes on the subject from the past few years are there to be used by anyone for the future. The fact that he wrote her an open letter in THR is enough for me for all of 2013 and next year too - how many other celebrities who have left Sci wrote an open letter of support to Leah?

    If he wants to get on with his life, free of the cult, I'd happily encourage him to do so.
  9. QFT.
    Mr. Haggis deserves one of these.
    I'd write a shitty attempt at an introduction that may just fit in one of his ginormous shoes.
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    Did you catch the Missing Shelly Miscavige milk carton on Comedy Central show Tosh.0 on 3 September 2013 ?!?!?
    You can also view it at this link:

    Best image of it at time index: 00:52.

    Text of the Milk Carton fake parody notice:


    Last seen in 2007
    at the Church of Scientology.

    If you have any information
    regarding this woman's whereabouts,

    please contact:

    Leah Remini

    (323) 555-6969"
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  12. make a ton of those stickers and go beserk in dairy section of supermarkets :p
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    Is that Shelly?
  14. RightOn Member

    HA HA! that was great
    doesn't look like shelly tho
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  16. 568

    Not a photo of Shelly:

  17. The Wrong Guy Member

    EXCLUSIVE - Pictured for the first time: Secret 'Twin Peaks' Scientology base in the California mountains 'where Shelly Miscavage has lived since disappearing seven years ago'

    • The base, 120 miles outside Los Angeles, was built exactly to the specification of Church leader David Miscavige to withstand any nuclear holocaust
    • Tom Cruise and John Travolta allegedly have special bunkers to escape to when the end of the world arrives
    • Former Scientologist Dylan Gill who was foreman when $18m compound was built believes that is where Shelly Miscavige now lives after she disappeared from public view seven years ago
    • Argon-filled vaults have been built underground to archive and store the works of founder Ron L. Hubbard
    • Grounds feature mysterious 'gyro gym' which some speculate is for 'torture' but others say is meant to challenge the user's senses
    • Other former Scientologists are convinced that the vaults also hold half a billion dollars in gold and cash reserves
    By Chris White in Big Bear, California, November 7, 2013

    The whereabouts of Scientology leader David Miscavige’s wife Shelly has been shrouded in mystery for the last seven years.

    It caused the high profile defection of Hollywood actress Leah Rimini who dared to ask the question. Now MailOnline can reveal claims that she is living in a secret base deep in the San Bernardino mountains.

    It’s the only Scientology base never to have been pictured before apart from afar on Google images.

    The base was built exactly to David Miscavige’s specifications to withstand any nuclear holocaust and it’s where Tom Cruise and John Travolta allegedly have special bunkers to escape to when the end of the world arrives.


    Ready for the end: The luxury base was built exactly to David Miscavige’s specifications to withstand any nuclear holocaust - most of it is underground. Tom Cruise and John Travolta allegedly have special bunkers there to escape to when the end of the world arrives


    Complex: The site has upscale residences, and exercise yard but also a special vault entrance which leads to an underground area where the works of Ron L Hubbard are archived and stored. A foreman who helped build the site said he believes this is where Shelly Miscavige is living after vanishing from public view seven years ago.

    The article continues with open comments here:
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  18. anonamus Member

    ^^ This is truly extraordinary! What a "church" they are.
    Thanks for posting, TWG.
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    There's another, shorter article about this today:

    Scientology compound Twin Peaks, Shelly Miscavige’s reputed hideout, exposed | NY Daily News

    The 500-acre Church of Scientology Technology base in the mountains of San Bernardino, Calif., has been photographed for the very first time. Former Scientologist Dylan Gill, who helped oversee the construction, has revealed some of its secrets and says leader David Miscavige's missing wife probably lives there.

    By Lee Moran
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  20. RightOn Member

    Speaking of Tosh.O again...
    I was watching it last night and he was doing a segment on the "Wrinkled Gym".
    A make believe gym he was opening and he was interviewing this lady for the job and he asked her "What do you think about Scientology?" and before she could answer he said "no! don't answer that" and changed the subject. LOL
    Tosh still ribbing the COS! :p
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    Here's another new article about it:

    Scientology's Top-Secret Compound Reveals More About the Mysterious Group Than Ever Before | The Stir

    By Rebecca Stokes

    Two excerpts:

    While we might not know the specifics of the faith, there are countless urban legends and true accounts of people "escaping" the religion, or of being blackmailed during their infamous "auditing" sessions. Any religion that involves entities from space is bound to illicit a few raised eyebrows.


    Having a creepy-Bond-villain-esque lair in the foothills of the mountains in California in no way endears you to a public already suspicious of your organization. Shelly might be quite happy "being a Scientology librarian," but the fact that she's locked away from the world underground doesn't seem to speak to the mental health benefits of being a member of this highly controversial church. The structure seems to suggest a level of paranoia pervading its infrastructure.

    The full article, with open comments, is here:
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  22. anonamus Member

    Hey, Shelly seems to have caused bad PR again! 500 times round the pole then off to the hole.
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  23. Cassie Member

    Maybe she really has done a runner and Poodle does not want it in the public domain.
  24. SPRTT Member

    Saw it and laughed. And then, during the rest of the segment, I wished I could unsee Tosh in a d*cksling...with the shakes. lol

    In the CO$-biz, he has what they would call a "flat button" when it comes to public self-dehumanization. lol
  25. RightOn Member

    LOL! yeah it was pretty horrendous
  26. The Wrong Guy Member

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  27. RightOn Member

    oh shit that is right!
    Not wishing this evil bastard a Happy B-day.
    I will offer him some "Cake"

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    Ten Years Gone: Shelly Miscavige, the wife Scientology’s leader wants us to forget

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, September 7, 2015


    We know now, from multiple lines of evidence, that she was transferred from the International Base near Hemet to a super-secret compound near Lake Arrowhead in the mountains above Los Angeles. The compound is the headquarters for Scientology’s most secretive entity, the Church of Spiritual Technology. We’ve written extensively about CST and its underground vaults, where L. Ron Hubbard’s works are stored so they can survive a nuclear holocaust. For the past ten years — except for a couple of days in the summer of 2007 when she was let out to attend the funeral of her father, Barney Barnett — Shelly has been living and working at CST’s headquarters compound, which Scientologists call by numerous different names, depending on whom you ask: Twin Peaks, Rimforest, Rim of the World, or Crestline.

    Whatever you call it, it’s a small complex that houses maybe a dozen people who work on the project to archive Hubbard’s works. Since she was transferred there, Shelly, who once was a major figure in the church and even helped select girlfriends for Tom Cruise, has attended no public church events and has not even been allowed to see her own family. Is Shelly happy working there? Is she being held against her will? Would she take the opportunity to escape if she could?

    We reported in 2013 that Shelly does have some limited communication with the outside world, and was asked by a family member how she might be able to leave the base. “There’s only one way,” she responded, and former Scientology spokesman Mike Rinder told us he interpreted that to mean that only another family funeral would allow Shelly to go outside the confines of the compound.

    That same year, Leah Remini made her missing-person report about Shelly to the LAPD on Monday, August 5. By Thursday afternoon, August 8, police told a reporter that they had checked on Shelly and considered Leah’s report “unfounded.” What happened? Well, LAPD Lt. Andre Dawson sent two of his detectives to meet Shelly. A missing-person report has a very narrow goal — to find out if a person is, well, missing. When Dawson’s detectives found that Shelly was fine and that she didn’t want to make a public statement, the case was over. But we asked Dawson — had his detectives questioned Shelly in the presence of other church executives?

    “That’s classified,” Dawson said to us. (Since then, we’ve noticed that Lt. Dawson has been a participant in numerous Church of Scientology activities.)

    And that brings us up to date on the disappearance of Shelly Miscavige. We believe that she’s still at the CST headquarters, and she may or may not be resigned to her fate. We’ve been assured by former Scientology executives that David Miscavige put her there after making her a non-person, and that he will never let her leave.

    So, ten years after she vanished, we asked some of the people who knew her to send us some of their memories of her.
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  31. The Wrong Guy Member

    Inside Scientology's Church of Spiritual Technology where Shelly Miscavige may be living

    By Jim Edwards and James Cook, Business Insider


    Steve Hall, a former Scientologist who left the church in 2004 after spending the previous 17 years at its international management level as a senior writer of its marketing materials, spoke to Business Insider about where Shelly Miscavige might be. He thinks Shelly is at Scientology's little-known "Church of Spiritual Technology," a remote forest compound with prison-like security in Twin Peaks, Calif., near San Bernadino.

    It's important to note that Shelly Miscavige may not actually be held against her will. Instead, she may have been convinced that she must stay at the remote compound to make up any alleged crimes she may have committed against the Church of Scientology. The 2014 Vanity Fair article says that Miscavige was tasked with restructuring the upper levels of Scientology, but she told a former Scientology [member] at her father's funeral that she had "fucked up."

    One person who has visited the compound is "Angry Gay Pope," the nom de guerre of an Anonymous activist who has staged protests against Scientology. In 2010, he took these pictures of the CST compound in Twin peaks, Calif., documenting its spiked fences, razor wire, motion detectors, infrared spotlights, satellite dishes, fuel tanks and mysterious semi-permanent trailers.
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  32. RightOn Member

    very nice.
    Pope's pics were a huge plus for that article.

  33. scientology-florida-19-nov13-04.jpg
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    Hey, Miscavige, quit calling Leah Remini names and produce your wife already

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, November 5, 2015


    “Hurricane Leah” former Scientology spokesman Mike Rinder has dubbed it, and as the Leah Remini media storm continues, we’re just trying to keep up with all of the reactions to her landmark book, Troublemaker.

    Fortunately for us, our readers are up to the task and the comments section of this website has been the best place to keep up on all of the latest developments. We thank you for keeping so vigilant with links and videos.

    Yesterday, something came up that we had been preparing for. When we read Leah’s book several weeks ago, we realized that she was going to be making a claim about Shelly Miscavige that we find problematic. To prepare for it, last week we spelled out again the step-by-step developments that occurred in July and August 2013 when we first broke news of Leah’s defection and then, a month later, broke news of her reporting Shelly missing to the LAPD. Troublemaker makes several errors about this period, which, in the overall scheme of things, doesn’t make a lot of difference. But one claim made by Leah we wanted to address. She now says that a lawyer told her the LAPD never actually made contact with Shelly Miscavige after Leah filed her missing-person report on August 5, 2013, but simply marked the report “unfounded” after hearing from the church.

    Leah may have heard that from an attorney, but we wanted to make it clear: Two different LAPD officials each told us that two LAPD detectives met with Shelly Miscavige after Leah filed her report. Lt. Andre Dawson told us that his two detectives met her, saw that she was in fact alive, and Shelly declined to make a public statement. When we asked Lt. Dawson if other church officials were present during this conversation with his detectives, he quickly said to us, “That’s classified.” We have also pointed out that, since we had that conversation with him in 2013, Lt. Dawson has been listed as a featured speaker at multiple Scientology events.

    We’ll say it again: Shelly Miscavige has never been missing. Scientology leader David Miscavige knows perfectly well where he stashed his wife after sending her from the International Base near Hemet in late August or early September 2005 — to the Church of Spiritual Technology headquarters, a secretive compound in the mountains above Los Angeles. Multiple lines of evidence tell us that she’s been there ever since, let out only for a couple of days in the summer of 2007 to attend the funeral of her father.

    And, for the many people just now learning about this stuff: No, Shelly was never a prisoner in “the Hole.” (And it bewilders us that Leah raises this possibility in her book.) The Hole was a special and bizarre office-prison that David Miscavige created from a couple of double-wide trailers at the International Base near Hemet. It’s not a secret who were the many prisoners there, in a base that has had numerous defectors who brought out information about it. There is no possible way that Shelly could have been a prisoner in “The Hole” without it being well known. Shelly was shipped instead to an entirely different facility, a super-secret compound near Lake Arrowhead, California that almost no Scientology executives ever stepped foot in, let alone knew where it was. This was the headquarters of CST, the most secretive of Scientology’s many entities. Shelly is there with only a dozen or so other CST employees, and she has almost no contact with the outside world, even her own family.

    Is she resigned to her fate? Would she leave if given the chance? With Remini making this such a worldwide issue — just take a look at this story in Australia, for example — David Miscavige is going to be under considerable pressure to produce his wife. Will he?

    We really don’t know. But we can’t wait to find out.

    In the meantime, Miscavige has put out an almost unbelievable slam on Remini that news organizations have been posting as a legitimate response to her book. Keep in mind, the following passage was put out by the man who banished his wife to a life behind walls topped with razor-wire:

    Ms. Remini also continues her bizarre efforts to harass the Church of Scientology’s leader and his wife, whom Ms. Remini has been obsessed with and has stalked for years. This culminated in her dishonest, fraudulent report filed in 2013 with the Los Angeles Police Department that was declared “unfounded” and closed within hours of it becoming public. Ms. Remini even admits in her book that the police report she filed was insincere. When a person admits to making disingenuous false reports to law enforcement — wasting valuable resources needed to protect the public — they are irresponsible and untrustworthy.

    Can David Miscavige really get away this for as long as he wants? It’s a pretty neat trick. Imprison your wife for a decade after having a fight with her, and then call someone who cared enough to inquire about her welfare “disingenuous.”

    Scientology. It really is amazing.

    Source, and open comments:
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  37. The Wrong Guy Member

    Maddow on campaign pranksters

    By Tony Ortega, June 2, 2013

    Last night, Rachel Maddow did a fun piece on a couple of pranksters who have been trolling the political campaigns — Rubio, Cruz, Trump, and Clinton. She noted that they’re a duo who have been punking reporters for years, going all the way back to Occupy Wall Street.


    The Good Liars are actually Jason Selvig and Davram Stiefler, and it will be interesting to see if they can continue to punk the campaigns all the way to November.
  38. The Wrong Guy Member

  39. The Wrong Guy Member


    By Tony Ortega, December 13, 2016


    After we made public that Remini had filed her missing person report on that Thursday morning in 2013, later that day the LAPD began leaking to other reporters that it had checked on Shelly and were closing the case as “unfounded.” Since then, the Church of Scientology has attacked Remini for making the report, calling it a waste of police resources. But in the time since then, the church has produced no proof of Shelly’s whereabouts or that she’s where she is by her own choice.

    In her book Troublemaker, which came out last year, Remini revealed that she had made her missing person report with the help of LAPD Detective Kevin Decker, whom she had met when he was providing off-duty security on the set of The King of Queens. According to the book, Decker told her that the LAPD had closed the missing person case without even seeing Shelly, but instead had been assured by a church attorney that she was fine.

    The LAPD told us something different. After news that the case had been closed came out, we spoke with LAPD Lt. Andre Dawson, who told us that two of his detectives had made contact with Shelly, and that she had told them she didn’t want to make a public statement. When we asked Dawson whether his conversation with his detectives had occurred in the presence of other church officials, he quickly responded, “That’s classified.” Since then, Lt. Dawson has repeatedly appeared in Church of Scientology fliers as a featured speaker at its events.

    Did the LAPD actually visit Shelly, as Lt. Dawson told us, or did it only check with a church attorney, as Remini’s book claims? Remini now wants some firm answers from the police department:

    1. Who conducted the investigation that occurred in response to the [missing person report]?
    2. When did that investigation commence?
    3. When did that investigation conclude?
    4. What actions were undertaken in connection with that investigation, and by whom?

    Mirell’s letter also asks the department to reveal if Shelly was personally visited by detectives, or whether the LAPD relied on representations made by church attorneys. If detectives visited her, how was her identity established?

    According to California state law, the LAPD has ten days to respond to Remini’s records request. We have a feeling the department will say something sooner than that, as will Scientology, which has been attacking Remini and the people who have appeared on her series with increasingly unhinged accusations (and more, see Amy Scobee’s report that she’s being followed since her episode aired two weeks ago, below).

    We’ll update you when those responses come in.

    For now, here’s the letter that Mirell sent the LAPD, in both text and pdf formats.

    Continued at
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