[LA Weekly 3/17] Group Targets "Church" Headquarters

Discussion in 'Media' started by chanson, Mar 19, 2008.

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  1. chanson Member

    [LA Weekly 3/17] Group Targets "Church" Headquarters

    Anonymous vs Scientology: Group Targets "Church" Headquarters
    Growing movement of Internet pranksters hits the organization's heart in Hollywood

    IT’S FREAKIN’ RARE THAT A GANG of purported Internet hackers can take on an established church and look like the good guys — but, after all, this is Hollywood, and the humongous blue shrine and headquarters on Sunset Boulevard belong to the Church of Scientology.

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    Decent-length article, includes rundown of the history of Anonymous and interview with Mark Ebner.
  2. rawrz Member

    Digg this press. Digg it!
  3. SamuelAdams Member

    So are we up to 2 dead cats now?
  4. This article is delicious, you must read it.
  5. Isaac Cox Member

    Best summary of LRH. Ever. It seems, however, that only small newsapers are picking this up. Letters to the Editors anyone?
  6. Attention L.A Weekly readers!

    This week's L.A Weekly March 21-27 has a FULL PAGE article about Anonymous vs. Scientology on Page 25!

    I will post a photo of it shortly.
  7. AnonEFG12365 Member

    They are hopeing to take out our true leader, Longcat!

    I mean comeon... How hard is it to find a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNGGGGGG cat?
  8. brvandal Member

    this is out now? im gonna go grab one
  9. Ironhead Member

    ok, going after the cat?! grrr! IRONHEAD SMASH!! not cool man, just not cool
  10. anonhuff Member


    that's off to the right of the comments page, apparently it is a fish blog
  11. wazted Member

    Re: [LA Weekly 3/17] Group Targets "Church" Headquarters

    Hum, maybe thats y they have started to killing cats, taking them out one by one till they find the one true LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGG cat
  12. Re: [LA Weekly 3/17] Group Targets "Church" Headquarters

    Lets pray they do not ally with Tacgnol for, if they do, they will have a ally as powerful as the holy Longcat.
  13. Re: [LA Weekly 3/17] Group Targets "Church" Headquarters

    That was a great article, right in line with the Village Voice! Thanks!
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