LA duo raid with lynn

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by the anti, Jun 11, 2011.

  1. the anti Member

    not all that many car drove by us and not that many people walked by either but they likely took the bridge to the hotel for the event.

    anywho, tim and ricky came out to talk to us, i can called a loser and flipped off. can't they try harder? i've also asked what they think about what they think about the jan eastgate mess and they told me they never heard of it.

    anywho, have a few photos, will post soon.
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  2. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Sounds good.
  3. the anti Member

    well anyways here they aren't not many but here. also on the way over we saw a bunch of people riding bikes wearing some strange stuff or nothing at all. no good photos of that
  4. Nick_Nolte Member

    After all these years, Armer is still there with the same windbreaker. Pathetic.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Thanks foe being there.

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