Kirstie Alley, and more real estate.

Discussion in 'Kirstie Alley' started by Nick McKussik, Apr 21, 2008.

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    Re: Kirstie Alley, and more real estate.

    Keep buying expensive buildings Scilon Retards, I'm going to laugh myself silly as the real estate prices keep dropping and everything you own will be half of what you bought it for.

    You might as well use that cash as toilet paper.
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  2. :rolleyes: Wichita was a great town but now we see the low-lifers sit on their behinds in pj's and get off
    with nasty uneducated language and personal attacks on people who do not rely on welfare
    or the local free housing and clothing centers. Find ways to get your mind and body into a better
    future with some job training. Kirstie is a great addition and Wichita must ris itself of these online
    losers who have nothing to do but lounge and waste time online. Wichita has programs for homeless types; you do not have to use F words to show you have a great future or clever comments. Think well of yourself and get some help. You present an image of laziness and self hatred; what is your great sadness in life and did your parents come from bad families?
  3. The Internet Member

    Lol ironies.
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