LA Celebrity Centre Gala Aug 7th postgame

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by Sponge, Aug 8, 2010.

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    Re: LA Celebrity Centre Gala Aug 7th postgame

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    Re: LA Celebrity Centre Gala Aug 7th postgame

    Oh dear, I have been pwnd.

    If you are female and young enough to be AO's daughter, you might have a chance with him. Give it a shot. Posting defensive posts on WWP for AO won't help your dreams come true. He has a trailer...he may relocate based on your picture.
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    Re: LA Celebrity Centre Gala Aug 7th postgame

    Nothing personal.
    Not an AO fangurl; just tired of e-critics & e-lawyers fagging up the forums with their e-advice while others are out there doing something IRL.
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    Re: LA Celebrity Centre Gala Aug 7th postgame

    some more stuff i can remember, I also talked about disconnection to some of the scientologist and told them about the CNN interview TD did 2 years ago saying there is no disconnection at all, but we also have audio from larry anderson telling him everyone will have to do just that with him if he leaves. told me he doesn't even know who tommy davis is, anyone find that hard to believe?

    talked about epic sword guy some, in fact we joked about him a little to. I also told them I felt the security dude was in his right by shooting him (I still see it as self defense) but they also found it hard to believe he was a scientologist and that he was in fact part of a case against a UCLA professor back in the 90's. [STRIKE]trying to find that story now so if anyone knows a solid link post for me please.[/STRIKE] edit: found an old news article, works perfectly

    told them a number of things about how hubbard was proven to be a liar, and that if he lied about his achievements of being a doctor, war hero, educator and such, what makes you think he was telling the truth about anything else?

    also shown them my copy of the order to make the bomb threats for freakout, and I believe the hand written part might be from hubbard himself. they found it hard to believe and I let them know I think the threats "we made" were from them just trying to pull off some old tricks again.
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    Print this out for them. Steve Brackett was pretty high profile in LA, yanno. Many people probably knew him at the old Brainwash Factory. Remember, they were told he died in a car wreck. They were lied to, imagine that!

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    Re: LA Celebrity Centre Gala Aug 7th postgame

    I give her credit for:

    a) reading the sign;
    b) communicating at all; and
    c) not resorting to the Scientology Bird (TM).

    Magnificent work, Doug. Getting access to a public sidewalk isn't on par with freeing Nelson Mandela, but it's actually an important step in re-educating the cult to abide by the law and the police to require them to do so. Nicely done.
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    Street and Sidewalk Closure Update

    Tonight I went to the Hollywood United Neighborhood Council to raise awareness of the problems the street and sidewalk closures present to the community.

    The council is an official government entity created by the City of Los Angeles.

    The hastily written remarks I made were:

    "I am here to speak about street and sidewalk closures last Saturday at Bronson and Franklin. The Celebrity Centre obtained a street closure permit for Bronson from Franklin to Corson, all of Tamarind and the south sidewalk of Franklin from Tamarind to Bronson. The general public was denied access to those streets and sidewalks.

    The permits were granted by the Public Works' Bureau of Street Services and the person who obtained the permit agreed in writing to the conditions of the permit. The conditions clearly stated: the closure ... will be for the exclusion of vehicles only ... the public at large may not be denied access to any portion of any street. I spoke with several neighbors who all stated there were inconvenienced by the closure.

    The person who applied for this permit, agreed and violated the terms of the permit is Margaret Marmolejo and sits on this council. This type of abuse of city permits must stop."


    I gave the council a copy of the permit, at their request. At the meeting were 9 other council members, a representative from the districts council office and several people active in neighborhood issues. I spoke with a couple people about the closures and about their issue and plans for the neighborhood.

    I took a photo of the council and the flash on my camera went off. I don't care for flash photography with my point and shoot camera and I thought I had the auto flash turned off. Ms. Marmolejo, in Sea Org black pants and a white shirt, got up. I took another photo without the flash hoping it would come out better.

    I took another one without the flash. Note the empty chair where Ms Marmolejo was sitting.

    She walked straight over to me. She told me I could not take photos at the meeting and to put the camera away. I politely told her that this was an open meeting and there were no restrictions on photography. She kept telling me to put the camera away over and over. I told her she was bother me and for her to go way. She persisted in demanding I put my camera away. Finally I had to interrupt the meeting and ask the chairperson to stop Ms. Marmolejo's harassment. She told the chairperson that cameras were not allowed and that she was telling me to put my camera away.

    A member of the audience said it was legal to take photos but what Ms. Marmolejo did was illegal. The chairperson said allowing photography or even video taping was part of the open meeting process. Ms. Marmolejo retreated and sat down.

    I found this neighborhood council to be very professional and adhering to open government principles; I was impressed.
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    Re: LA Celebrity Centre Gala Aug 7th postgame

    Wow, that is a fabulous follow-up, after your epic reopening of the sidewalks.

    >9000 internets to you, sir.
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    Re: LA Celebrity Centre Gala Aug 7th postgame

    Awesome job again Mark
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    Re: LA Celebrity Centre Gala Aug 7th postgame

    That's cool...I didn't even know the group existed.
    Hollywood United Neighborhood Council

    So it meets the third Monday of each month. Good to know.

    How many people were present? Is it somewhat active?

    Good work.

    Every group for a big event can get permits to prevent traffic, but blocking sidewalks for such a large area is just wrong.
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    Re: LA Celebrity Centre Gala Aug 7th postgame

    What were their demeanor like? Where they really receptive to your complaint?
    Any comments at all? And did they mention a plan of action for the future, if any?
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    Re: LA Celebrity Centre Gala Aug 7th postgame


    "Maurece nominated Margaret Marmolejo, who has been in Hollywood for nearly 30 years, works at Church of Scientology Vote: Yes—12 No—0 Abs—0 Absent—1"

    Speaking ^^^ of Maurece Chesse who is Vice President of the board

    Ran all the other names on the Board.
    no other matches except a Hilary Royce
    Do not know if it is the same person

    from prd file:
    "6. Board Seat vacancies A. Non-Profit seat vacated by founding Board member Hilary Royce, presentation."

    So Royce is the founding board member? Can anyone confirm she is in COS?



    From: "Hollywood United Neighborhood Council" <hollywoodunitednc@...>
    Date: Sat Feb 19, 2005 12:30 pm
    Subject: Public Mayoral Debate Sun Feb 20 hollywooduni...
    Send Email
    Come and meet the candidates running for election to L.A.'s Mayor's
    Hear debates on key City issues.

    Sunday Feb 20th, 2:00 - 3:30 pm

    All are welcome
    5930 Franklin Ave. Hollywood CA, 90028
    In the Garden Pavilion on the grounds of Church of Scientology,
    Celebrity Centre International.

    Free parking is provided, enter from Bronson Avenue.

    phone: 323 960 3100
    ask for Margaret Marmolejo
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    Re: LA Celebrity Centre Gala Aug 7th postgame

    November 17, 2003
    Agenda Item #5: Committee Reports
    Education & Youth Co-Chair Andrew Glazier spoke of the success of the Cheremoya Ave. Elementary School Fundraiser held on November 9th. To date we have received close to $3500.00 and more checks are coming in. Along with the success on the 9th, getting the word out to the Community has also led to people directly contacting Principal Chris Stehr and offering help and money. Councilman Tom La Bonge donated $250.00 in response to the Fundraiser which was sent directly to Chris Stehr and is not included in the Fundraising totals. There was also a thank you to Susan Polifronio and Jennifer Christie for their hard work on the Fundraiser. Joel M. Fisher stated the wine cost had been held down to $271.00.

    Social Services and Faith-Based Co-Chair Hillary Royce gave an update on the HPAD proposed New Year's Eve Event. There will be a pre-party at Qtopia followed by a Parade and ending at Winter Wonderland.

    The 501C3 is headed by Teddy Chambers DBA Life Improvement from Education. HPAD consists of various BIDS and Night Clubs, Scientology: Some of the Board members are Joel M. Fisher, Hillary Royce, Tony (manager of Hollywood Toyota), Jordan ( Qtopia ), etc.

    The Advisory Board is Captain Downing, Robert Abranamian, Le Ron Goobler (President of the Chamber of Commerce), and others. Norma Foster requested a budget. Joel stated that entire evening would be $30,000.00 and that Social Services was asking for HUNC to donate $1500.00 to help subsidize the free party for children and families.

    Hollywood United Neighborhood Council

    Teddy Chambers SCIENTOLOGY DRUG RUNDOWN CO-AUDIT COURSE Celebrity 283 1995-05-01
    Teddy Chambers PERSONAL VALUES & INTEGRITY COURSE: Celebrity 339 2002-06-01
    Teddy Chambers PERSONAL VALUES AND INTEGRITY COURSE Celebrity 341 2002-09-01
    Teddy Chambers THE ROUTE TO INFINITY COURSE Freewinds 59 2005-09-01
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    Re: LA Celebrity Centre Gala Aug 7th postgame

    Thank for the update. Added a link in the OP, to marklowell99's follow-up post so, later on, people will be able to find it easier.
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    Re: LA Celebrity Centre Gala Aug 7th postgame

    Interesting. Keep up the good work.
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    Re: LA Celebrity Centre Gala Aug 7th postgame

    Jamie & Hilary Royce are long time Scilons. Hilary is in charge Community Affairs.

    Letter from California: Château Scientology : The New Yorker

    Scientology --- American Reporter: Scientology voting bloc

    Jamie & Hilary Royce - Scientology Service Completions | Truth About Scientology Statistics Project

    The Scilons have long influenced the neighborhood associations around Scientology properties. Many business owners and residents are happy having the Celebrity Centre Scilons around, despite what is largely viewed as their paranoid & wierd mentality, residents feel very secure in their neighborhoods.

    One of those is Francoise Koster, the co-owner of the La Poubelle restaurant across from the CC, who loves the Scilons and hates anyone that protests them as evidence this Spring when some of us protested outside the CC and on the sidewalk in front of her restaurant.

    * Francoise Koster,, Homeowner, Representative, Area #1

    Francoise has several Scilon publics in her employ, including Dylan Purcell (waiter), the son of Scilon celeb Lee Purcell.
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    yeah, i don't think that is all to surprising, everyone knows not to mess with major nutjobs. well, most people
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    Re: LA Celebrity Centre Gala Aug 7th postgame

    so it's pretty evident that their infiltration (Hilary being the founder of this group for one) has worked in their favor. This should not be allowed.

    Either live within the law, (when you apply for a permit) or for those who don't..... they should not be allowed to apply for another.
    yeah I know fat chance that this will ever happen
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    Re: LA Celebrity Centre Gala Aug 7th postgame

    Nice job everyone, especially Mark. Well done.
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    Re: LA Celebrity Centre Gala Aug 7th postgame


    That's Buddy Richardson, Security Chief CC International
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    Re: LA Celebrity Centre Gala Aug 7th postgame

    Most SoCal anons know who James (Buddy) Richardson is. His father is the cult's P.I. Edwin Richardson.
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    Re: LA Celebrity Centre Gala Aug 7th postgame

    I always knew him as Buddy, maybe I'm wrong and that's his nickname [Buddy]. Ask Jason Beghe he would know, he was on lines at CC Int. Yes, knew that about his dad though.
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    Re: LA Celebrity Centre Gala Aug 7th postgame

    and that asshole popped my balloon during the christmas parade last year

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