Katie Holmes’ Big Middle Finger to Scientology

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  1. Katie Holmes’ Big Middle Finger to Scientology.

    The Daily Beast: Katie Holmes’ Big Middle Finger to Scientology

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    COMEBACK 02.13.16 8:45 PM ET

    Katie Holmes’ Big Middle Finger to Scientology

    The former Mrs. Tom Cruise has rebounded with one of the finest performances of her career in ‘Touched With Fire,’ a film about the importance of psychiatry.

    In the seven years Katie Holmes spent trapped in her heavily guarded relationship with Tom Cruise, we hardly knew her. The doe-eyed actress with the steely-soft smile landed nary a choice role of note during her high-profile TomKat years, while fans watched her disappear behind a prim bob and a wearied Mona Lisa smile as the paparazzi flashes popped.

    That’s why, when she split from Cruise in 2012 after nearly six years of marriage, the world exhaled on her behalf. But when the newly single Holmes returned to the acting game, she notched mostly disappointing results. Now—finally—Holmes is rebuilding her movie career with her best starring role in a decade. Even better: her new pro-psychiatry film is a giant middle finger to Cruise’s beloved Church of Scientology.


    So it’s not hard to guess that Holmes’s ex and his Scientology crew probably won’t give rave reviews to the new indie drama Touched With Fire, about two bipolar poets who meet and fall in love while stuck in the same psychiatric ward.

    Given the reach and fearsome reputation of the Church, it’s no small gesture to see Holmes, newly freed of the shadow of Scientology, taking on a film whose messages include an unequivocal endorsement of psychiatry—let alone one with such a clear message. The 37-year-old stars as Carla, a bipolar poet who checks herself into a psych ward during a particularly intense episode. There, she meets another bipolar patient, Marco (Luke Kirby), who goes by the name “Luna” and believes he’s from another planet.

    Together they ponder the link between mental illness and creative artistry, fall in love, reject their meds, make manic art and love, and send their concerned families into a panic as they try to make a life together sans treatment.

    It all comes crashing down as their lives-off-meds spiral out of control, one mania-induced crisis after another. Author and psychologist Kay Redfield Jamison, who penned the book that writer-director Paul Dalio based the film on, even makes a cameo as herself advocating better bipolar living through medication.

    “I gained a greater empathy for people who are struggling with mental illness,” Holmes told More last month. “Before the movie, I’d hear something about it and think, ‘Wow. But that’s over there.’ Unfortunately, we’re quick to judge, especially in this day of social media and the Internet—which I think is an ugly-maker. Everybody looks ugly when they’re on the Internet. But I wouldn’t want to live a flat life, with no pain.”

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  4. amaX Member

    Go, Katie, go. <3
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    WTG Katie..keep up the excellent work!
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  6. Psychiatry works and it helps people in some cases.
    Scientology does not work in any case and it hurts people.
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  7. Raw Story now has a story with the same theme.

    Tom Cruise's ex Katie Holmes just railed against Scientology in the best way possible

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    Katie Holmes spent seven years trapped in a marriage with Tom Cruise who has reached master levels in the Church of Scientology. The Los Angeles-based “religion” is known for recruiting new members of their flock from Hollywood. Most recently Leah Remini came out about her experience as a part of Scientology and her attempts to escape. Holmes made news when she publicly apologized to Remini and Tom Cruise allegedly “freaked out.”

    Well, things are about to get a heck of a lot worse for Scientology at the hand of Holmes, or perhaps the middle-finger of Holmes. Her latest indie film “Touched With Fire,” is one big endorsement of psychology, which Scientology is known for opposing. According to the film site IMDB, the movie is about two manic depressive poets (Holmes and actor Luke Kirby) who “meet in a psychiatric hospital and begin a romance that brings out all of the beauty and horror of their condition.”

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  8. The Internet Member

    I am sorry, Suri. Daddy cannot visit with you because Mommy is an SP.
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    I have been doing that for quite a while
    (putting my middle finger up to Scientology)
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