LA - We Dominate Once Again

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by the anti, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. the anti Member

  2. casperthegost Member

    Re: LA - We Dominate Once Again

    Wow, they can't handle us when we are stomping all over L Ron Hubbard Way but they will hide underground like snakes in a hole. How fitting!
  3. cowboyanon2 Member

    Re: LA - We Dominate Once Again

    i remember an old wbm video, and they were at a bar or something, and they noticed a p.i., and they went over to confront him.

    thing he didn't seem to understand then.. hopefully does now.. is that they want to make it known that they are following.. the point is not to follow you, but to let you know they are following you..

    they want you to know they are following you.. so you get scared off.. like with the wbm.. they don't actually care what you are doing.. they just want you to know they are watching you..

    best way to handle that is to make it seem like you don't notice them following you..

    hope that makes sense.. been drinking jd all night..
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: LA - We Dominate Once Again

    [SIZE="6"][COLOR="Red"]PROTIP: Don't go to the Sunset/Vermont station after a protest. IT'S A TRAP![/COLOR][/SIZE]

    This is the fucker who stalked me until I arrived in Downtown LA. This was him at IAS in November, 2008.
    This was him tonight.
    Asian Handler Lady (shown on left) was in the train station as well, but she was there for a brief time.

    We have to be cautious. Now that the LA Orgs are suffering one of the biggest downstats in the history of the "church", the $cientologists are now resorting to ruthless tactics in order to intimidate people.
  5. i'mglib Member

    Re: LA - We Dominate Once Again

    That was a blast, guise. Thanks to the anons who came to Tustin before LA. Also, the Anonymous awards were really great. I lol'd, and I'm loling again watching the video, which I'm editing video right now, but here are a few photos until then.




  6. CantPickaName Member

    Re: LA - We Dominate Once Again

    Man this dude looks a bit shakin up

  7. the anti Member

    Re: LA - We Dominate Once Again

    well i have a trick for next time. also what else happened?

    some rancid cunt almost hit me with her car coming out of the parking lot at BB. no handlers, that was strange. we had an awards. AO came, and was behaving. pikachu had a puppy with her that we all loved.

    anyone else remember other good stuff?

    also almost done editing pics
  8. the anti Member

  9. Re: LA - We Dominate Once Again

    haha.. when the metro doors shut and that assmunch realized i was on the other side... i gave him the finger and told him to fuck himself. he was so pissed...
    i loved it
  10. JFawkeson Member

    Re: LA - We Dominate Once Again

    That is one creepy mofo.
  11. pardmepard Member

    Re: LA - We Dominate Once Again

    Awesome job guys,

    thanks for representing in So Cali.
  12. Da Sandmastah Member

    Re: LA - We Dominate Once Again

    Pics from today. I will provide videos later on.

    here's a pic of subway stalker.
  13. the anti Member

    Re: LA - We Dominate Once Again

    NOTE TO ALL!!!

    scilons are using other anons as a personal army, and they call us cancer? they're being used and don't even know it

    post pics of interesting cars and people, or about anything you see

  14. J. Swift Member

    Re: LA - We Dominate Once Again

    Breaking Story: As a few of us were leaving HGB by private automobile at 4:15PM today to head over to Big Blue, we saw Scilon Security Guard Fraunk running south down Ivar at high speed. Andy the other guard was running. We came upon the scene and observed Andy handcuffing and arresting what appeared to be a homeless man. I heard Fraunk saying into his radio that a female battery suspect had fled. The homeless man kept saying, "You can't arrest me for leaving my property on the ground." We don't have further details at this writing. Video and photos will follow, so stay tuned.

    This was more vivid proof that Scilon Security is arrest-happy and will use force all the way from swarm-arrest techniques to the fatal use of firearms to as happened when they shot down Mario Majorski as if he were an animal.

    LAPD was very polite today. Only two cars showed up at 5:20 PM at Big Blue. The LAPD Sgt. politely asked if everything was okay. We said yes and he was fine with it. Congratulations to LAPD for listening to fair criticism and adopting a style of community policing that is fair to both sides.

    Kendrick Moxon emerged from AOLA when the police were talking to us. The other B&W squad car drove down to see Ken. Ken saw Anons with cameras walking his way and so he waddled duck-like back inside AOLA with two LAPD officers as fast as his fat little legs could propel his meat body.

    CoS Hollywood changed its tactics 100%. There were no barricades, no OT handlers, and no scaffolding at HGB. The Cult has taken a new tack to leave all areas open to protesters and to not oppose legal protest. Aside from the usual bicycle Nazi's on LRH Way and the occasional SO member running from door to door, the Cult was all but absent. Are they running out of money or hoping to ignore Anonymous and make it go away? I think some of both. It was clear that the LAPD wanted minimum involvement and only came because someone in Big Blue, probably Moxon, called them because someone walked on his grass or yelled.

    A circumambulation of Big Blue showed peeling paint, downstat mest, and the same unfinished demo of the central tower. The trashout from the tower goes down eight stories into the horseshoe where it empties into a massive dumpster. The horseshoe is unusable as it is blocked by the big dumpster. The three story central tower at Big Blue has fallen into very bad bad disrepair during the demo. The firecoating has been stripped from structural iron beams on the tower and these beams are now exposed and rusting. The canvas cover over the south face of the tower has been ripped to tatters by winds and weather and the gutted insides are exposed. It is another odd Miscavigism that he would boast of a new North Hollywood Org opening while Big Blue is so seedy and tattered.

    Finally, there was a "Help Wanted" sign in front of AOLA. If you are looking for work, Scientology needs help.

    Great job Anonymous! Another win in Hollywood against the Fail Cult.

  15. Snoopy Member

    Re: LA - We Dominate Once Again

    Sounds like you guise had fun...Good Job! I hope to join you guys next month! =)
  16. leroyjenkins Member

    Re: LA - We Dominate Once Again

    To all who is involved... You should all contact the Metropolitan Transit Authority and Homeland stating there are religious fanatics stalking people in hopes to steal peoples identities and to harm you. That is whats wrong with open systems like LA... Terrorists can jump on trains and do bad things.. LA needs turnstyles like other subway systems have. You have pictures as proof so contact them immediately.
  17. Anonymous Member

    Re: LA - We Dominate Once Again

  18. Anonymous Member

    Re: LA - We Dominate Once Again

    They are the Authority, don't you remember?

    Those even have cop-like uniforms. Bastards.
  19. TinyDancer Member

    Re: LA - We Dominate Once Again

    This made me cackle.

    Nice reporting, JS.

    Special props to the unicyclist. :D
  20. AnonKiwi Member

    Re: LA - We Dominate Once Again

    Lots of detailed photos of a rusty, dirty Big Blue would sure be handy for Facebook and other enturbulators. How can Scientology be doing so well if they can't even keep the HQ looking nice? /r plox!
  21. Re: LA - We Dominate Once Again

    hai guys.... heres a quick vid i made with the little footage i got

  22. FUCK Member

    Re: LA - We Dominate Once Again

    nice. good job LA. i <3 u guise
  23. Shinythings Member

    Re: LA - We Dominate Once Again

    Good job guys
  24. Hombre Moderator Skandinaviska

    Re: LA - We Dominate Once Again

    Great video. Nice to see Zorro. Also Casper = THE BEST!
  25. subgenius Member

    Re: LA - We Dominate Once Again

    So much Win.
    The tattered tarp is a great metaphor.
    And I love skippinganon.
    I'm tellin ya skipping is gonna be big.
  26. DeathHamster Member

    Re: LA - We Dominate Once Again

    If they're predictable, there might be a way to use that.

    Stalk the stalkers?
  27. Smurf Member

    Re: LA - We Dominate Once Again

    My videos:

  28. Silent Member

    Re: LA - We Dominate Once Again

    needs moar pikachu :3
  29. xenubarb Member

    Re: LA - We Dominate Once Again

    Get them to follow you into Compton, point at them and yell NARC!

    Problem solved...
  30. A.Non Hubbard Member

    Re: LA - We Dominate Once Again

    LA raids look like so much fun.

  31. Smurf Member

    Re: LA - We Dominate Once Again

    Following people is hardly a &quot;ruthless tactic&quot;. What harm, other than a sense of feeling harassed, is being done? If they follow you, confront them, engage them in the conversation and follow THEM. You'll see how quickly they no longer tail you because they are not prepared for it.

    Besides, where were you when you ran into this handsome creature?? I would have LOVED for this stud to follow me home. :) :)
  32. LocalSP Member

    Re: LA - We Dominate Once Again

    I'm sure that the Co$ has all the "proper" permits for the construction that they are doing. Have any of the LA Anons check on the time limit of the construction? Most communities have a time limit on construction. That is, that the business doing the remodeling and or new construction has a time limit as to when the construction is to be completed. I have heard that the Co$ has to pay a fine for every day that the superpowers building in Clearwater is not completed.

    There maybe a time limit on the building permit for the Big Blue project. Check into it, it might be a way to cost the Co$ more money.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Re: LA - We Dominate Once Again

    Here are some more pics:

    Graham Beary (awwwww) at his first protest






    Oh look! Scientology is hiring!






    Here are some clips from the 1st Annual SP(Espie) Awards on L Ron Hubbard Blvd.[/SIZE]

    Pikachu accepting the award for &quot;Best Returning Handler in a Recurring Role&quot; on behalf of Dan Murnan.

    Relyt accepting the award for &quot;Best Female Handler&quot; on behalf of Patty Baber.

    Graham Berry accepting the award for &quot;Biggest Douchebag&quot; on behalf of Kendrick Moxon.

    Tory accepting the award for &quot;Best Dead Fat Crappy Science Fiction Writer&quot; on behalf of L Ron Hubbard.

  34. Snake Member

    Re: LA - We Dominate Once Again

    Great raid yesterday!

    I don't think I've felt that we owned LRH way like we did yesterday, since the first protest! Clam classes were letting out at the same time as we were there and no one was allowed to leave!
  35. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: LA - We Dominate Once Again

    Pikachu is a beauuutiful femanon!
    She knows how to attract the attention of admiring passers by.



  36. Akujiki Member

    Re: LA - We Dominate Once Again

    Looks like you guys had a lot of fun yesterday. Wish I could have gotten off of work to go. :(
  37. Pikachu Member

    Re: LA - We Dominate Once Again

    You sneaky little gay boy! How come I didn't notice you taking that picture? LOLOL
  38. A.Non Hubbard Member

    Re: LA - We Dominate Once Again

    Man, times like these make me wish I was gay
  39. fotoanon Member

    Re: LA - We Dominate Once Again

    Oh Michael...
    Too bad you could not stay for the award ceremony.
    I am sure you were a shoo-in for the "Most Fabulous Homo" award.

    <3 <3 <3
  40. Zer0Panda Member

    Re: LA - We Dominate Once Again

    Good job guies!!!!


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