Keep the Light of Freedom Burning

Discussion in 'Promote The Cause' started by Albert, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. I'm a Filipino and seeing and watching on the news and online the effort and sacrifices of the people of Iran to fight for their right and freedom after the blatant display of dictatorship after the election makes me sad for the hardships and the deaths of many, yet I urge all of you to keep the lamps of freedom burning for I know that your leaders will hang on to power with their dear life but you the people of Iran must persevere in your protest and never ever falter.

    Your leaders has learned much what protests and unrest could do to a leadership, and they know ways beyond civility in order to counter all of these protest. Even to the point of violence and intimidation they would go just to hold on to power. It is so disgusting to see such leaders doing things that they once despise, they themselves becoming tyrants they once hated, suppressors of liberty and becoming dictators themselves.

    1. You should show to your supreme leaders your resolve to fight tyranny!
    2. Remind them that they themselves are falling into the same tyrannic state!
    3. Tell them if you must that they are doing what the people once hated!
    4. Show them that there was fraud and deceit!
    5. Show them the blood of your martyrs who shed them for freedom!
    6. Pray to Allah for deliverance!

    My prayers, love and support are all with you in this turbulent time of your country!

    May righteousness and truth prevail!

    Albert from the Philippines

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