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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Aug 15, 2012.

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    Neat! I think this may be a chimaera.
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    Is this where I post zippocat to earn my edgy Anon street cred?
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    Hank the cat is running for U.S. Senate

    By Agence France-Presse
    Wednesday, August 15, 2012 15:56 EDT

    Hank, a cat running for the US Senate, bared his claws Wednesday with a radical proposal for improving America’s unpopular Congress: get rid of the humans.

    “It’s OK to make a change. It’s OK to vote the humans out,” a campaign video released by the feline politico says.
    Most media coverage of the Senate race in Virginia focuses on Republican former governor George Allen and Democratic nominee Tim Kaine, another former governor and ally of President Barack Obama.

    But Hank is not one to whinge about media bias. He writes on that his traditional American self-reliance is the way forward.

    Born to a single mother and forced to live on the street, Hank says he “earned his success and his name through hard work.”

    Although there is little polling data on Hank’s bid to become the first cat in the Senate, a vote based on popularity of his Facebook page would have him breathing down the Democrat’s neck.

    At last count, Kaine’s site scored 24,271 “likes” to Hank’s 23,664.
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    Love Hank.... got one of his banners. :)
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    Naw, this is where you demonstrate your insipid boorish fucktardedness.. yep, a new word; fucktardedness- Herro, that is you!
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    Herro=fucktard idiot
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    Fucktard idiots should be shot... on site!
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  19. 429023_full_570x390.jpg
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    The ignore button works and it helps people.
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    Kittehs make me smile! Thanks
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    Now that's a face only a mutha could love.
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    Eeeewwwww! Put those things away.
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  29. Jaycee, Thanks for posting Louis Wain. I've always found his work fascinating, but I hadn't thought of him in years. To see your post on him sent me googling (perhaps for the first time) and since so much time has passed I was able to look on it with different eyes.

    For one, his 'schizophrenic' drawings remind me a lot of artists who do ayahuasca/DMT/peyote type art.

    Also: despite the glowing praise of his later work as 'schizophrenic art' made after he 'mysteriously' went mad, it says plainly in his newspaper obit


    that he deteriorated after a head injury. Possibly, as a result of injury, he just started to see the world in terms of patterns, perhaps like the patterns seen while 'tripping'. Critics speak of the 'sinister', 'angry' eyes of the later cats, personally, I've always seen them as more wild or ecstatic.

    His mother designed persian rugs, he might have been taught those geometrics early in his life. He had an interesting life, his cats drawings were cute when he was sane, but his later art is influential.
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  30. I guess we all learn early on not to piss off the ginger cats.:p
  31. fishypants Moderator

  32. From what I've read on Google; he was still doing his more conventional "cute" cat art as well as his crazy art right up to the end. I don't know. That's just what I read.

    The piece that shows the cats playing "Diabolo" always cracks me up. Apparently it was done around the early 1900s, (1901 or 1904, I forget which). I had never heard of "Diabolo" before and I often wished I had asked my older relatives if they had ever played the game. I once saw some college students fooling around with it a few years ago but it looked like they had no clue how to do it since they didn't use it like the cats in the painting. Then again, I don't know.

    Wain was an original. That's for sure.
  33. I've known a couple of jugglers who could diablo pretty well. Not an easy skill to learn, I suck at it for sure. Interesting to know Wain did both kinds of art at the same time. Cheers!:p
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    I hate cats.
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    FU and the dog U rode in on!
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