LA Anonyversary III Feb 12, 2011

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by i'mglib, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. i'mglib Member

    I just got home from a very successful protest. We had 20 or so people, including Mark Bunker who was working on his documentary, and a reporter, I think from the LA Times. A big contingent came from San Diego, including XBarb, as well as The Anti, OT8 Michael, Graham, Tory, RIF, Smurf, AGP, Anon, Anon, Anon, Anon, etc.

    Some handlers came out, but they were very low key, I only saw one guard on a bicycle (there are usually several). We saw a few public Scientologists drive into the parking lot, and strangely they waved back when we waved at them.

    Then we went to HGB where a bunch of people took our pictures and talked to us. It's pretty hard to stand out on Hollywood Blvd, but apparently we did. In fact, several open air tour buses went by and waved.

    We had a ton of cupcakes.

    Photos coming.
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  2. WhiteNight Member

    Pales in comparison with Manchester's (UK) protest. I'm one of the first to return from the post raid piss-up and it was awesome.
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  3. i'mglib Member

    PIX? DOX? Let US be the judge of that.

    Here are mah photos:


    Guess who just happened to drive by?

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  4. i'mglib Member

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  5. Ann O'Nymous Member

  6. Chipshotz Member

    Nice turnout. Good pix.
    I am sooo jealous of you warm SoCal-ians.
  7. the anti Member

    i'm back home, should be loading pics on computer soon. good day i must say, and a few more people then i expected so yay
  8. Anonymous Member

    It's not a competition ffs. The more protests the better.
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  9. i'mglib Member

    I think he's just being enthusiastic. That's cool.
  10. Anonymous Member

    Nice turn out!
  11. Tofuman666 Member

    Wish I could have been there.
  12. Smurf Member

    At the HGB, the back gate opened up and a bunch of suits poured out while a fancy Escalade with darkened back windows drove out & raced up Ivar toward Franklin. There were 2 security people in suits & with dangling earpieces in the front seat. It looked like DM in the back. I videotaped a glimpse as the Escalade pulled out. Two guys in suits walked in front of me & tried to block me from filming.
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  13. Anonymous Member

  14. Excellent work, you guys are awesome.

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  15. the anti Member

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  16. Sponge Member

    ^talk to The Claw!
  17. exOT8Michael Member

    Yes, our protest went very well!
    It was amazing how many hundreds of car drivers honked and waved too!






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  18. xenubarb Member

    You know what's really stoopid? All you faggots were so hawt to git on teh Mark Bunker Movie that you left all your crap across the street unattended. Boom box. Backpacks. Vital accoutrement. I came back from burning medicine around the corner to find everything just out there where the clams could get it. Because you were all (and I would call you names here except I don really want to hurt you feelings you dumb fucks) ACROSS THE FUCKING STREET GETTING ON CAMERA!

    Lol. Faggots. Like you think you can just leave expensive shit laying around in LA? I found it amusing and horrifying in equal measures.
    Also...hah. I saved your shit from gangstas.

    OTOH, what was rilly also stupid was me wasting 15 minutes talking tuna fishing with the handlers. But when you think about it, it's the same convo I have with regular anglers, so I guess we both had a good time. Isn't that what it's all about? <insert pewk here>
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  19. Anonymous Member

    I have to look at some old pics, but I wonder if he was one of the oldsters made to hold unreadable signs while &quot;protesting&quot; the press conference from ex-scilons at CFI in February of 2010.
  20. exOT8Michael Member

    OMG they left the cupcaeks out??
  21. Anonymous Member

    Is this some kind of euphemism?
  22. the anti Member

    don't think so, never seen him before. also i checked my photos from that and don't see him.

    also photos are now up




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  23. AnonLover Member

    great pix! awesome raid guise, woot!
  24. xenubarb Member

    That is a really horrifying picture.
  25. xenubarb Member

    OKAY faggotry about security aside, it was good. The day was warm, the sky was clear and blue. That's why all our pictures are so epic. Big Blue; crickets and tumbleweeds. That North parking lot was pretty full, but when "weekend" is only a fable, well hm.
    I find myself less inclined to give away the remnants of treasured cards and fliers past. The Comicon postcard, which refers people to 'The Truth Rundown" at
    The cool thing about that card, the SP Times series just keeps getting bigger.

    Some guys ordered a pizza to the corner of whatever and L. Ron Hubbard Way. They had to run the delivery guy down to get it. It was delicious, Papa Johns FTW!
    Allowed our Scientology handlers a bit of Dev-T time with a little smack talk about fishing. Lots of cupcakes and photogenic material; the OC soccer moms in diamonds and tiaras, me flying the Diamond Skull shirt, cosplay, squirrels, and the usual and unusual gang of weirdos LA attracts.

    We were like, the next best thing to Tom Cruise to a lot of people on Hollywood Blvd. Some photography safari came by HGB and snapped the hell out of us. I wish I'd had my mask on. Not for identity issues, just cuz I haz bad case of Teh Old and sunlight really isn't my friend these daze.

    The handlers at Big Bleu wanted to know where we were going so they were told Celebrity Center which of course meant HGB because we pulled up and some smug blueshirt office lookin bastid was out front smirking until we disembarked at which point he vanished back into the bowels of DM HGB.

    Speaking of DM, Smurf apparently had a DM sighting at HGB in which the little fella piled into a SUV and hauled ass outta there. I wouldn't know DM from an olive loaf, so you'll have to ask him for more details.

    Train, home, no interference, not much handling, not much traffic, Scilonwise. I'm sure it will be livelier Sunday for the Shattering Suppression seminar.
    Because you know, they did such a good job of it today.
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  26. the anti Member

    oh, something i want to mention that was kind of funny. while at HGB there was a limo that was driving by and these two chicks popped out from the sunroof and were cheering for us. i said to them "hey whats with the hot chicks?" and another guy there said i should of told them "show us your tits" should i be upset with myself for not saying that to them?
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  27. exOT8Michael Member

    I would say that you should not feel upset about it if you are a virgin.
    Otherwise, it would be fail. LOL
  28. Anonymous Member

    No! That would be vulgar and crass and you're such a nice boy!
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  29. Sponge Member

  30. WhiteNight Member

    Correct. In the UK there's a big competetive streak. We like to see who can pull off the best raid.
    Raid looked awesome. It rained on us (typical Manchester weather) so I'm jealous about all the sunshine.
  31. Orson Member

    Very disappointing. Seriously, great raid guys.
  32. i'mglib Member

    One more thing:

    I <3 San Diego!!!! Thanks, guys.
  33. subgenius Member

    Meh. I was knee deep (literally) in snow outside my org.
    But seriously, nice job one and all.
    Request that old scary scilon pic be shooped into $cientology recruiting posters, and lots of other stuff.
    Think we got a new meme here.
    It sure works and all....I think he found the way to happiness.
  34. panzerknacker Member

    I have just a couple pics worth adding to the collection. Great raid, everyone!


    (If you look at the bottom left, you can see the spilled salad dressing.)
  35. Anonymous Member

    Great pics - Well Done!

    And I must say that's a very nice hair do, Tory .
  36. Smurf Member

    Ahem... I kept warning people over & over again about this & no one would listen to me... they all acted like they were on happy pills or sumthin'.. Samurai !!!!
  37. Anonymous Member

    Most of the cupcaeks went uneaten? Glib took them home with her.
  38. Smurf Member

    Yup. It tasted horrible. &lt;ick&gt;
  39. exOT8Michael Member

    Thanks glib for the cupcaeks. Mine was deeelish. Much appreciated. :)xoxoxoxoxo

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