Kelly Preston..another disabled son???

Discussion in 'Jett Travolta' started by BigButterJesus, Jan 3, 2009.

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    Beghe and Gage were in GI Jane together.....maybe they know each other.

    I haven't seen any good results thus far....LexisNexis Academic is not as powerful as what lawyers have. I'll keep plugging away, and if anyone thinks of some good search terms, let me know.

    I'm very wary about something that was written on someone's IMDb biography or trivia section. IMDb is full of mistakes.....I once saw that Robert Osborne, the host of TCM (the really classy old guy) listed as having a minor role in "Freddy Got Fingered" on IMDb, which was corrected a few months later. So we may want to take off the tin foil hats.
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    I'm far from a hollywood fan so I am not much help. I did notice on some gossip blogs that Preston was not that active in the year 1988- I believe it said she did one project, the same as she did when pregnant with Jett. She could have also been pregnant prior to marriage so that makes the search range even larger.

    I guess first I'd try to find record of their marriage, not even sure which name she could have been using when she married Gage..(who might not be listed under Gage as I see his real last name was something else) even where they got married, where they lived...remember she could well have had advance notice via sonagraphy scans that there was something amiss with the child...and perhaps by that time it was too late for a legal abortion (blah blah). I am speaking hypothetically here...but if there was indeed a child she could have known in advance that all was not well, and took measures to keep the birth more quite???

    I know it's the interbutz and people make shit up all the time, but I did think that one post I copied (I think it's in the OP) was pretty detailed...and did seem to indicate some personal knowledge...LOL but then I've been to parties where wannabe where gossip hanger oners from certain circles passed stories with a I KNOW IT'S TRUE look on their face...I left one party firmly considering the idea that Kenny Chesley and Payton Manning were....(well considering that quickie marriage and divorce Chesley had, perhaps that gossip was...)

    I did spot another post where a person says without preamble that she was friends with bits of Travolta's family prior to her even knowing about scientology and that Travolta's niece showed her photos and spoke to her at length about Jett's autism.

    (on a side note, at that same party where I learned about Manning and Chesley, I was told in no uncertain terms that Tom Cruise was NOT gay, however he was well known in NYC as having been a rent boy...for which I needed a definition....)
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    Thanks BigButterJesus....I am coming up with nothing for the last 30 years. Does anyone know when she started to use the last name Preston? I'll try Palzis and Carlson, but I only have access to news stories, not public records.
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    she was also called Smith...I have NO idea how this stuff works with names..what legal business must be done under a legal name, many of those "stars" legally change their names...ect..for instance is Tom Cruise LEGALLY Tom cruise...or is he Mapthor or however you spell it, on legal papers...we'd need a hollywood officiando to explain that.
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    I was trying on my access too, and not coming up with anything....
  6. Anon808 Member

    Re: Kelly Preston..another disabled son???

    A note about Hawaii records (since I'm there, here) .. genealogy is HUGE here, since people with a certain percentage of actual Hawaiian blood get federal money, special schools (which teach them to hate whitey but that's a different story) etc etc.. plus we just had the whole 'Obama's Birth Certificate' thing so record availability is in people's minds. That said, yeah, you need an actual name and birthdate to get records. The free databases, of course, are all old shit.

    I bought a sub to the NewspaperArchive site.. it rather sucks. Anyone who wants can log in as me and try.. I spent a few hours on it last night but nothing was coming up. login . It's a fake non-working email so don't try using it to send yourself stuff, obs.

    And, I got this (sad) bit of news from, where I sent an inquiry:

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    Well that's that then...or....who knows we probably never will.
  8. Kilia Member

    Re: Kelly Preston..another disabled son???

    Looks like the end of this discussion.
  9. TheBitch Member

    Re: Kelly Preston..another disabled son???

    Absent someone's coming up with dox, it'd seem so. But that's good thing, neh? Especially with the influx of noobs we've been having last few days. They're seeing some / usual amount for us / maybe a whole lot for their usual diet of tinfoil the last few days. It goes to showing that we can grab onto a juicy (pro our agenda) rumor, look for evidence, and upon not finding any table it as rumor absent someone pulling documentary rabbit out of the arse.

    Nicely played. Anyone got a shitty rabbit?
  10. orly Member

    Re: Kelly Preston..another disabled son???

    Nope. Most of the sites that claimed she had a son with Gage pretty much copied it straight from IMDB (the trivia section was copied as well, for example, nearly word for word), so if IMDB's the source of the mistake (and it's not impossible for them to have mistakes like that, as someone else pointed out), I can buy all the other sites having the same false information.

    So... I guess in this case, we can tentatively shelve this as "dox didn't show up, assuming it didn't happen" until anyone else can get some real proof.
  11. Re: Kelly Preston..another disabled son???

    ^ I have to agree, that OP I copied from gossip rocks musta been a troll/lie/whatever it is they do post. This will have to RIP unless something else comes up.
  12. kathyf Member

    Re: Kelly Preston..another disabled son???

    I was reading your site and really enjoyed reading the many posts. I was doing a little searching after this Jett travolta peaked my interest. I found this on a polish site below I will post in Polish and translated.-
    WEBSITE- Kelly Preston - - film, aktorki

    Kelly PRESTON
    Właściwe: Kelly Kamalelehua Palzis

    Zawód: Aktorka
    Data urodzenia: 13 października 1962
    Znak Zodiaku: Waga
    Miejsce urodzenia: Honolulu, Hawaje, USA
    Wzrost: 170 cm
    Małżonek: Kevin Gage (1986-1988) (rozwiedziona, 1 dziecko)
    John Travolta (Od 12 września
    Translated- Translation:

    Proper (suitable) Kelly Kamalelehua Palzis


    Profession (contest) actress of date of birth sign of zodiac 13 october 1962 weight birthplace honolulu, hawaii, incrementation (growth) USA spouse (spouse) 170 cm 1986-1988 divorced ( ) ( Kevin Gage, child 1 )


    John Travolta from 12 september 1991 2 children
  13. vanessalock Member

    Re: Kelly Preston..another disabled son???

    Follow this link to see a wikipedia page on Kelly that was modified years ago. It says she has another son. If you search wikipedia for her now you don't get to see this but on this one, you can see the date it was modified and it offers you a link to see revised page. It actually offers 3 versions (of which 2 are revisions). Kinda makes you say hmmmm....

    Kelly Preston - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I was on another forum about this and found this info from a poster on page 6. Am putting link to other (very interesting) forum. I posted on the 9th page.

    Jett Travolta: Victim of Autism, Kawasaki, or Scientology?
  14. kathyf Member

    Re: Kelly Preston..another disabled son???

    Thanks! I will read those VERY INTERESTING all of it. It is horrible to lose a child it has to be the worse thing ever, but I can't help but think had they been open about him no one would even wonder.
  15. vanessalock Member

    Re: Kelly Preston..another disabled son???

    Just FYI so you all may CYA, I went to google, typed in Kevin Gage. About the 3rd one down was one that said something like tell me about L Ron Hubbard Kevin Gage. When I clicked on it, something came up and gave me a sort of error message. I tried again, same thing. Then my norton popped up and told me that an attack on my computer had just been blocked. Stay away from that link! I can't remember what the url was but it had a couple of "f"s, like frankfox or something like that. Knowledge may be power but research may be dangerous. :)
  16. auchraw Member

    Re: Kelly Preston..another disabled son???

    Just because you can't find it doesn't mean it ain't there and just because they say it was a mistake doesn't mean it ain't true.

    Curious trivial fact: JT's ex-Qantas 707 is called JETT CLIPPER ELLA. Jett is Jett, Ella is his daughter, so who or what is CLIPPER? Maybe the name was originally Jett Clipper and then Ella was added but ?

    Does the Fragile X syndrome get worse as children get older? Would Ella also be at risk?
  17. whoever Member

    Re: Kelly Preston..another disabled son???

    This "Clipper" thing has been adequately explained, I think.
  18. suedenim Member

    Re: Kelly Preston..another disabled son???

    Fragile x syndrome is always present from birth, and the symptoms can be less noticeable in girls (or they can show no symptoms at all, even if they inherit it). I don't think it gets worse as they grow, but the effect it has on their life would become greater, making them seem more disabled (does that make sense?)

    However, I don't believe that Jett had fragile x. I'm a little sceptical about the autism too- it takes a lot more than watching some video clips to make a diagnosis like that, although it is possible, none of us are qualified to say he had it .

    I do think that he had some kind of severe neurological problem and developmental disability though, and I think that there's no way that Kawasaki can account for those symptoms.

    As for KP's 'other son', I've searched back through all the press on her through Nexis and there's nothing. When she was engaged to Charlie Sheen she got a bit of gossip press, but they mention nothing- I personally find it hard to believe that the papers wouldn't have found out about this seeing as she was in the public eye around the time of the supposed pregnancy.

    I suppose she could have covered everything up the minute it was born, but surely there would be a reference to her being pregnant somewhere? She seems to have been starring in films around the time when she would have had to have been pregnant as well- but none of the reviews I read mentioned a pregnant lady in the cast or at the premiere, etc.

    I think maybe we ought to switch attention back to the son she did have....
  19. auchraw Member

    Re: Kelly Preston..another disabled son???

    When I raised the point on another thread in this sub-forum various people kindly pointed out that JT's 707 was called for his children (from the Wikipedia article on JT), that a clipper is a ship or plane (from the dictionary), and that PanAm's 707s were known as clippers. Now I found it was originally Jett Clipper Johnny, changed in August 2000 to Jett Clipper Ella.

    So sorry to have raised this again.
  20. Voodoo Doll Member

    Re: Kelly Preston..another disabled son???

    why would this child have been born in Hawaii?
  21. Joyful Member

    Re: Kelly Preston..another disabled son???

    I did the same thing! You could go back either. When I'd hit the back button it took me to another page, I'd hit back and go back to the first page. I finally Xed out of it. Weird!
  22. anonakatie Member

    Re: Kelly Preston..another disabled son???

    Kelly Preston: A Mother's Crusade - March 12, 2003

    Transcript from Montel williams show that Kelly did.
    At every opportunity, she pushes doing the purif. And the book, "Clear Body, Clear Mind" is pushed continuously and actually given out to the audience.

    The "toxicologist" mentioned, Wisner, is an infamous Scilon with no degrees in the field and who disconnected from his drug addicted son. The son went trough NarCONon and of course, did not resolve his drug problem. Feeling abandoned, he drowned with cocaine in his body. I think it was ruled a suicide.

    Particularly relevant and scientifically hoo-ha part:

    Ms. PRESTON: Well, this is a p--program that's detailed in the book. We basically store all of these chemicals and poisons and toxins that you breathe, eat, you know, that you're around constantly. Radiation from the sun, you store it in your fatty tissues. And over the years it builds up, and this is a program of how you can detoxify it completely and purify your body. It's brilliant.

    WILLIAMS: What...

    Ms. PRESTON: It's so brilliant. And the stories in here are so fascinating, of people, painters going in and having colors come out of their skin. But people who are not sick at all having--I had Novocain and I had a lot of dental work. I lived in Hawaii. I was born and raised in Hawaii, so I had a lot of sun. I had my entire mouth get numb again for an hour and a half in there, the Novocain came out. Different drugs that I had used, the radiation from the sun. I had a bathing suit when I was seven years old--this is completely true. I had a bathing suit that I thought was so cool with holes in the side and a hole in the center.

    WILLIAMS: At seven?

    Ms. PRESTON: At seven, yes. It was ver--I mean, it wasn't risque, but it was like cool. You know, I thought it was really cool. And I got a sunburn in it. And 20 years later, I had this same sunburn come out in my skin, the entire sunburn.
  23. kathyf Member

    Re: Kelly Preston..another disabled son???

    The whole thing is very odd and sad at the same time.
  24. rof Member

    Spoken like a true chanologist.
  25. whoever Member

    Re: Kelly Preston..another disabled son???

    If there was a kid, I don't think there's any reason to believe he was born in Hawaii. Kelly moved to L.A. after she graduated from high school--she probably would have had the kid there.
  26. kathyf Member

    Re: Kelly Preston..another disabled son???

    I would imagine that this will eventually come out some way or another.
  27. kathyf Member

    Re: Kelly Preston..another disabled son???

    That was interesting!
  28. Re: Kelly Preston..another disabled son???

    To say the least...I thought...humm guilt much?
  29. kathyf Member

    Re: Kelly Preston..another disabled son???

    Yes. I just found out last night that his brother did that documentary. It sounded like they don't talk anymore. You would think someone would at least listen to a brother or sister before a religion.
  30. SUNNYMAID Member

    Re: Kelly Preston..another disabled son???

    I haven't had a chance to look through all the comments....but Intelius says that her adoptive father Peter Palzis has a "relative" named Epter Palzis......the only biological son HE has is named Christopher.........could be that Epter is Kelly's son?????
  31. kathyf Member

    Re: Kelly Preston..another disabled son???

    Oh that is a good possibility!
  32. anon4eva Member

    Re: Kelly Preston..another disabled son???

    ZEE plot thickens.............

    brb. popcorn!
  33. whoever Member

    Re: Kelly Preston..another disabled son???

    My theory...incredible as it may be:

  34. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Kelly Preston..another disabled son???

    Ypto would be more accurate...
  35. SUNNYMAID Member

    Re: Kelly Preston..another disabled son???

    epter, peter, gotcha....I thought maybe it was some hawiian name!!! WOW, LAME on Intelius' part, I mean thats a service that people pay for
  36. Joyful Member

    Re: Kelly Preston..another disabled son???


    Ms. PRESTON: Kawasaki syndrome is a--a disease that--they don't know how you acquire it, they're not sure if it's viral, if it's through chemicals. And it causes swelling in the organs, so your heart can swell, different important organs can swell. And it affects--it can affect anybody. But it--primarily in the ward that we had him in--I rushed him to the hospital. They did all of the tests. They said, 'Indeed, we think he has Kawasaki syndrome.' And the entire ward was filled with children with Kawasaki syndrome, something I'd never heard of.

    WILLIAMS: And now this is something that--that can last a lifetime, also, correct? Or some...

    Ms. PRESTON: Mm-hmm, can affect them for life.


    See, they were lying then about Kawasaki's
  37. Re: Kelly Preston..another disabled son???

    I'm really intrigued by all of these stories that are coming out. Why would two sites (even if one was wikipedia) report that she had another son...if she didn't?
    Okay, maybe it was a silly mistake but it is so interesting, and while I hate prying into celebrities lives, I'm going to take this as I'm researching scientology and it's followers. This is confusing. If she does have another son though, it is more than likely it will be found out and I'm guessing the only person who will reveal all would be the ex-husband, so if we can get him to even say it's not true...but how insane would it be if he confirmed it?
  38. Joyful Member

    Re: Kelly Preston..another disabled son???

    If imdb had it and then wiki or wherever took their info from imdb and imdb was wrong, they'd all be wrong.
  39. TheBitch Member

    Re: Kelly Preston..another disabled son???



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