Lausanne (CH), 18.04.09

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Ann O'Nymous, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Lausanne (CH), 18.04.09

    Four anonymous with few flyers, due to fail copy tech. Some good discussions with the public. No visible presence of scientologists (do they improve their skills ? ;o)
  2. cubby Member

    Re: Lausanne (CH), 18.04.09

    they practice the hiding tech rather well in our area, too....
    but reaching the public is always win

    good game guys =)
  3. frettchen007 Member

    Re: Lausanne (CH), 18.04.09

    good job bros & sis

    me hope to raid sometime with u

    some pix? plox
  4. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Lausanne (CH), 18.04.09

    I am afraid nobody took one.
  5. rof Member

    Re: Lausanne (CH), 18.04.09

    Don't be afraid.

    Plan ahead.
  6. Olrik Member

    Re: Lausanne (CH), 18.04.09

    No swiss pix ? Well done anyway!
  7. KleeneXenu Member

    Re: Lausanne (CH), 18.04.09

    One guy was filming us with his mobile phone ! I'm 98% sure ! When we pointed at him our camera he stopped filming and try to looks like he was writing a sms. Not a good spy:cool:

    Excepted him i didn't see any Sciento

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