KCMO - Feb. 14h

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by never, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. never Member

    KCMO - Feb. 14h

    Oh hai!

    Yesterday was made of much win and pizza (or calzone if your Soulless). We handed out quite a few fliers and a couple of Hello Kitty VD cards (thanks to maschine for making these XD), sadly I was only able to give away one free hug.

    We weren't handled directly like we have been the last few protests - no Scilons with powers of materialization handing us Wiki-sourced handouts about the evil deeds of Anonymous, but there was a truck that parked in the CVS lot across the way who sat there for a while taking photos. When we started waving at him, he left in a hurry. There was also a man who came out of the Org, walked past us and dropped off the radar for a bit. I honestly wasn't paying much attention to him at the time because there was much fun being had, but I later noticed him down the street (a few buildings past Pizza Hut) just standing there staring at us. Again, when we acknowledged him, he left.

    There was a lot of positive response from just about everyone, one man even rolled down his window and told me to "give 'em hell", only a couple bags of dicks made themselves known. A cop rolled by and asked to speak with whoever was in charge. I lol'd and told him we had no leaders, but I could speak with him if he wanted. He asked when we'd be leaving, as he had to report it to his supervisor. Now, we haven't had any police presence in a very long time, which makes me think the Org was freaking out since there was moar than three of us out there, which is great.

    Thanks to everyone who came out, random newfags and anthropology kids especially. I hope you all will be a permanent fixture in our cell.

    (copypasta from local forum)
  2. frettchen007 Member

    Re: KCMO - Feb. 14h

    sounds pretty good....pix/vids?
  3. desudesuchan Member

    Re: KCMO - Feb. 14h

    lol hello kitty VD.... its adorable syphillus
  4. never Member

    Re: KCMO - Feb. 14h

    I'm usually the one with the camera, but I haven't been bringing one since our numbers dwindled. We had some kids who are doing a project on Anonymous for an anthropology class, one of them took photos and video, hopefully they'll share it with us soon :)

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