Discussion in 'Canada' started by ifywar, Apr 18, 2011.

  1. ifywar Member

    hey guys! im just making a general kitchener raid thread. i have been inactive from chanology for about two years, but the scientologists have recently begun a new, more agressive recruiting campaign in the area and i am not about to let it go unchecked. how do i know they are beginning said campaign? because back in the day i used to go undercover to the local Co$. i was a protester who would go into the church on not busy days, buy specific books requested by the protesters, and bring it to them next time i saw them. due to this, i gave them a throw-away-phone number which i still happen to use. they called me recently and told me that new seminars were beginning in the area. they told me that though they were a small group, they would pair me up with another "prostpective scientologist" who would be much like an AA sponsor, except it is inferred that I am what the problem is, not some kind of intoxicant.

    so, who in kitchener, or the area, is still protesting if anyone?
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  2. ifywar Member

    also, i still have the phone number of the scientologist who called me. it could be used :)
  3. Dragononymous Member

    inb4 we already know who called you
  4. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Find TO cell thread and ask thar, I believe that though bored therre are still active folk who can get off their wheelchairs for a bit :)
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  5. ifywar Member

    even so, is anyone in kitchener even still protesting?
  6. Anonymous Member

    I hope those other Kitchener dudes who used to post here are still around.
  7. WesQ Member

    I used to protest but stopped sense I would have been doing it alone.You have my attention.
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  8. MisterYellow Member

    I used to a few years back. I suppose I might be able to rejoin - no guarantees though, since I'm working now.
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  9. AnonLover Member

    raid that shi- even the lil border towns need secured!

    also - dancing in the streets is often contagious. might likely bring moar protestfags both old and new outta the woodwork.
  10. AnHero Member

    Well, as much as I'd love to hang out w/ you fags down there, I moved to London. So you'll have to find a new trap to join you, 'cause I can't.
  11. LordHuggy Member

    I quit, and it shall stay that way.
  12. Scatman Member

    I remember a Sea Org missionaire telling me that "there is a lot of CI* in Kitchener because of German influence."
    *scilon speak for "counter intention".
    She told me that the city of Kitchener was originally named "Bismarck" after the 19th century German politician.
    Paranoid cultists are paranoid.
  13. DeathHamster Member

    No, it was originally Berlin Ontario, part of a set with London and Paris.
  14. Scatman Member

    Not surprised. The "most ethical people on the planet" often don't get their information right.
  15. Hatter Member

    Well Ill be back in the kitchener area for mid august for a day or two..Ill try and do what I can then
  16. ifywar Member

    ok, so, considering that we used to do them on the second saturday of the month, what if we were to schedule a raid for the second saturday of july? how many of you would be able to show up? and, huggy, dont talk like that! i know you miss us!
  17. LordHuggy Member

    I see no point in my return. The cell died because we hit a stalemate, ify. Neither side was able to push for many months, and eventually interest waned.
    We got things done and had our fun, but I've moved on.
    Best of luck, chaps.
  18. ifywar Member

    even so, we have enough anons in the area (mostly new!) who have expressed interest in protesting.
    therefore, i pronounce that kitchener will have a protest at the same time as the usual worldwide protests, starting this month.
    plans for the protest have been in the work since the 16th, which gave us a month exactly to get our numbers up. im glad we finally have enough to announce officially that the protest is on.
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  19. Aoife Member

    I was pretty much the only person posting for Kitchener back in the day, and I left last year after we dwindled to only two regular members and I moved away for school. I might be willing to show up again (with my signs) if I'm convinced that there's actually going to be people there and I won't be left alone again.
  20. ifywar Member

    well i've been getting quite afew new and old anons. im estimating somewhere between 6-12 people. how many would it need to be for you to come back? i miss my monthly Aoife...
  21. Raeko Member

    My birthday is the 17th (how could you all forget ;_; ), so the 16th is a no-go for me since I am partying that day in Windsor. The 23rd is a much better day! I will make a trip for this if it's not on my birthday.
  22. ifywar Member

    k, well, afew other anons have also said that they couldnt make the 16th. would anyone object to moving the protest to the 23rd?
  23. Raeko Member

    And... I would! My BF's 18 year old brother is getting married in Kansas on the 22nd (wat), he just announced this out of nowhere. He just graduated from high school too! Egh... so I will be driving home from Kansas on the 23rd, hooray.

    FIRST WEEKEND IN AUGUST I SWEAR I WILL BE FREE, THERE ARE NO MORE UNMARRIED SIBLINGS unless I decide to have my own impromptu wedding hee hee.
  24. Anonymous Member

  25. Aoife Member

    I'm going to do my very best to be there, whenever a date is settled on.
  26. ifywar Member

    k, 23rd it is then. raeko can come to the august raid on the 2nd or third saturday. we will decide after this raid.

  27. ifywar Member

    also, we conglomerate around the bell tower in victoria park beginning around 11, then at around noon move to where we always go. for any new people; the sidewalk just outside the artery ACROSS THE STREET from the org. they called the cops on us when we used chalk on the sidewalk just outside of the org (some shit about maintenance tax that they pay on it) but travellocity, the pizza places, the artery(obv) and adjacent establishments are usually okay with it. also, stay away from the budds store.
  28. Raeko Member

    Ok, first weekend in August should be raid #2. But everybody needs to come out to that one too, I wanna see you guys!
  29. Aoife Member

    I'll be there... if you bring cookies ;)
  30. ifywar Member

    cant promise cookies, but there will be caek
  31. Aoife Member

    I was at the clock tower for about 45 minutes, nobody showed (though I did get hit on by some crazy people, so there's that). I moved up to the Artery and waited for about an hour, before finally giving up at around 12:45. This is officially my last attempt at one of these. Goodbye, and good luck.
  32. xenubarb Member

    That's sad. Been there done that. Do Not Liek.
  33. Raeko Member

    Boourns, Aoife! Wish I could've made it on the 23rd. There were a few of us old-fags that got together a few weeks ago, but we just went out to dinner and chatted, didn't protest or anything. RIP KITCHENER, I <3 U
  34. Tangerine Member

    Hi ifywar of Kitchener!

    Solo raiding isn't for everyone, which is expected. I would suggest looking to other ways of bringing the cult down; ways that amuse you.

    Some of the things people here do include: making, or printing readily available pamphlets on various topics and in different languages. If you like writing (I see you do) maybe news and opinion is your strength. Check the Comments area at news-sites that cover relevant-to-interest sci-news. Contribute to Comments. Boring? Locate cult front groups in your area, and alert people as to what they are, and the huge lawsuits now underway. Be a community good guy. I used to carry stacks of a couple different styles of pamphlets in my car at all times. If I passed a church, a CD store, whatever, I'd leave a stack of them where they allow community announcements and things. Some places around you may have public bulletin boards, where you can post a flier. You can also write to local politicians or news outlets. Or you could change your mind, put and get in front of that Org with a sign. I hope that was helpful.
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