LCE commencation from Fleet #4 High Command

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    LCE commencation from Fleet #4 High Command

    The following letter from MC HC #4 is in regards to this: viewtopic.php?f=29&t=4213

    I have received a letter of great importance from MC HC #4: Gen Z and P.G. of the [38749832724] Cledge in sector 1ZX-Alec. Due to it's highly sensitive nature, I have posted it in Humour with pure lang for only the high-ranking (X-227 Clearance and UP) fleet members to understand. However, I have withheld some sensitive information for important reasons that I cannot disclose.

    "RE: LCE
    Standard Greeting [information withheld],
    I will get right to the point of this trans-comm:
    Let it be known that HMHM LX has found the 27th galatz, he will now contact the [information withheld]. Because of this, we (Myself, P.G., Comm BT, Comm BB, Doat Zeda, POOPE GuiltyI, and M2) have published our cams and tors. Therefore, VDLs will begin on the KXD ground with the [information withheld].
    P.G. is in contact with [information withheld] and M-base. Their shift-crew of calcuontz have found the failudocs and decided that plan 21-b has to be disgrounded, but the LDX will resume without hesitation. [information withheld]. I have been told to implement the [information withheld] and Operation: Father Time. Therefore, I have shifted Operation: Dragonforce and will do so for some time now, please do not confuse it for OPD, which will be constituted on the correct dates of dispersement ([information withheld] and [information withheld]). I have been informed by [information withheld] that NOL& will succeed as NOV& has and they have called the [information withheld]. We (Myself, P.G., Galdon Ken, Furnot Reinhard, Doat Zeda, Comm Kord, and Comm Kweltz) have contacted the Golden Apple Corps, they have responded in kind. What follows is their transmission of Kallisti-D and MD, use precaution when translating:
    Begin Kallisti-D Encryp:
    {Begin K-D E}
    90r820348elkfn,mcv 340i 30rfk,x?>f'2q
    [3djfo wiurjt9iofnv .09/
    aldfo iejr owier-039 lkmvm 0eo9riu
    {End K-D E}
    End Kallisti-D Encryp

    You know what you must do with this data. Use caution and publish it where [information withheld] Cledge members have been posting. Withhold information at your discretion, but please remember that [information withheld] has still yet to be de-classed.

    Standard Conclusion,
    Gen Z

    I have done my job in translating the Kallisti-D and MD and have sent it to the proper authorities. Those who have not received the decrypted transmission have not yet been through the FG-Simulator. Therefore, I will wait until a later date to post the Kallisiti-D and MD in their full form.
    However, if you have been through the LDS Fance, you can still post your trans-key-code. Please make sure to include your Cledge Name Code # (as I have). Please do not give out your real Cledge name or sector name. After you post, I will respond ITT with the decryption codes. Codes change each cycle so each person's code will be different. Use your Cadan files to decrypt- add "find"- then place in the zero folder. After this, they will be ready to read.

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