Kirstie Alley's 'Organic Liaison' Goes Belly Up?

Discussion in 'Kirstie Alley' started by Anonymous, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. Anonymous Member

    crosspost: ESMB:

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  2. Anonymous Member

    Another Scientology scam bites the dust.

    Good riddance, and notify the tabloids.
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  3. OMG! ONOES!!! Where do I go for my orgasmic lemurs now?

    Somebody who's not blocked, please tweet Krusty for the new location.

    ...and find out where the rent money went!
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  4. RightOn Member

    you would think that after that lawsuit she would get rid of the phony "before and after " posters in the front window.
    Someone needs to tweet Krusty and ask her what's going on AND about the lawsuit she had to pay out! LOL

    oh and FACT!
    that is not her bike
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  5. Quentinanon Member

    Looks like Kuntie Alley cannot compete with the many other organic products on the market. Evidently she thought her endorsement would sell the stuff, but she does not have the credibility of Paul Newman, despite her OT Powerz.
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  6. [IMG]
    Happy STATerday Krusty!
  7. Sarah James Member

    I was going to ask kirstie what was in her organic juice but never could get her to answer even one question. Well, like her store her face book page is closed to new business.
  8. Anonymous Member

    The amusement park remains open but the Kirstie ride closed some time ago.
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  9. Anonymous Member

    What? you mean she couldn't even sell the stuff if she stood outside her store shrieking and flipping people off?
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  10. Anonymous Member

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  11. Anonymous Member

    Resemblance to L Ron Hubbard is hard to miss.
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  12. The Wrong Guy Member



    I can imagine Louie Anderson thinking, "You know, I'm starting to look pretty hot!"
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  13. nevarmore Member

    Jeebus, those are her FEET?
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  14. The Wrong Guy Member

    Yes. The feet can be seen directly below the skankles.
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  15. nevarmore Member

    That's just ... horrific.
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  16. Chipshotz Member

    Just nasty
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  17. Anonymous Member

    Problem is, you'd have to roll her in flour to find her wet spot.

    I bet she now needs to wash herself with a rag on a stick to get into the many rolls of blubber.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Truth is she needs to see a doctor.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    Or a nuclear physicist.
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  20. Anonymous Member

    Kirstie going belly up is not a pretty thought picture.
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  21. Anonymous Member

    Nobody here gets it. I am thin because I believe that I am thin. The Scietology corporation has taught me that for something to be true I just have to believe that it is true. You SP's just don't get it. You see me as obese because you wish that I were obese. But your evil intentions will not beat me because with my OT superpowers I have shattered you all.


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  22. Anonymous Member

    OH GAWD!

  23. RightOn Member

    a REAL doctor
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  24. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Where'd Dr. Kevorkian go?
  25. Sh00pZ Member

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  26. Sh00pZ Member

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  27. Anonymous Member

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