Laura Prepon Batshit Crazy Interview

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    Read Laura Prepon's Insane Interview In Scientology's Celebrity Magazine

    By Jordan Sargent, Gawker, July 7, 2015


    Celebrity Magazine is the celebrity magazine of choice for Scientologists everywhere. A recent issue features a lengthy interview with longtime believer Laura Prepon, pictured above at a Scientology Christmas event, who talks unguardedly about the religion/cult in a manner that is usually shrouded from outsiders.

    Here is the cover of the magazine, Issue 424, as scanned by @laurapreponpower, Instagram’s number one Laura Prepon fan account—accept no substitutes.


    The interview begins with Prepon explaining how she first got into Scientology, and she very quickly serves up a steaming ladle of Scientology proper noun gumbo:

    So when I first got into Scientology, I did Personal Values and Integrity and then Overcoming Ups and Downs in Life. These courses touched on the observations I was aware of when I was younger. It was right there in black and white. It was amazing, and I felt that finally something was speaking my language. It totally connected with me.

    Pretty soon after that I got onto the Purification Rundown, and I started moving up the Bridge.

    The next question asks Prepon to describe the process of “auditing”—essentially Scientology’s version of therapy. She talks about having a “cognition” in which she discovered that a decision made long ago was still haunting her:

    Honestly, I’ve become more me. The auditing has stripped away all of this charge, false ideas, decisions and mis-emotions that were affecting me. I recently had one of my biggest cognitions in a New Era Dianetics session. I spotted this decision I made a long time ago that was affecting me to this day. It was a huge realization. At the time of the incident, you make a postulate as a “pro-survival” decision, you know? Then to spot it years and years later, after peeling away these layers and then—boom, there it is—it’s mind blowing! To think of it just hiding there in my bank, affecting me.

    Next, Prepon discusses progressing further in the religion—what Scientologists refer to as “moving up the Bridge.” Prepon says that the process of auditing has made her so relaxed that other actors are begging to find our her secret:

    When I was doing my Objectives, I was handling some intense stuff—as everyone who has done Objectives can relate to. I remember talking to my Supervisor about how my auditing was going. I told him the wins were so amazing. I kept pushing through and confronting things. The LRH data he showed me totally changed my viewpoint on auditing. It explained that in session, you’re supposed to turn on things that at times aren’t easy to go through. You’re supposed to be restimulated and uncomfortable at times, because you move through it in session, so that when you are out in the world things happen, you’re not affected. It was like this eureka moment for me. I’d never thought about it like that. And that’s exactly what happened.

    In my life, things have become much easier, I’m not affected like I used to be. Things don’t bother me that had before. I don’t react like I did before. I remember I was doing a show with an amazing actor, and we were waiting to hear the fate of our show. He turned to me one day and asked, “How are you always so relaxed? Nothing seems to bother you. I want to know what you are doing...”—I take that as such a compliment and testament to the auditing I have done.

    In a subsequent question that once again focuses on the benefits of auditing, Prepon talks about Scientology’s “Tone Scale”:

    Another thing I really noticed from all the auditing I had was that I can move so freely up and down the Tone Scale. I used to have this funny idea that the higher I went up the Bridge, I wouldn’t be as emotional about stuff. And I was worried because I’m an actress and as an artists, I need to tap into my emotions! What soon started happening was that the higher I went on the Bridge and the more auditing I had, I could move so much more freely on the Tone Scale. My emotions were so much more tangible and easy to access.

    Scientology, Prepon says, heightened her emotions, but she also returns several times to the notion that auditing has actually made her blissfully emotionless:

    I remember when I was directing this pilot for a show I co-created called Neighbros. I showed up to our biggest say of shooting, where we had children, student teachers, all the cast, big scenes—I remember thinking when I looked at the schedule, “Once I get through this day the rest of the shoot will be a breeze.” Well, I showed up in the morning and we had lost our locations. I was so shocked. Everybody was scrambling. But instead of getting into the worry or any previous mis-emotion slamming in on me or getting me stressed out, I just turned to my producer and said, “Okay, we need a solution. What are our other options?” And we quickly got to work on Plan B. The fact that I had no irrational counter-emotion or reaction and just went into solution mode, I feel, is definitely a testament to my auditing.

    Next, the interviewer asks Prepon how auditing has helped her deal with rejection. Part of her answer once again makes it seem as if auditing more or less brings one to the same conclusions that any average therapist might. Then, in what might be the most jarring moment of the interview, she abruptly slips into some deeeeeep Scientology brainwash lingo (emphasis mine):

    Another big realization I had in my auditing is that there is a bigger picture. This is my career but it does not define me. I am so much bigger than this career and industry. It’s my job and it’s very important to me, but, when I have huge wins in session, and when you really cognate that you are a thetan and you have a mind and body, and that the MEST universe does not control you—it puts things into perspective. It takes the weight off you and things become very easy.

    The interviewer asks Prepon about the “Basics,” which are a series of books written by L. Ron Hubbard that are the intellectual foundation of Scientology. (All 18 texts can be purchased online for as little as $35!) Prepon explains that the books helped her so much that she was effortlessly able to convince a show creator that Scientology was right for him. What an incredible success story:

    The Basics are great. Science of Survival is a great book and it has data that is so vital to being an artists. Training along with the auditing is so important.

    When you study the Basics, you get all these tools that you can apply immediately. As I mentioned earlier, I work with a bunch of different personalities. I work very long, intense days with them. Having these tools makes my job so much easier in dealing with things that will inevitably arise. I did a show years ago and the creator of the show was wonderful, but he is a total cynic. He had heard about Scientology, but had some altered viewpoints about it. After he worked with me, he came up said, “If you’re a Scientologist, I want to know about it, because you’re an amazing representation of what you’re doing over there.”

    That was a huge compliment to me, because changing a person’s mind like that, changing his viewpoint just from working with him, that’s a huge win for me.

    Lastly, the interviewer asks Prepon if there is “anything else” she wants to say. After some quick babble about Orange is the New Black (“I love the character I play”), she launches into another paean to auditing.

    I feel a lot of the auditing that I’ve had helps me to be willing to go there and be free and vulnerable and really jump into these scenes wholeheartedly. There are days where it’s like, okay... let’s do this! And you have to drop all of your pre-conceived ideas, or mis-emotions, or being uncomfortable and just go there. It’s so gratifying and fulfilling as an artist to be able to really be there in present time, creating, with no vias. Auditing has helped so much in getting me to this place. I have more to go, and can’t wait for what’s to come.

    (Here is how defines the “vias” mentioned by Prepon: “vias: relay points in a communication line. To talk via a body, to get energy via eating, alike are communication by-routes. Enough vias make a stop. A stop is made out of vias.”)

    Prepon concludes her exuberant gibberish sermon with what is perhaps not the most convincing argument for her ostensibly science-based religion:

    It’s magic, it really is.

    I bet.

    Scans of the interview are below:

    The article is continued here, with open comments:
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  2. The Wrong Guy Member

    Laura Prepon’s Scientology Interview Is Suitably Batshit Fucking Crazy

    Laura Prepon sat down for an interview with Celebrity Magazine — the star fucking propaganda tool for everyone’s favorite cult magazine covering all things Scientology — and the result is….. ermmmmmm….. totally batshit fucking crazy.

    So totally batshit fucking crazy in fact that it makes fellow Scientologist, Tom Cruise’s now infamous Oprah Winfrey couch jumping incident look positively restrained and bordering on sane.

    Continued here:
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  3. JohnnyRUClear Member

    So, not leaving, then?
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  4. 666

    nah she was in season 3 to the end
  5. RightOn Member

    very harmful to fans of her show, now that this story is out.
    While the majority of people with half a brain will think she is off her nut and that she sounds like a loon, there are still those who will want to try Scientology. If even ONE person thinks, "hmmmm…. I wonder what this is all about? sounds kinda freaky, and I love freaky" and decides to try Scientology, then this is really bad.

    Her show must have a gay following? We all know COS's views on gays, which is why it is so important to get their views out in public. And IMO, DM has obviously ridiculed what is in Travolta's PC folder.
    Funny how Prepon and Efman both played gay roles and they don't care or acknowledge their own "religion's" *cough* views on gays that was written by Source, which was that all gays should be taken out of society and institutionalized. (not verbatim)

    I am so disappointed, because I thought she left the COS. :(
  6. The Wrong Guy Member

    8 Totally Insane Quotes From Laura Prepon's Interview With Scientology Magazine Celebrity | Indiewire

    Amidst rumors that Tom Cruise is leaving the church, Laura Prepon made it quite clear she was still all in with a cover story on Scientology-affiliated Celebrity magazine. The cover -- which you can see here since we dare not mess with those folks -- headlines Prepon as being "in the creative zone" but is mostly a fairly mind-blowing series of rants about the awesomeness of Scientology. Perhaps Laura is the new Tom?

    Continued here:
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  7. The Wrong Guy Member

    Here Are The Best Quotes From Laura Prepon's Bonkers Scientology Interview | Mediaite

    “Bonkers” it too gentle a term, however, as Prepon’s candid words about her religion cult? are seemingly batshit crazy. Pretty much everything in the piece is ripe enough for picking, but we’ve cobbled together some of our favorites below.

    Reminder: Laura Prepon Is An Insane Scientologist | Evil Beet Gossip

    I’ll warn you now that none of this will make any sense to you (unless, of course, you’re also a Scientologist, in which case, why are you here?!), but nonetheless, we must trudge forward, because Laura has some Big Things she wants to talk about.

    Last paragraph:

    Christ almighty (or Xenu almighty?) – it goes on from there, but I’ll let you decide for yourself if you can take any more Scientology drivel or if you’d rather end things here. WHAT DOES ANY OF THIS EVEN MEAN? How can seemingly sane, rational people buy into this ridiculous cult?
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  8. RightOn Member

    cracks me up how people are now ogling over scilon lingo and laughing their balls off.
    Something I have been doing for years. At least the general public is finally catching up now that the media is not afraid any more.
    Wonder what Indies think of this? LOL
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  9. The Wrong Guy Member

    Laura Prepon Pens a Wacky Love Letter to Scientology in Scientology's Celebrity Magazine | E! Online

    Laura Prepon's Insane Quotes on Scientology Will Make You a Suppressive Person | Complex

    Scientology is more cult-like than religion-like, especially when you consider the fact that LRH, as his disciples like to call him, started it in order to make money. There is an actual price to pay for each level of the religion you reach.
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  10. Kilia Member

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  11. Quentinanon Member

    Prepon's gibberish is an extreme example of Hubbardspeak, really at the fringe of how most scilons used to express their "wins".
    I have to wonder if those in the cult are getting more heavily brainwashed these days or if Prepon is an outlier.
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  12. In that new documentary, which was equal parts horrifying and hilarious, they implied that through the "auditing" process the church basically records everything. You are of course encouraged to tell all of your most private and ridiculous thoughts, and your most embarrassing actions. When I see something like this now, all I think is, "what do they have on Donna." She was hot in the 70s show and still looks good. I can't imagine how bad the church is reeling after that last doc. However, financially the church is fine. I guess its still a church if you have 10 members and 3 are blackmailed celebs. In todays world there is 0 reason anyone should get caught by this scam. If you can at least get access to a computer and most of the world can, just google -beliefs of scientology. Soon as you hit Xenu, you should be free of your curiousity :). All the best.
  13. JohnnyRUClear Member

    No, it's not a church. Calling it one doesn't make it one, any more than calling your hand a rattlesnake will let you poison people by biting them with it.

    It has never been a church.
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  14. The Wrong Guy Member

    Laura Prepon NOT Reconsidering “Orange Is The New Black” Lesbian Role Because Of Scientology

    By Andrew Shuster, Gossip Cop, August 26, 2015

    Laura Prepon is not having second thoughts about playing a lesbian on “Orange is the New Black” because of her Scientology beliefs, despite a fabricated tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this claim. We’re told it’s simply false.

    Prepon plays a lesbian inmate on the hit Netflix show, but according to OK!, the actress’ ties to Scientology have her reconsidering the portrayal of a gay character. A so-called “source” tells the tabloid, “Scientologists aren’t fond of the gay lifestyle.” The supposed “insider” adds, “Laura has nothing against gay people personally, but she takes her religion seriously.”

    The magazine’s phony “source” goes on to allege that Prepon is attempting to sabotage her gig by pressuring producers to increase her salary. “She’s asked for so much money, it’s obvious she wants to shop herself out of the job,” the ill-informed “insider” claims.

    Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to Prepon, who assures us that there’s “no truth” to the allegations that her religious beliefs are in any way affecting her career decisions. In fact, Prepon revealed in a recent interview that Scientology has actually improved her acting skills, specifically in regards to her role on “Orange is the New Black.”

    Furthermore, Prepon recently posted numerous Instagram posts from the set of the Netflix show’s fourth season, expressing her excitement to be back filming. Regardless, Gossip Cop hears her Scientology beliefs bear no effect on Prepon’s feelings about playing a lesbian on “Orange is the New Black.” We’re told the story is completely bogus.

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  15. 1330407773319223591-jpg.249851.jpg
    Laura says: ''Honestly, I've become more me thanks to Scientology.''

    Her water is so much more.........watery now.
    She can levitate ashtrays on command with an assist from her hands which are more handy than ever.
    It's like ''WOO!'' ............ Thanks, Ron
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  16. RightOn Member

    Sad how cultists think they are finding themselves when in reality they are finding whoever the cult wanted them to be.
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  17. Ersatz Global Moderator

    Scientology would never steer a member away from making loads of cash. It is not in their interest for
    Laura Perpon to be out of work.
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  18. Laura have you ever been in the basement of Big Blue, you know the Non-Celebrity building in L.A.? That's where one of Scientology's internal detainment camps for the RPF is located for unproductive, downstat staff and Sea-Org.

    Try sneaking down there for little peek. Don't worry, Security will stop you, you'll never see what goes on down there or at the Hole on Gold Base, no worries, hon, just become more 'you' doing endless hours of debunked Hubbard insane processing and pat yourself on the back for coming up with a Plan B on a frieking movie set, wow, how theta, amazing, What a cognition: Plan B, no common wog would ever consider a Plan B.

    Google your hero:
    Google: L.Ron Hubbard / Child Abuse / 4 year old Derek Greene on the Apollo.
    Google: L. Ron Hubbard / Biography of Lies

    Read that and wake up, k? thx.

    Self-appointed 'Commodore' L. Ron Hubbard of his very own fake Navy.
    Dr. L. Ron Hubbard (bought his Ph D from a diploma mill after flunking out of college.)
    Criminal Fugitive L. Ron Hubbard convicted of fraud in France.
    Hypocritical, Drug-addled 'Commodore' Hubbard shot psychotropic drug Vistaril in his sorry ass, found in his system at death, drank loads of rum with many pinks and grays.
    The list goes on and on, embezzler, wife abuser, bigamist, kidnapper, gulag operator, money launderer, blackmailer, noted liar extraordinaire, briber, child labor law abuser..............

    I'm tired, let's chat about 'Ron', Laura............. I wish you well when you do wake up and stop promoting this abusive monster L. Ron Hubbard.
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