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    Tim Curry, the star of the Rocky Horror Show, is recovering after having a stroke at his home in Los Angeles.

    The British actor, 67, is said to be ‘doing great’ following the collapse.

    Curry rose to fame as Dr Frank-N-Furter in the cult musical and went on to a successful stage and film career.

    Few details were available about the stroke last night, but sources close to the actor denied suggestions that the stroke had made it difficult for him to speak.

    His Los Angeles agent Marcia Hurwitz said: ‘Tim is doing great. He absolutely can speak and is recovering at this time and in great humour.’

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    Hope he recovers fully and is feeling well soon.
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  4. Tim was the best thing about Legend- it certainly wasn't the obviously short pretty boy who grimaced (IIRC) thru the pic...

    (I saw the damn thing in the theater. I am that old)

    Get well soon Tim. Best Wishes.
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  5. <3 the thread title, kudos :D
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  7. ^^^Great interview! I'd never seen an interview with him. He's so quiet and soft spoken, not at all what you'd expect from his roles.

    PS: Being old has it's advantages, I did get to see Tim C on stage in SF when he performed in a musical called 'Me and My Girl'. This play included a number where he had to sing and dance over a couch, flipping it around one way or another with his feet and body ala Donald O'Connor in the old MGM musicals.

    Fucking dirty talented man.
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    except I was expecting to see Tommy Davis not one of my favourite performers!
  9. Anonymous Member

    Yes, IRL he seems thoughtful, articulate, intelligent, sly humour.
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    Wow. ENVIOUS!!!!!
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    It's time for some updates. First, this, from June of 2015:

    Tim Curry Relies on His Humor While Recovering From Stroke | ABC News


    While recovering from his stroke, Curry has relied on his sense of humor, which he called "absolutely vital."

    "It’s not tough to maintain," he told the magazine. "It is just part of my DNA."

    Curry's storied career on Broadway includes roles in "Spamalot," "My Favorite Year" and "Travesties," as well as his iconic turn on stage and screen as Frank ‘n’ Furter in "The Rocky Horror Picture Show."

    The star said he looks back on the role "with a sort of bemused tolerance."

    "It's neither a blessing nor a curse. I was lucky to get it," he told the magazine.

    He's also grateful to be recognized for his lifetime of work.

    "It means that it just sort of solidifies the kind of work the American acting community has given me for years now," he said. "I was thrilled when they told me and I am thrilled now."

    This is from August of 2016:

    What Tim Curry Thinks of Rocky Horror Picture Show’s Fox Remake | Vanity Fair


    Last April, Fox announced that it would reboot The Rocky Horror Picture Show as a two-hour television special. The news was met by understandable criticism from the camp classic’s die-hard fans—how dare they remake the the 40-year-old midnight-movie mainstay. But on Monday, during Fox’s semi-annual presentation to the Television Critics Association in Los Angeles, original cast member Tim Curry told press that he gives the reboot, which stars Laverne Cox in his iconic role as Dr. Frank-N-Furter, his unconditional endorsement.

    “I’ll never forget the first day of rehearsal,” said the reboot’s director, executive producer, and choreographer Kenny Ortega. “Laverne was standing at the piano getting ready to sing ‘Sweet Transvestite’ for the first time. And Tim [was] sitting next to the pianist. And when she finished [singing], the first voice that came up was, ‘Brava,’ from Tim Curry. And that is what we have felt throughout this whole experience working with Tim Curry.”

    “Just doing it again, but in a different role . . . it was a lot of fun,” said Curry. “I remembered quite a lot of the original film because it was my first movie. . . . It was fun though to do it again. I actually offered myself as Dr. [Everett] Scott, because I was already in a wheelchair,” the actor, who is recovering from a stroke, said to audience laughs. Alas, “They thought the narrator was a better fit, and I enjoyed it a lot.”

    Ahead, a few additional takeaways about the reboot—which co-stars Victoria Justice (as Janet Weiss, the character played by Susan Sarandon), Ryan McCartan (as Brad Majors, the part played by Barry Bostwick), Christina Milian (as Magenta), and Adam Lambert (as Eddie)—and will premiere on October 20, 2016.

    Continued here:

    Let’s Do The Time Warp Again | The Rocky Horror Picture Show

    A Cult Classic Reborn | The Rocky Horror Picture Show

    The Rocky Horror Picture Show is back | The Rocky Horror Picture Show

    The videos are from FOX.

    Tim's website is
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