Katlyn Hunt-accused of felony charges of statuary rape

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by trippyhippo, Nov 14, 2013.

  1. trippyhippo Member

  2. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    we have a No Rape section this might be better off in.

    Merely ask, and I shall move the thread there.

    Edit: I moved the thread OP shortly after posting this. This area will be an excellent place to discuss/mobilize from rather than the general area of the forum where it could get lost in the shuffle.
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  3. Barkingdog Member

    Statutory rape is statutory rape. The girl was underage. It makes no difference if they were lesbians, its wrong, period.
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  4. trippyhippo Member

    it was consensual the girl was almost of legal age. they would not have been caught if weren't for the fact that they were homosexuals due to the fact that the younger girls parents were "bible humpers" and said that Katlyn made their daughter gay
  5. Anonymous Member

    The issue of consent is off the table for people under age. Game over. Homosexuality has nothing to do with the law in this situation.
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  6. trippyhippo Member

    True. But, does she really deserve to have her life fucked even more over one stupid mistake?
  7. Barkingdog Member

    The "oh these poor boys just made a mistake" argument for Steubenville gang rape was bullshit.

    And your statement is bullshit.

    Fuck her. I've no sympathy at all.
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  8. trippyhippo Member

    A non-consensual gang rape compared to consensual sex between two people who loved each other that were 3 years apart.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Here is the problem with equality: Equality means "for all" and not "because X is Y".

    If this woman had sex with an underage boy, she deserves the book thrown at her. If a guy has sex with an underage girl, he deserves the book thrown at him. If a guy has sex with an underage boy, he deserves the book thrown at book at him....

    In this case: A woman had sex with an underage girl. Equality states she should share the same fate as those listed above.

    While it is an unfortunate thing that homophobia is sticking it's ugly head: The real issue is that this woman had sex with an underage girl, therefore the book should be thrown at her. That is the price of "equality".
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  10. trippyhippo Member

    You are correct
  11. Barkingdog Member

    Let me check...nope, "lets not ruin her life over an innocent mistake" is still a bullshit defense.

    Still no sympathy whatsoever.
  12. Anonymous Member

    I have long believed in upholding laws particularly in this area. However, I also strongly believe that the law is an ass, and more latitude should be allowed in judgement of young people with regards penalty and records of criminal offence.

    I remain unsure of how this latitude could be supplied to the court system, as it would require the wisdom of solomon to apply. perhaps applying a higher threshold of intellect and common sense to judicial appointments would be a good start.

    In this particular case, if I remember correctly, the elder of the girls had only just turned eighteen years of age and the relationship was a mutual loving one. The parents I seem to remember were unhappy at the homosexual nature of the relationship. In a possibly knee jerk reaction their first response was to approach the police.

    Were I in their shoes the police may not have been my first port of call. Putting a stop to the relationship until they could make fully informed adult decisions about sexual relationships would have been a priority as would have been contacting the parents of the older girl to involve them in the process. Should that have failed then the police would be my next response.
  13. Anonymous Member

    Yes, before you ask i would apply the same philosophy were it an older young man and my daughter. I would want to be thoroughly convinced in either case that the relationship was mutual and had some duration before sexual activity had commenced as well
  14. Anonymous Member

    Most states have 'Romeo and Juliet' clauses to deal with such situations. If Kaitlyn isn't being considered under such laws because this is between girls would seem to be discriminatory.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    Wtf is a Romeo Juliette law
  16. Anonymous Member

    Do I really have to explain the premise behind the divine tale of Romeo and juliet?
  17. Anonymous Member

    Weak-E says:
    Google. How the fuck does it work?

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  18. Anonymous Member

    It is unlikely that Florida has a Romeo and Juliet law.

    According to the article:

    So the fact that
    1. Ms. Hunt was 18 at the time and the "victim" was 14. (Note: The " " marks are due to the fact the 14 admitted it was consensual.)
    2. There is an established law saying that you have to be 16.
    3. The "victim" was ~2 years under the law while Ms. Hunt was ~4 older.
    4. The fact Ms. Hunt plead No Contest.
    pretty much undermines any attempt to use the Romeo and Juliet Law.
  19. Anonymous Member

    I bite my thumb.
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  20. Anonymous Member

    Diane Dimond: Lesbian Teen Kaitlyn Hunt Not So Innocent After All
  21. Anonymous Member

    If this is the case and was brought to the DA, her ass would be toast regardless of her "I'm a young lesbian and my younger, not legal in Florida, parents are just mad that she is a lesbian" defense. Which, BTW, sounds more like "I broke the law, but I'm a lesbian so it is ok" the more info is dug up.

    What needs to be remembered is first and foremost: Hunt broke a law. What hole she prefers is immaterial.

    Ok? The issue or do you need to stop chewing your fingernails?
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  22. Anonymous Member

    If you have to ask, you'll never know.
  23. Anonymous Member

    OK, OK, it's from the fucking play. Did they keep you in a box during English lit classes or what?
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  24. Anonymous Member

    More like: They never made us read it in class much to my regret and now I regret it more because I missed the connection :(

    Now if it was Macbeth, that would have been a different story...
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  25. Anonymous Member


    But saying o'er what I have said before:
    My child is yet a stranger in the world;
    She hath not seen the change of fourteen years,
    Let two more summers wither in their pride,
    Ere we may think her ripe to be a bride.
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  26. Anonymous Member

    Romeo and Juliet, fell hopelessly in love. They snuck around and conspired to spend time together in any was they could. Against the wishes of their parents and society. They knew they were risking the world, but such was their love, they did it anyway. They did not concern themselves with the outcome all they could see as young people was the stars in their eyes, not the slaving prosecutorial beast at their door.
  27. Barkingdog Member

    And that's why their actions directly led to their deaths, as well as the deaths of Mercuctio, Count Paris, and Tybalt.

    I bite my thumb at your positive interpretation of the story, you bull's pizzle.
  28. Anonymous Member

    The human brain, and in particular the emotional areas responsible for impulse control are not yet fully formed until around 25. 17 going on eighteen is not even close to full development any more than the brain of a 14 YO going on 15. IOW both of these girls are functionally children in practical terms. The law makes an arbitrary decision about when a young person is responsible in an adult sense.
  29. trippyhippo Member

  30. Anonymous Member

    neither girl was willing to follow the law
  31. trippyhippo Member

    well, ...everyone over here is a stoner so i dont think the law is very important to people here
  32. Anonymous Member

    The point was that the younger girl (now what 16?) participated willingly is the protracted commission of the second series of crimes. continuing there relationship in secret. Now what do you think would have possibly compelled her to do such a thing?
  33. Anonymous Member

    Speak for yourself, but WTF has that got to do with anything?
  34. Anonymous Member

    Immature brain function?
  35. Anonymous Member

    AKA child-ness
  36. trippyhippo Member

    im attempting to say the law isnt that important to people here like i said earlier im not saying anythings wrong with stoners
  37. Anonymous Member

    No the law may be an ass, as I stated earlier. However the design of laws and the application of those laws is where the problems of absolutes of law arise. I and many people here are not opposed to law at all. Its a necessary evil when dealing with a species such as human beings with their fondness for eating their own :(
  38. Anonymous Member

    What kind of retard failed state makes a special law for x "by electronic equipment"? (No doubt that it jacks another five years on to the sentence.)

    Call a spade a spade: "transmitting material harmful to a minor by stuff that aging male judges, lawyers and politicians don't have a clue about".
  39. Anonymous Member

    It was consensual and ongoing. Yet illegal.
    It sure doesn't stack up to Stupidville or Maryville. And certainly gay discrimination is in play.
    Not every case is going to be cut and dried. I wish we could go by what the younger girl says.
    I understand that's problematic but it is NOTHING AT ALL like someone purposefully getting her overintoxicated and raping her.
  40. Anonymous Member

    Agreed, although the younger girl is/was a minor I am sure if the judge asked to interview her on the matter perhaps some more leniancy would have come into play re sentencing. I dont know that I would call it gay discrimination, I would prefer a term more like gay shock or the like. I hope, and believe in time the younger girls parents will come to terms with their daughters sexuality. In the meantime however a girl, yes just a girl still even though eighteen has been ruined, as a result of their kneejerk reaction.

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