L Ron's "Brainwashing Manual"

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    L Ron's "Brainwashing Manual" ... manual.htm

    Back cover:

    This brainwashing manual, attributed to "Russians", was written and distributed by the Church of Scientology. And like everything L. Ron wrote it's full on crazy and cartoonishly evil.

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    Re: L Ron's "Brainwashing Manual"

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    Re: L Ron's "Brainwashing Manual"

    I've read this.. for one thing, saying Dianetics was a worldwide healing group? In the 50s? Under Stalin? Hell no.

    For one thing, Dianetics was first published in 1950.. the same year it was "given" to Hubbard. Two places at once??? What, did his theaten from the future coming back through a tear in the space time continuim, steal it and giving it to his self at that time?

    Third.. Hubbard sent a letter to the FBI in the 30s or so if I remember the memo on Smoking Gun right saying that Communists were stalking him? So why would he be in a Socialist country??

    [to sum up some three point why it's obviously false]
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    Re: L Ron's "Brainwashing Manual"

    Scientology's only non-copyrighted Hubbard work (Hubbard was the secret author, so copyright was impractical) is the 'Textbook on Psycho-politics', a.k.a. 'The Brainwashing Manual'.

    Earlier links posted aren't working, so here are new ones:

    Includes Brian Ambry's 2001 examination of the topic, 'Brainwashing Manual Parallels'. Also includes a detailed timeline of Hubbard's invented "Russian manual," first use as a propaganda vehicle to smear psychiatry, and smear any Hubbard detractors or critics; then, a few years later, secretly put into application as the basis for the Scientology operation:

    Church of Scientology's "Brainwashing" manual (also "Brain-washing")

    Brian Ambry

    The Brainwashing manual: Timeline
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    Re: L Ron's "Brainwashing Manual"

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    Re: L Ron's "Brainwashing Manual"

    Also, see

    Contains images of correspondence between L Ron Hubbard and a guy Joe Breeding (who I met in the 60's) and his printer, regarding the printing of the supposed brainwashing manual...

    Index of /exit/manney

    * Parent Directory
    * 19540920_LRH_to_Manney.jpg
    * 19550727_MSH_to_Manney.jpg
    * 19550904_LRH_to_Manney.jpg
    * 19550904_Ron_to_Manney.jpg
    * 19550906_LRH_to_Manney.jpg
    * 19550910_LRH_to_Manney.jpg
    * 19560104_Barrett_to_Manney.jpg
    * 19560815_LRH_to_Manney.jpg
    * 19560910a_LRH_to_Manney.jpg
    * 19560910b_LRH_to_Manney.jpg
    * 19561027_Manney_to_Breeding.jpg
    * 19561127_Barrett_to_Manney.jpg
    * 1963_Ability_148_cover.jpg
    * 1963_Ability_148_pg8-9.jpg
    * Anderson_Report_cover.jpg
    * Anderson_Report_p084-brainwashing.jpg
    * Anderson_Report_piii.jpg
    * BrainwashingManualParallels.pdf
    * CWEBF_CSI_1989_p02.jpg
    * CWEBF_CSI_1989_p42.jpg
    * CWEBF_CSI_1989_p43.jpg
    * Freedom_1970_1st_Can-beria.jpg
    * HCO_OpB_19551213_p1.jpg
    * HCO_OpB_19551213_p2.jpg
    * Printing_Directions.jpg
    * mb-on-the-brainwashing-manual.htm
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    Re: L Ron's "Brainwashing Manual"

    Here's a link to L. Ron Hubbards' brain washing manual, with a photograph of front and back cover:Brain-Washing
    Check it out. Start your own cult. Make shitloads of money.
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    Re: L Ron's "Brainwashing Manual"

    Heres a pic of LRH's Brainwasing manual
  13. Re: L Ron's "Brainwashing Manual"

    One of the very many little titbits from the above that will be instantly recognisable to all Anons (from the end of Chapter V) -

    'By stressing this authority over the problems of the youth and adults in courts one day the demand for psychopolitical operators could become such that even the armed services will use "authori- ties on the mind" to work their various justices and when this occurs the armed forces of the nation then enter into our hands as solidly as if we commanded them ourselves.'

    Interesting to note that Tom Cruise indirectly quoted from a 'Russian' manual called 'Brain-washing', eh?
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    Re: L Ron's "Brainwashing Manual"

    The Law of Mass versus Individuality falls in line with my work on the subconscious and its conditions of disassociation: Limitation of Voluntary Activity, Monotony...With the increase in mass of the human aggregate the mob energy grows like the momentum of an avalanche in its downward course.
    ----Boris Sidis
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    Re: L Ron's "Brainwashing Manual"

    One thing Hubbard and Boris Sidis and all these other evil plotters left out was the irrepressible individualism of the mob when given access to the Web. The instinct of the Hivemind is our best protection.

    Thanks for posting this stuff. I find it quite incredible. They really do believe it.
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    Comment by Jeff Hawkins on marty rathbun's blog:

  17. I remember thumbing through that book. I believe it had some thinly disguised Dianetics concepts in it and if I recall correctly even mentioned Scientology and Dianetics in some pages. It was like reading the dialogue from a villian in a super-hero comic. Sad to say, I actually ate it up.
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    The brainwashing manual was evidently a work that Hubbard cobbled together from several sources. However, the techniques described in that book are not nearly as effective as techniques of social influence that Philip Zimbardo described in his book, The Lucifer Effect.
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    But then, Hubbard wrote it in just a few hours according to Sanborne. Quite a feat given that he had to project himself as "the enemy" while writing it --- it takes some amazing skills in duplicity. Because of this for a while I really doubted he authored it, I didn't think it was possible to be so easily duplicitous. But now I'm pretty sure he wrote it, there are enough bits out there to support it, and Jeff's comment adds to it.

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