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  1. Steubenville Rape...continued. Bad.

    Pastebin dox:


    In april of 2012 a party as held in Coach Pierro's house called #palooza in Steubenville Ohio. A 14 year old girl was in attendance attacked by the baseball team of Big Red, a high school famous for a rape coverup of an august rape victim. The 14 year old rape victim is now represented by August Jane Doe Steubenville Victim Attorney Bob Fitzsimmons seeking charges for her attackers at the party called "Palooza" at one Coach Pierro's household.
    We at #KnightSec wish to see the victim attain justice in a legal and timely manner. We urge all those who seek justice for her to remain calm, show respect and compassion to the good people who inhabit this city, and above all, remain legal as we call for a full investigation into her case. We do not endorse any acts of stalking, harassment, or violence. We do not endorse any illegal activity, nor assume any responsibility for it.

    The time has come to end rape-culture once and for all. The tweets below will show you a town full of rape-apologists, repeat-offenders and sports affiliated people who until now, remained hidden in the shadows.

    You will find many names below are repeated in both cases, be it the same person, or a relative. We will not let this go unpunished. We are KnightSec, We are anonymous, We are Legion, We do Not forgive, We do not forget,

    You should have expected us.

    john linn and ryan vojvodich mock the rape and confirm baseball team involved :

    Jane Hanlin's son, Charlie Keenan and friend Shawn Mcghee defend the actions, shawn denies involvement:

    Host of the party where the Jane Doe from OpRollRedRoll rape occured, Jake Howarth, defending, and mocking the victim with John Linn:

    Tanner (?) Westlake RT's Jake Howarth downplaying the rape of the 14 year old victim at Coach Piero's House Palooza party

    @matty_light9 RT's a couple people mocking the rape victim including Corey_gunz_08 and @luckymcclurg134 and toledo rockets player justin olack @white_out14

    @the_king133 makes references to the rape victim and RT's several others @D_rock49including females @archyour_backk Christina Archer and @Kotten_candy22 Gabrielle Kotten

    RT with previous subjects of august Jane Doe altercations @bulletdome32 and various others of a now deleted picture of the party mocking the rape victim which I shall not dig up due to her identity:

    Westlake wants you to "Fuck some bitches up" (must run in that family) and references to "that chick who got trained" :

    =+=+=+=++=+=+=+==+=+===+++=+=++=+==++==+++++=+++=++====+++==+==++++++=++=++==++++=++=+=+++++++++++==++=+++ Screenshots


    Cleveland Plain Dealer

    Those searching the Internet after the rape allegations surfaced in August also unearthed a months-old conversation among Steubenville baseball players and wrestlers about a possible April attack involving a 14-year-old student.

    After those conversations were revealed, the girl came forward with her mother to make a report.

    That case, along with the August case, are being handled by the Ohio Attorney General's office because of conflicts of interest for the local prosecutor, whose son is also on the football and wrestling teams.


    According to the Attorney General's office, Gorman could face up to 30 days in jail if convicted and McVey could face five years and 270 days in prison for all of his offenses. Gorman's indictment concerns just April 12, 2012, while McVey's concerns the period of April 12, 2012 to November 19, 2013, covering the date range for both rape cases.

    Baker reports that the lawyer who represented the Jane Doe in the original Steubenville case is also representing the girl in this other case. She also notes that sources in Steubenville believe this earlier sexual assault "involved Steubenville High School athletes and took place at a team coach's house," which students tweeted about at the time.


    Approached by MailOnline the family of this latest ‘victim’ declined to comment. Her step-father explained: ‘We’ve been advised by our lawyer not to say anything.’ He agreed that, ‘anything involving Big Red football players is hot right now,’ adding ‘that’s the problem.’

    The girl is being advised by Bob Fitzsimmons, @Fitzsimmonsfirm , attorney for the 16-year-old girl at the centre of the Ohio rape case currently.

    Her story appears to bear troubling similarities to the case currently scandalizing America in which the victim was allegedly raped while unconscious as others looked on, filmed and photographed events.

    MailOnline has been told that the alleged incident took place at a Prom party at a Steubenville High School student’s home where alcohol was being consumed.

    When questioned about a complaint ‘strikingly similar to the current rape case,’ Jefferson County Sheriff Fred Abdalla confirmed: ‘That particular case, the mother brought her daughter in to tell us about something that allegedly happened in the City of Steubenville. So we sent them to the City of Steubenville police.’

    When pressed as to whether or not any paperwork existed relating to the case the Sheriff said: ‘We may have a report that she came in but we wouldn’t have started any investigation because it wasn’t our investigation to start.’

    He said: ‘The last I heard the girl had recanted and said it was consensual.’

    In fact mother and daughter went to the City Police Department and the girl, who was 14 at the time of the alleged incident, in early September. The girl went onto provide a video statement.

    The city’s police chief William McCafferty said: ‘We handed this over to the Ohio Attorney General’s Bureau for Criminal Investigations (BCI).’

    Nor is it known whether the details of this investigation will have any bearing on their February trial.

    Read more:

    @stormcat9 did state that what she was able to ascertain from the messages posted from the victim and her peers is that :
    The 14-year-old victim in this case planned to attend a party and she knew there would be boys and alcohol present. Things escalated out of hand very quickly.
    A tweet posted before the party stated that she was being dropped off at a friend’s house by her mother, who told her daughter “If you are going to tap it, wrap it.” After the incident, the girl expressed dismay on Twitter over what happened, and asked that people don’t judge her because it could have been them.
    At first, the alleged victim’s friends defended and stood up for her, but then turned their backs. A resulting hashtag includes the victim’s name and the phrase #TeamWeHate___ resulted. A few weeks later the alleged victim had “made up” with some of her friends.

    Read more:

    April rape was referenced in the Michael Nodianos video as happening in April at "Palooza". Pierro-Palooza was allegedly the name of the party at the home where the incident took place.

    KYAnonymous@DericLostutter 13m
    Going to get justice for a second rape victim in steubenville by the baseball team. She was 14 @EKUWomenGender
  2. White Tara Global Moderator

    :( I will never understand certain attitudes to rape.
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  3. Kilia Member

    Me neither...horrible boys to say the least.
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  4. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Nice. Could the thread title be corrected so that search engines can be used ?
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  5. I want to see what happens when Brad & Ange are all fucking over it :p
  6. RavenEyes Member

    I hope any convicted parties in this case, including adults, get appropriate sentences this time around. So far, three of the adults in the other case are getting off with less than a slap on the wrist and the records of their crimes are being expunged. (See the other thread.) The three most responsible/with the most serious of the charges have yet to be sentenced, but the first three were allowed to plea.
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  7. White Tara Global Moderator

    If you consider the pattern of complicit behaviours in the adults of this community, prosecutors need to get a bit more serious with the punishment fitting the crime.
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  8. RavenEyes Member

    I'm hoping the Superintendent, Tech Director, and the coach who held the party that served liquor to minors will be sentenced more harshly/appropriately. The other three faced much less to begin with.

    I am concerned that the wrestling coach is to serve 20 hours in a domestic violence shelter. In such a small community, in a situation where anonymity is important, I don't think someone with the potential mentality that he may have and the connections in the community he likes does have is an appropriate person to place with trauma victims, in light of his conviction/plea agreement. I doubt they have many of those kinds of shelters in that small of a community.

    I'd almost be willing to bet there's been some version of a wrestling "rape crew" within the boundaries of Steubenville city limits within at least the past several years, as well. Those behaviors aren't limited by certain sports, and many kids participate in multiple sports, too.

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  9. Random guy Member

    Local radio host David Bloomquits:

    Really, Mr. Bloomquist? What 14 year old girls are "deciding" they want three guys having a go at her at the same time? Is that a thing 14 year olds regularly decide to do around where you live?
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  10. rickybobby Member


    They seem to have a well entrenched culture of bullying there.
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