Kate Bornstein "A queer and pleasant danger"

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    Kate is a wonderful and couragous person. During her Sea Org Times her name was Al and she worked with Hubbard. Until she got fed up with the cult. Unfortunately she hasn't seen her daughter since 29 years due to Sea Org disconnect policy.

    Looking forward to reading her book.
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    ah there we have it again, that fucking Disconnect shite going on
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    No, there is no such thing as disconnection.
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    The San Diego Tribune, July 26th 1994
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    Copyapasta from Sponge on OCMB:

    A new book to be published next year by Kate Bornstein

    USA: ... -bornstein
    Canada: ... 0807001653
    or ask at your bookstore (ISBN below) to pre-order.

    A Queer and Pleasant Danger
    The true story of a nice Jewish boy who joins the Church of Scientology, and leaves twelve years later to become the lovely lady she is today
    Written by Kate Bornstein
    Category: Biography & Autobiography - Personal Memoirs; Social Science - Gender Studies; Religion - Scientology
    Format: Hardcover, 288 pages
    Publisher: Beacon Press
    ISBN: 978-0-8070-0165-3 (0-8070-0165-1)

    Pub Date: May 1, 2012

    Amazon pre-order Prices: (US) $14.20, (UK) £15.01.


    Kate commenting yesterday on Tony Ortega's Village Voice story about the scientology disconnection of Lori Hodgson and family....
  9. Anonymous Member

    Jeez. That's hard.

    Do we have dox on the daughter's actual existence, location, etc?
  10. Anonymous Member

    So she had a daughter when she was still a man? It's actually a tough situation for a child to handle, even without the presense of Scientology.
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    Kate Bornstein made a public appearance recently.

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    If nothing else could compel me to stay in the fight, disconnection would.
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    From Transgender, Scientologist, “Cult Hero”

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    Miscavige would make a cute girl...
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    He does have a twin sister and she's not that cute. Not that Bubba would care.
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    I hear he is a "bottom"
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    Do Scilons ever mock up past lives as the opposite sex?
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  22. Yep. My I overheard my step-father say that, last lifetime, he was someone who was in the encyclopedia and was a woman.

    You aren't really supposed to talk about specific past lives, but every once in a while someone will. It seems a lot of people tend to pick someone famous who they "used to be in a past-life." I imagine it has to do with some sort of solidarity or kinship to the famous person. It's also a lot easier than making up a story from scratch.

    It's embarrassing to say now, but I thought that I was Quentin Hubbard in my last life and maybe Oscar Wilde a few lives ago.

    Oh, and after I left, I heard mention that a female staff member I knew had said in an auditing session that she was Quentin Hubbard in her last life. It's conflicts like this that make the rules about never talking about your past lives seem pretty obvious as to their actual intent of keeping people in the dark and keeping the lie going. But when you are in it, you think it's for your own good.
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    Gender Through a Jewish Lens

    New memoirs by transgender authors Kate Bornstein and Joy Ladin illustrate the power of religion to shape how people construct their identities


    My gender was a ship without sails, tempest-tossed. I needed an anchor. I needed a life preserver. Here’s what the Church of Scientology threw me: they said I’m not my body, and I’m not even my mind. They told me that I am a spiritual being called a thetan … Male and female is for bodies, they told me. Thetans have no gender.
    Can you imagine a more appealing theology for someone like me?
  24. a buddhistfag might say that's not inconsistent, and nothing to be ashamed of.

    (death and rebirth as a "completely different person" occur at the apparent end of our lives,
    but it also happens as we live our lives, all the time
    The idea that you might have some of the same life experience, and the same suffering,and guilt and karma,
    that you might even actually BE quentin hubbard, at different points even in THIS life, is possible,
    but it's also not very important. if you have compassion for quentin hubbard, then at that moment, you share the same heart :) )

    a skepticfag might call bullshit on past and future lives
    but even they would see: wilde, quentin, you, me, everyone
    fags all the way up
    fags all the way down
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    20 questions for ... transgender author Kate Bornstein

  28. Anonymous Member

    Got my copy this weekend. Just got started. Can't wait to read it all!
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    Every story needs a dramatic arc, a hero, a villain, and a cast of supporting characters.

    Entering from stage right: John the Baptist aka Paul Haggis. Pointing an angry finger toward the hills in the he cries, "Miscavige, you have gone too far!"

    A chorus of humble south Texas peasants solemnly nod in agreement.

    From the left we hear a crescendo of hoof beats followed by several men rushing toward center stage. They shout, "Ha ha! Let's teach this rabble a little respect for the Dragon Lord and his pile of gold."

    A scribe from the Rolling Stone narrates flatly: "This king is no good. But the people have heard the prophet and there is hope of reform."

    Enter a fair maiden, weeping, and falling to her knees. She turns toward the hills with a hand over her heart, "As a true and loyal subject, I decry the usurper now sitting upon the throne!" Two servants then arrive to escort her quietly to a nunnery.

    Faintly at first but growing louder comes the sound of a gypsy circus. Enter jugglers, acrobats, and then King Gay-Man and his queen, A-Man. The gypsy rulers smile at the audience briefly before retiring to their private tent.

    A series of brief acts involving caravan members follows. The gypsies win over the audience with their quirky yet heartwarming scenes.

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    What a hateful, bitter apostate.
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    Book Marks: A Queer and Pleasant Danger, David Hockney, The Biography, Purgatory: A Novel of the Civil War

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