Laura DeCrescenzo forced-abortion lawsuit updates

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  1. wolfbane Member

    This would be the privilege log that a prior pissing match unfolded over and is not in the public domain at this time (part and parcel of the Saldana exhibits 1-42 from last year that have not been fully released). We've seen one of these logs before on the Kyle Brennan case (I think) and it only amounts to a simple spreadsheet listing of documents with names, dates and titles.

    The judge's ruling after seeing that log was in agreement with Team Laura's argument that it was far too short on details to fully determine what if anything should be held under privilege. A later version filled in names but it would still be short on details and only serves the purpose of being an index of the real dox. So the only thing it might show imo as far as tampering goes is complete documents missing from what is eventually handed over, and NOT the tampering of individual dox.
  2. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if all this paper-shuffling on the part of Miscavige was just a stall tactic to get rid of the really incriminating stuff in Laura's folders, and then have the oleaginous Moxon stand up on his hind legs in court to smarmily utter that, oops, over time some documents were lost from the files, presumably in transit, or due to some SP who has since been expelled, whereabouts currently unknown.

    Aside: How like their presumptive enemies the US government, do the Scientologists wage war.
  3. wolfbane Member

    Claiming the shi- got lost will be a tough argument to make with the existing case history. When Team Scilon was stalling on providing the privilege log, they boo hoo'd that the files were so large they needed more time to go thru it all and list everything. And that listing was done within the past year, so it's not that old.

    I'm not saying they won't try to pull that shi- but I think the previous comment about cutting bits and pieces out of the dox they hand over, or somehow modifying them, is the bigger concern.
  4. Thanks, I'd overlooked some of what you mention here^


    Miscavige would rather pay a million-dollar fine from the "IAS War Chest", than have certain facts known, particularly this little detail about forced abortions. Like I said, me it wouldn't surprise :)
  5. They have also claimed the "sh.. got lost" on important dox in this case. Namely the waiver that was signed by Laura when she left. Fortunately pc folders are all kept together and losing 100+ folders would be a bit more obvious evidence tampering than one doc.
  6. wolfbane Member

    I'm not familiar with "Folder Error Summaries" so I'm wondering if you or someone else can plox explain how they work? TIA!
  7. moarxenu Member

    Scientology lawyers submitted a privilege log in the Kyle Brennan case which is here:

    In his Second Declaration former former long-time Flag executive Lance Marcor analyzes the privilege log and shows that Scientology lawyers presented documents that were fabricated (by OSA Int) and that they withheld others from the Judge Stephen Merryday: Marcor Second Declaration with Exhibits.pdf

    In June 2006 Kyle's father Tom Brennan first learned Kyle was under the care of a psychiatrist for a minor psychiatric ailment, mild depression. He immediately became PTS and by policy was forbidden from further auditing by his auditor, Denise Miscavige.

    Numerous KRs by Tom in the following six months leading up to Kyle's death in Clearwater on February 16, 2007, were withheld from the court including his KR about his involvement with events the night of Kyle's death.

    Despite Miscavige's being forbidden from auditing Tom from June 2006 forward, Scientology lawyers falsely claimed privilege for no fewer than eight communications to Flag Ethics Officer Mario Rosetti by Denise Miscavige right up to four days before Kyle's death, on the grounds that she was Tom's auditor.

    OSA Int in Los Angeles gives final approval for documents submitted to courts in Scientology lawsuits. It allowed only two documents to be submitted to Judge Merryday.

    One of these was a KR written by Denise Miscavige's husband Jerry Gentile, who appeared within minutes after Clearwater Police appeared at the scene of Kyle's death, and wrote the KR the day after Kyle was killed.

    (There is also evidence that Gentile and Miscavige were at the apartment even before the police arrived.)

    Though Gentile may have written a KR, the final version authorized by OSA Int is a fabrication. You don't need to know a single thing about the case to spot a major indication of the fabrication. Check it out for yourselves:

    In addition to fabricating and withholding dox from Judge Merryday, OSA with a high degree of likelihood forged three documents purported to have been written by Kyle and planted them at the crime scene, and also most likely forged a 38-page handwritten screed presented to Clearwater Police Detective Stephen Bohling by Tom three weeks after Kyle's death and ten days after he claims he returned all of Kyle's belongings to his family in Charlottesville, Virginia.

    In the summer of 2010 copies of all four documents were shown to Kyle's mother, Victoria Britton' his step-father, Rick Britton; and his oldest brother, Scott Brennan, in the course of their depositions.

    Not one of them recognized the handwriting as Kyle's.

    This is of the greatest significance because it suggests very strongly that Kyle did not commit suicide but was murdered and that the murder took place under the direction of OSA.

    The forgeries could not have been created on the spot after Kyle was murdered around 11:00 pm. They had to have been created beforehand as part of a plan approved by OSA Int and RTC.

    Mike Rinder undoubtedly is the person who knows most about Kyle's murder since he was the head of OSA Int during this entire time. It was only after the John Sweeney BBC flap a few months after Kyle's death that Mike left the Church of Scientology.

    I pray that he is being interviewed by the FBI and that he will step forward to tell what he knows even if immunity from prosecution needs to be granted to get him to speak up.

    As regards Laura's case in light of what we learn from Kyle Brennan's case, there is no guarantee that whatever documents OSA Int provide to their lawyers to be turned over to the court are genuine.

    It is to be expected that OSA Int in her case as in Kyle's OSA Int may withhold documents from the court and fabricate others.
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  8. And the reason he hasn't been subpoenaed is... ?
  9. Anonymous Member

    They could blame it on the fail spai from a few weeks ago, Yulinia or whatever her name is.
  10. wolfbane Member

    Rinder was already on the DM shit list by the time Kyle's death happened, and supposedly RPF'd and in The Hole for quite awhile prior to being sent along to watch the Tommy Davis show with Sweeney from the sidelines. Then he took that opportunity of finally being out of the The Hole to blow after that fiasco.

    So I think the better point to make is why wasn't Tommy Davis and/or the head of OSA Int that replaced Rinder when he got sent to The Hole drug into the Brennan case and deposed when the case was still open.
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  11. moarxenu Member

    The case was dismissed on appeal in September 2012. There are many people Kyle's representatives wanted to subpoena but could not because of sheer lack of funds.

    In addition to profuse lying by Denise Miscavige and Tom Brennan and the withholding and fabrication of documents by OSA Int, Detective Stephen Bohling and Medical Examiner Marti Scholl engaged in massive obstruction of justice.

    In his investigative report Bohling falsified Kyle's diagnosis from his psychiatrist Dr. Stephen McNamara, turning Kyle's diagnosis from mild depression into "incipient Schizophrenia with early signs of paranoia and delusions"

    He then systematically falsified accounts of Kyle's psychological health by every significant person who had contact with him in the last two months of his life including FBI Agent Jeff Attwood in Des Moines, Kyle's two aunts in San Diego, and two police officers in Maui.

    All of this served the OSA Int narrative that Kyle was suicidal and that Denise Miscavige and Scientology had nothing to do with his death.

    Medical Examiner Marti Scholl falsely wrote that the manner of Kyle's death was suicide. She said that she determined that the manner of death was suicide because "the police said there was a suicide note."

    There was no suicide note as Scholl probably very well knew because she was in the apartment working side by side with police and would have seen for herself that none of the three notes that were most likely forged by OSA and planted at the scene was a suicide note.

    In addition Victoria Britton was Kyle's next of kin and should have been contacted to supply information on Kyle's personal background and medical information. The police never contacted her.

    This information was supplied not by Tom Brennan even but by OSA. When Victoria Britton contacted Scholl and asked her who gave her this information, Scholl did not answer the question but said that "she does not want to get the police officers in trouble."
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  12. RolandRB Member

    This will never happen. I don't buy this "DM made us do it" line that the MRs get favoured with. It was they who were in charge and they who were "hatted" for the jobs and it would have been they who initiated the actions. They themselves have committed more crimes than what could ever be pinned on DM and that is why they will never tell the police what went on. They would just be sending themselves to jail.
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  13. moarxenu Member

    Thanks, wolfbane. This is important historic information and needs to be pinned down and confirmed.

    If Rinder was RPF'd and otherwise not involved in managing Kyle's probable murder then he is exonerated and the question becomes who was in charge of OSA Int in the period June 2006 through February 2007. Any further information is appreciated.
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  14. If this were properly documented and presented to the right judge, the case could be re-opened as a murder case. I don't see why this should cost the Brennan family one red cent, as the local or higher prosecutor is supposed to be interested.

    Calling any lawfag to the white phone.
  15. wolfbane Member

    Google is your friend. Run this search: mike rinder scientology "the hole"

    Key bits are the video interview with Ortega specifically on the subject of "The Hole" and Tony's related blog posts both on VV and The Bunker, Rinder's follow up bit with Sweeney after he came out of the closet as an Indy and a couple of posts on Marty's blog where he spilled more details than what was given to journalists (after the Sweeney interview and following the Anderson Cooper series).
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  16. moarxenu Member

    Thanks, wolfbane. I will do the research.
  17. RightOn Member

    I just love it when the hive is all a-buzz with great informative posts and opnions and there isn't any drama or derails.

    I baleeted the Waffles comment since it is being disliked
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  18. jensting Member

    In France the files did appear to have been deleted in error while in the care of the judiciary.

    In this case there's no question of who is responsible for the files: David "he is NOT insane! Miscavige - as I'm pretty sure there are many, many, ex-OSA members who are happy to testify in court that DM micromanages anything of this importance, and the existence of teh files has not been denied, the only natural conclusion to anything obviously missing would be to call DM to the wittness stand to explain himself. Under oath. In a case where many ex-OSA and ex-Damnation Navy staffers are probably happy to help (vid several declarations, if I'm not mistaken).

    Can't wait for the criminal organisation known as the "church" of $cientology to submit incomplete files :D
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  19. moarxenu Member

    This is a good point. Some have objected that it is pointless to ask for dox because OSA will hide or fabricate them.

    This is exactly why dox should always be asked for and lawyers should press for them.

    As Lance Marcor has indicated in the Kyle Brennan situation, Scientology's strict policies and procedures have to be followed to the letter and they demand that reports and communications be written and responded to. If they are missing then they are being withheld.
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  20. jensting Member

    In France, some time ago, the criminal organisation known as the "church" of $cientology showed up in court (the last day of the case) for not paying taxes and offered a settlement with a cheque drawn on "sea org reserves" or somesuch in Luxembourg. Rather splendidly, the French authorities said "no thanks - we do not know the provenance of that money and would not care to partake in money laundering - just in case."
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  21. jensting Member

    to prove that Rinder could not possibly have murdered Kyle Brennan personally? If you do that, your name might be mud forever and ever on WWP, you know...
  22. moarxenu Member

    Here is the truth of the matter. Kyle Brennan is dead because of the name of Miscavige.

    If the name of Miscavige were not involved he would be alive today. And it is not the person of Denise Miscavige that is the reason he is dead, it is simply the fact that she bears the Miscavige name.

    Research needs to be done not to exonerate Rinder if he was involved, but to determine precisely who was in charge of OSA Int at the time Kyle was murdered whether it was Rinder or someone else.

    Rinder has much to account for whether or not that includes Kyle's death.
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  23. jensting Member

    I was kidding - but you knew that and your response was better at exposing the issues than I was at making light of them.
  24. wolfbane Member

    Chk Lucas Catton's book. There is mention in it of people from OSA Int and ABLE Int attending some big pow-wow meeting for Narconon Arrowhead planning, possibly from the same time period you're interested in but I'm not sure.
  25. The Wrong Guy Member


    With just days before a court order will force the Church of Scientology to turn over thousands of pages of evidence in Laura DeCrescenzo’s lawsuit alleging abuse during her employment in the church’s “Sea Org” — including an abortion she says was forced on her when she was only 17 — Scientology has applied to the U.S. Supreme Court for an emergency stay to stop the lawsuit in its tracks.

    Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Ronald Sohigian has already decided that DeCrescenzo is entitled to her own “pc files” — confessional material that was compiled while she worked for the church from only nine years of age, joining the Sea Org at twelve and then finally leaving it at 25 in 2004. Scientology has appealed and lost that decision twice, most recently at the California Supreme Court.

    Now, Scientology wants the U.S. Supreme Court to review that state supreme court decision, but in the meantime, it wants an emergency stay to freeze the case so the church doesn’t have to turn over the documents on July 2.

    Continued at
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  26. Anonymous Member

    fuck you and the L Ron you rode in on COS
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  27. Hmm... if Laura succeeds, this could open the door to any or all exes demanding their "preclear" folders back from Scientology.

    How many individual lawsuits would that be? More than the 2500 Scientology launched by proxy against the IRS? You'd be correct! :D
  28. Anonymous Member

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  29. Anonymous Member

  30. wolfbane Member

    Relax. It's not as bad as it might seem at first blush. They are still skewing the Archbishop case with a lot of spin that doesn't pan out to be accurate. Although this time around they definitely got their spin put together in a much more coherent form, albeit lengthy. But there is a couple of minor footbullets in this action, and Tikk hit on the biggest one here:
    I loaded up the petition on my tablet last night and loaned it to the retired family lawfag who helped me understand earlier proceedings. Said lawfag is extremely familiar with the California Archbishop case this action is based on, and is stopping by for coffee & a debrief on the petition writ here shortly. So I'll regurgitate my notes from that schooling into an update ITT later today.
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  31. RightOn Member

    When is this madness going to stop?
    Why does such a SILLY but evil cult have any rights at all in a court of law after their blatant history of abuse?
    I mean this is ALL over made up crap by a mad man sci fi writer.
    You would think after all these years of RECORDED cult shenanigans, that the courts would realize that there were thousands of people who were victims of a huge and ongoing scam and would just say to the COS "no, we are not going to listen to any more of your bullshit, you are NOT allowed to prolong these cases brought up against you any more. You hurt people, you killed people, now pay up"

    sorry it just boggles my mind how much they get away with and try to get away with.
    You would think that a little girl who joined a cult at age 9 and then signed a billion year contract at age 12 and was forced to have an abortion at age 17 is enough for any court to say "just fucking shut up COS!"
    Yes I know there are assholes who get paid off to testify, lie and others who turn a blind eye, but COS's court antics and behavior are all recorded, and the courts should be looking at the compilation of court and defendant manipulation and put a stop to it.
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  32. BigBeard Member

    One more time: It's all about delay, and driving up the costs of the person sueing in the hopes they'll quit, not about winning.

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  33. amaX Member

    I'm with RO on this----how come this cult can manipulate and clog up the system with their frivolous lawsuits? No one else gets away with this shit. I cannot help but think that the cult STILL has something on our government/legal system that keeps them fucking golden.
    If Laura doesn't win this case it will only further prove that the only way to stop this evil is to make it implode from within.
    And I read that even if this judge says no that the cult can retry with another judge? How many fucking bites to the apple do normal people who are not in the cult of scientology?
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  34. wolfbane Member

    Big debrief on the US Supreme Court filings was big. Imma gonna break it down into 2 or 3 separate posts ITT. And I still need to wrap my brain around a lot of my notes where I was told "look up the part where it says this..." then re-read those bits and tie the major highlights to the actual PDF page numbers. So it will likely take me the rest of the day to get it all sorted. Meanwhile, here is the easily digested stuff.

    Roadmap to the relevant dox

    DeCrescenzo: Scientology's Letter to Supreme Court clerk
    DeCrescenzo: Scientology's Petition for Writ of Certiriori
    • The actual petition ("writ") requesting the US Supreme Court justices review 2 First Amendment questions that is approx. 25 pages long, beginning on PDF pg11 and ending around pg37.
    • The remaining 100+ pages is the Appendices. The first few are just the appellate rulings and NBD.
    • Starting on pg51 is a juicy transcript of the Superior Court proceedings where Judge Sohigan grilled the living shit of Team Laura (Saldana & Smolowitz) playing devil's advocate for the sake of making certain he knew exactly what their arguments were before he ruled in their favor at the end of this hearing. He eventually switches to grilling Team Scilon but that portion is fairly brief. By the end, Sohigan seems quite pissed off and this is actually an entertaining read if you can deal with approx. 30pgs of narrow format in ALL CAPS.
    DeCrescenzo: Scientology Emergency Application for Stay
    • 32 pages regurgitating the same things stated in the actual petition. If you read the petition, you can skip this document. Or if you read this document (which is a bit more concise imo) you can skip the actual petition portion of the writ document.
    Preliminary question - Why did they pick What advantages does Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy bring to the table on fielding the Emergency Application?

    Check out his WP bio:

    His background in a nutshell - he's a Reagan-era liberal conservative who doesn't always go-with-the-flow as far as politico party issues go. And he tends to flip flop between uber-conservative rulings and progressively liberal decisions - very much like state supreme judge Chin who was one of the 2 judges that said the last petition for review should have been heard.

    So he's a bit of a wild card in that respect that likely appealed to Team Scilon. He is also a native Californian, and a former California Law Professor with much sway in that state. So he will be intimately familiar with all Evidentiary Codes cited in the writ as well as the landmark Archbishop case. And that might NOT be in the cult's favor, because if anybody will see through their bullshit quickly it would be Kennedy. And in light of the fact that he's also a Catholic, the spin that Team Scilon is trying to put on the Archbishop case precedent might just hit a nerve with Kennedy they didn't take into account.

    More to come on picking apart the actual petition document later on tonight, once I get my own brain wrapped around it.
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  35. moxie Member

    Thanks for that, wolfbane. Much appreciated.
  36. BlooAnon Member

    Thanks wolfbane. I get very confused with all these legalese. There's a reason I didn't go into law.
  37. McLOVIN_1982 Member

    Wolfie.... once again you rox the dox! looking forward to tonight... getting popcorns ready :)
  38. wolfbane Member

    Correction to what I said on Justice Kennedy - IANAL and I didn't quite grok how the Emergency Stay applications work since I never seen one of those before.

    Apparently, it's not a matter of the Team Scilon picking someone to file it with but which state it is coming from. And Kennedy has dibs on all things happening in California.

    My bad. :(
  39. Anonymous Member


    We just received a call from the U.S. Supreme Court informing us that Justice Anthony Kennedy has denied the Church of Scientology’s application for an emergency stay in Laura DeCrescenzo’s four-year lawsuit. For the moment, that leaves the church with no legal way to avoid turning over thousands of pages of evidence to DeCrescenzo, which was ordered by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Ronald Sohigian.

    More here:
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