Kazakhstan: Anti Covid-19 vaccine conspiracy theories promoted by groups with links to Scientology

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  1. Anti-vaccine Covid-19 conspiracy theories are being widely promoted in Kazakhstan by groups with links to the Church of Scientology, reports Eurasianet

    Eurasianet -- Kazakhstan: Vaccination campaign proceeds at snail’s pace

    Only 0.25 percent of the population aged over 15 have had the first injection.

    Joanna Lillis Mar 11, 2021

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    Others are falling for anti-vaxxer conspiracy theories being widely promoted in Kazakhstan by groups with suspect agendas, according to research into “active disinformation about the pandemic” conducted by myth-busting website and independent outlet Masa.Media.

    They found that groups such as Yedinstvo Osoznannykh KZ (Unity of the Informed KZ) and Korgau HR (Protect HR) with links to conspiracy theory-promoting Russian groups and the Church of Scientology have since the beginning of the pandemic been disseminating fanciful tales about deep-state plots, the supposed harmfulness of 5G networks and sinister plans to embed chips in the population via vaccinations.

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  2. Related story:

    Kazakhstan: Group associated with Scientology opposes law "On Counteracting Domestic Violence" and the "Health Code."

    Google translation follows.


    Authors: ,

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    PF "Korgau HR" - what does Scientology have to do with it?

    Another local organization that previously opposed the adoption of the "Health Code", and now actively opposes the law "On Counteracting Domestic Violence", is the Korkau HR Public Foundation.


    The founders of the Korgau HR Foundation are Natalya Shadrina and Aliya Abdinova .


    However, there is evidence that Khorgau HR is affiliated with the controversial religious movement globally known as the Church of Scientology.

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    The story then goes on to very thoroughly document the connections of Natalya Shadrina, Aliya Abdinova and Korkau HR to Scientology front-group Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) and the Church of Scientology itself. Such connections include, but are not limited to:

    -- Aliya Abdinova appearing in Scientology Freedom magazine as the Executive Director of CCHR in Kazakhstan;

    -- Natalya Shadrina's is also a member of CCHR in Kazakhstan;

    -- Natalya Shadrina's daughter, Kristina Shadrina, is the director of the Scientology Celebrity Center in Moscow; and

    -- Christina Shadrina's husband, Guy Labrusciano, is a Patron in the Church of Scientology.

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