Katsucon flyering

Discussion in 'Flash Raids' started by dyzzy, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. dyzzy Member

    Katsucon flyering

    I'm thinking of handing out flyers during Katsucon, this weekend in DC. Any DC anon think this is a good idea/want to help out? This is still in the infant stages of planning though - I haven't thought up anything concrete yet. Post here if interested.
  2. Andranon Member

    This is relevant to my interests, as I said in IM. Definitely a good idea.
  3. anonAminoacid Member

    check with those running the con to see if this is ok to do. Also there might be a freebie table thats a good place to put stuff.
  4. dyzzy Member

    They told me the flyers can't be anything political. Thus, my new plan is to use flyers that advertise Project Chanology and our websites, and not anything saying bad stuff about Scientology. My thoughts are something like "We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us. March 15. [Picture of anon silhouette]"

    Also, either they would rather have us use the freebie table than flyering, or flyering is just outright prohibited. Haven't received confirmation on that one.

    Currently I have two other anon coming on Saturday, but we can only do Saturday. If anyone wants to help out, they could cover Friday and/or Sunday. Again, don't have anything too political.
  5. Anon21 Member

    this isn't Political... we aren't advocateing Democrap over Republithug...

    also... in future...

    just print your flyers and distribute.

    Worst case they just toss them in trash... most likely they will not notice.

    hard to remain Anon if you call and ask permission first.

    if you work a "Fan Table" then they will have your DOCX.

    that is not Anonymous... that is saying HERE I AM.

    Anon21 plans on flyering other conventions on its own.
  6. AnonZombie Member

    Re: Katsucon flyering

    I went to Katsu the last two years but I'm not this time cause... well, it sucks. It's a bureaucratic mess. Their artist alley rules are stupid as shit. But I say hand out flyers with links to sites, but only say something about 4chan on them to get peoples' attention. Because 4chan will get attention without everyone knowing what it's about... maybe. What's the worst that could happen? They kick you out? Oh well. I say do it tomorrow. Nothing good happens on sunday at cons anyway, so if you get kicked out, you won't be missing anything. Also, tell me if Katsu was any good this year. I'm curious.
  7. JohnSmith Member

    Re: Katsucon flyering

    Massive win! :D
  8. dyzzy Member

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