Knowledge Report: Rey Robles on the Freezone

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by The Wrong Guy, Oct 30, 2014.

  1. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology outside the official church: ‘I’m quite happy with the world the way it is’

    By Tony Ortega

    Mark Bunker has sent us another interesting clip from the many interviews he’s conducted for his upcoming documentary, “Knowledge Report.”

    One of the things Bunker is documenting is the exodus of people who have left the Church of Scientology in recent years, many of whom grew disillusioned with church leader David Miscavige, but not with the ideas of Scientology itself and its founder, L. Ron Hubbard.

    Rey Robles puts on a “Free Zone” convention every year in Las Vegas, where people who have left the church — but haven’t left Scientology — gather to talk about their “wins” and help each other continue to audit and do courses. Here’s a short excerpt that Mark sent over.

    Continued here:
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  2. peterstorm Member

    "I wouldn't be able to do this interview."

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  3. RightOn Member

    Robles looking for fresh meat to pounce on.
    Earns his living continuing the mind fuck.
    He should be very proud.
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  4. DeathHamster Member

    When someone's in a jam after leaving Scientology, he'll be there--with two slices of bread.
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  5. Rey Robles is still selling Ron's 'Tech' for personal gain at other Hubbard victims expense. Sickening!
    You can take the ass-hole out of Scientology but you can't take the Scientology out of this self-serving ass-hole.

    Wake up, Rey Robles!

    The world in which you take advantage of ex-scientologists in sux just as bad with Miscavige as it did with L. (Liar) Ron Hubbard, chid abuser by policies alone as well as personally abusing young 4 year Derek Greene on his Ship of Horrors the Apollo.

    Please stop selling L. Ron Hubbard's abusive con, you're committing fraud in and out of Scientology.

    Google: L. Ron Hubbard / Child Abuse in Scientology

    (There's 39,000 entries, start reading Rey Robles and try to get your conscience back.)

    Why stop with Child Abuse even though that alone should be more than enough to get you to stop promoting this abusive monster.
    Google: L. Ron Hubbard / Fraud / RPF / Kidnapping / Extortion / Mind Control / Embezzlement / Bribery / Blackmail / Bigamy / Spousal Abuse / Scientology Suicides / Security-Check Gangbangs / Suppressive Persons / Scientology Forced Abortions / Labor Law Abuses / Child Labor / Vistaril / Drug Abuse / LRH Lies / Narconon Deaths / Introspection Rundown (That killed Lisa Mcpherson) / 'Babysitting'/ Psychotic Breaks within Scientology / LRH Disconnection Policy / Lies, Lies and more LRH Lies Ad Nauseum..........

    Ex- Scientologists need real help in moving on from Hubbard's mind control, not more LRH bogus 'Tech' in the Independent versions, I wish them all well.

    The first 'Clear' with full recall, perfect vision and freeedom from most common ilnesses has never happened. STOP promoting Hubbard's SCAM Rey Robles! WAKE UP!
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  6. This is an area where I hope Mark Bunker is doing some editing. Rey Robles is a con man and dumb too. A bad combination.

    Mention the "Freezone," don't promote them!

    Other than that, I think Mark Bunker has done a lot of good and support his efforts.
  7. This says it:
  8. this guy always puts me to sleep

  9. Overprocessed LRH nutjob Rey Robles spreading LRH 'Tech' to push his own agenda should not be promoted in any report.

    Good God man, keeper of the original 'Tech' Rey Robles, your mind is mush thanks to Ron, listen to yourself attempting to cash in on the Sea-Orgers remainder of the abusive and insane 1 Billion year contract to batshit insane 'Admiral' L. Ron Hubbard (the ex 'Commodore', suddenly Admiral of a fake navy).

    It's quite sad to see that you've lost your mind with this LRH interplanetary mindfuck, stfu and leave ex-scientologists alone to heal, you've never left, before you're gone for eternity, please don't drag others back in.

    Get Help for yourself, you crazy fraud and stop trying to control others who have been manipulated long enough.

    Anyone who can promote any of this free-zone crap and take LRH lunatics like this seriously in any way has to be mentally challenged.

    Free-Zone Scientology is a scam, all exposed Hubbard lies for sale. Please Stop and help steer ex-scientologists towards a new life without the abuses (including policies abusive towards children) of the abusive, controlling monster and leader of Scientology L. Ron Hubbard's insane, hypnotic hold on them.

    The next meeting of The Loyal Officers of LRH and all those who give this absurd notion any credibility whatsoever will be at the Bellevue Mental Hospital in New York.

    Dress Code will be theta-casual straight-jackets for all supporters of the abusive free-zone LRH 'Tech' in any form.
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  10. IWe

    AFTER he has gotten all the money from you he can - he's a pro fraudster/con. That's what he teaches you - what that is.
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  11. "Rey Robles is a con man and dumb too."

    He's running out of fools. Someone will be smart enough to tape him someday and he'll go to jail.
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  12. A sting should be done by legal means. He's ripped quite a few people off.
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  13. MRR

    Rey R is a con man and dumb - but he's slick. He uses the Freezone to promise but delivers what he pleases "Rey Robles specials". Covers his tracks. He's street smart and dangerous - probably on drugs.
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  14. The Internet Member

    What have you got against drugs? A lot of them are pretty helpful.
  15. PTT

  16. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Odd mini-necro of thread. Why?
  17. thesneakster Member

    Most people from IFA wouldn't read or post here (Karen DLC is a major exception). Perhaps somebody is hoping to stir up WWP animosity towards the IFA ?

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist
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  18. 667

    Karen#1 reads and posts here? That's fantastic if true! I love Karen#1 and the IFA.
  19. Karen#1 Member

    Michael Hobson, report to ethics for reading entheta sites! You are not doing your job policing Facebook! I told you I would pay you some money if you clean up all the bird crap in my house. Stop begging in the streets and come over to clear! I will audit you in exchange.

    ML, Karen
    Class XII
    Trained by LRH
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  20. thesneakster Member

    I guess I should have expected the fake Karen DLC troll to show up.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist
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  21. As I told you before, the real Karen#1 is far too classy to post here:

  22. I know it's really you, thank you for coming back!!!!!
  23. Is the post about drugs generally?
  24. thesneakster Member

    Thread last posted on 28 Aug 2016 - nearly two years.

    Tell me, do people notice you walking down the street carrying your shovel for digging up graves ?
  25. Pam

    You should have taken this advice given you: Stop begging in the streets and come over to clear!

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