Karen de la Carriere video series: The Church of Scientology killed my son

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  1. WTF? Who is this Gabriella Zeiden? What is this Karen e la Carriere documentary??

    Is she trying to be famous again? *cough*BBC nos showing Karen*cough* lol


    Putting aside, for the moment, the eerily similar name to the F.A.C.T. network that was scientology-related – I was forwarded a link to this via email.
    Notice that it uses Karen De La Carriere’s youtube channel logo.
    The description says –
    A highly-respected A/V team, putting together a new documentary series, is seeking survivors of Scientology—or families containing current members—to tell their story to help educate and protect the general public. They may also provide help with reconnecting with loved ones still in the CoS, or provide other support as needed. Part of their objectives are to use their own resources to help restore communication between family members or friends, if possible—obviously no one can make finite promises re specific outcomes. If you would like to be considered for participation in this docu-series or utilizing such a platform to tell your story, please contact FACT as soon as possible.
    This thing gives me the creeps.
    “A highly-respected A/V team…?” Please.
    Due to my highly fabulous internet connection speed (sarcasm) when I originally loaded the link I didn’t actually see the above posting because it was a flash-driven site and my firewall gets into arguments with some websites that try to get a little too ‘handsy’ when they shouldn’t.
    I asked the person who sent me the link if this was the same documentary show that I had informed them about a couple weeks ago, having not actually seen what it said yet. I went on to doing other things and forgot about it until now.
    As soon as I saw it, I thought I was thrown back in time to one of those come-on ads by scientology through one of their front groups (like Narconon, or Freedom magazine, etc.) where they are trying to not make it clear immediately that it isscientology.
    Seeing the same tactic employed here, red flags went up immediately –
    Along with a whole lot of –
    To answer the question the person asked, do I want to be part of this thing by Karen and friends apparently?
    Let me be very clear in my response…
    Furthermore, run, don’t walk, from this kind of ‘documentary’ is my motto. Unless, of course, you’re a glutton for punishment and enjoy being sucked up to and manipulated mentally and emotionally exactly like what happens in the very cult you’re trying to expose – in which case, hey…have at it. It’s a free country.
    This is the second time in two weeks though, that I have been approached along these lines. Although this one wasn’t the same as the first, in the sense that this referral was not from the video people themselves.
    The first one that I got was via email, and appears at least a little better than this vague and nebulous “..highly-respected A/V team…” announcement of January 22, 2016 that sports Karen De La Carriere’s logo.
    Here’s the info – it was sent to us December 18, 2015.
    I hope you don’t mind me contacting you but I came across your info online and jumped at the chance to connect. Sirens Media is producing a groundbreaking new show for the A & E Network which will follow families and individuals who are trying to reconnect with their loved ones who have become involved in a group which they believe to be harmful to their well being. Much like A & E’s “Intervention”, we will take a documentary style approach, one that will allow us to educate the public about these groups and in the process also help people. Also borrowing from the “Intervention” model, we will provide access to resources such as private investigation services, therapy or counseling, and even intervention, if appropriate.
    In addition, we are interested in speaking with “survivors” — meaning former members who have been impacted by these groups and are willing to share their story.
    Sirens has earned an excellent reputation for producing quality documentary and non-fiction programs with integrity. Over the years our company has produced content for all the major cable networks including Discovery, Discovery ID, A & E, Bravo, LMN, Nat Geo, MTV and others. Below is a link to our website:
    This really is a an amazing life altering experience for the right people and we are looking to connect to these people through people like yourself… even if you don’t think you are right for this particular project. We will also be offering an appearance fee for appearing on the show.
    I look forward to speaking with you, I can be reached at the number below.
    Thank you,
    Gabrielle Zieden | Casting Producer
    Sirens Media | 460 West 34th Street | New York, NY 10001
    O 212-564-2607 ext. 2431| C 609-915-3412| Facebook | Web
    Our answer to involvement in any way in this one was also in the negative – as in nope, not interested. But, if you insist on being part of one of these things, I’d suggest this one because at least they are willing to name themselves.
    Always a plus.
    As to this F.A.C.T place, it’s always a bit off-putting to me when it is made difficult to establish names of individuals related to the organization. Now, maybe I didn’t have enough coffee yet or something, but I found it difficult to track down who the heck are these people. I had to really start pulling to finally get something that made sense. If you want a bit of background on the Sterns, who apparently started this in Hollywood, Florida, here’s a news article.
    The problem with most of these kinds of things is that they are steered (usually by helpfully infiltrated operatives of various colors) to primarily focus on the leaders of these cult front groups, and their investigations stop there and don’t go into who is actually behind and supportive of these ‘cults’ – the intelligence handlers and their masters.
    If you want to take down a front group permanently, expose those connections and cut their recruiting lines. People will stay away in droves when they find out what they really are, because most of us have a built in natural utter hatred of the slavemasters based on, (amongst other things) a rather long and detailed genetic memory of their atrocities.
    Once most people see those connections behind these cult leaders? They will no longer be interested. Unless, of course, they are one of those who enjoy such experiences, but even in that case they will be going in with eyes open.
    One wonders, also, why they are no Catholic exposers in the ‘reports’ section of that F.A.C.T website. Seeings how they are the biggest cult ever.
    Just sayin…
    Note: they did have this Catholic Church Branches Operating Like A Cult, July 31, 2015, on their news blog page – but that’s basically an ad for the now released Spotlight movie. The careful separation wording employed – ‘branches’ there kind of bothers me though, because it’s not ‘branches’ that operate like a cult, the whole damn thing is that way.
  2. Wow!! Who is this McClaughry person?

    Seems she got her shit together. Any more info about this documentary? and Karen's involvement?

    I hope it is not another "pro-Indie" docu or a promo about the "Fist Indecent (oops!) Church of Scammology"
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  4. DeathHamster Member

    Only someone completely messed in the head would think that FACTNet was "Scientology-related".


    Also "what is x up to" was a standard format for CoS Dead Agent sites.
  5. Me thinks Karen de la Carriere complaints a bit too much. It wouldn't surprise me she is in the middle of all that drama. Has her Class XII signature all over
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  6. anon8109 Member

    OSA, your failure is delicious.
  7. Who da Fuq would downvote that comment? An Indie?

    This fucking bitch is taking money from unsuspected victims to brainwash them. She also talks shit about ElRon while being involved in the creation of a new :"Church" of scientology.

    What gives?

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  8. Looks like Karen de la Carriere was lying when she said she did not have any involvement with this stuff. See her own SurvivingScientologyRadio website, where Gabrielle Zieden posted on the comments a month ago:


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  9. 205

  10. The Wrong Guy Member

    Church of Scientology twitters for Prostitution

    Published by SurvivingScientology on February 14, 2016

    After the Church's toxic policy of disconnection killed my only child Alexander Jentzsch, I increased my whistleblowing and continued to reveal the darker side of this cult.

    So they increased their Fair Game on me.

    I do believe they think they can shut me up or intimidate me, instead they inspire me to do MORE!

    Karen de la Carriere: Scientology is smearing me again, and this time is hitting below the belt

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, February 14, 2016
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  11. Karen#1 Loves Trump!
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  12. anon8109 Member

    Karen's youtube channel has garnered over 5 million views.

    That's 500 -1000 views for every homo novis. lol.

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  13. 15th February 2016, 10:18 PM

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    [IMG] Re: Karen de la Carriere: Scientology is smearing me again

    The Church's toxic policy of Disconnection killed my only son
    Alexander Jentzsch/ because he had no dad, (imprisoned) no MOM, and cherch manipulated disconnection.

    That was not enough for OSA and its dirty Fair Game that is paid for with 501(c)3 tax
    exempt dollars.

    We had the Squirrel Busters come to our house accompanied by armed bodyguards. Why do
    they need armed bodyguards to communicate?

    We have received letters with baseless allegations from OSA's donkey

    The Cherch has wasted taxpayer dollars making "anonymous" false reports to city and
    county agencies about my pets and home.

    I had a lawsuit. The trial was last September. It concerned a 1998 second trust deed on my home of $125,000 and had nothing to do with the Church. It was a real estate issue. The loan was a usurious loan transaction at 14.5 interest rate and my opponent wanted $785,000. He got $149,000. I won.

    My lawsuit had zero to do with Scientology. But filings are public record and Scientology
    Inc went after this court case for blood. They showed up so often to opposing counsel with smear and slime on me from my confessional folders, they said, that opposing Counsel asked my Counsel “How do I get the Church of Scientology to stop showing up and interfering with this real Estate case ?

    At the start of trial opposing Counsel told the Judge that the “Church” of Scientology had offered to take over the whole legal real estate case to fight me (*destroy them utterly* )Church Counsel would take over and pay
    all costs to defeat me. Opposing Counsel refused. The Judge took note.
    The Cult sent opposing Counsel the prostitution video..the Cult so wanted to enter the prostitution video into
    Court Records! Opposing counsel had the brains and decency to refuse to be a pimp for the cult's slander.

    Hell hath no fury than a vicious cult acting out vengeance on a whistle blower they
    fail to stop.

    16,700 views in just over 24 hours.
  14. sallysock Member

    In the comments, I noticed this:


    It would be interesting to see the headers on such emails. I don't post on TO's site, but if anyone else does, mebee could suggest posting such info here or there.
    May be fun, maybe not. Either way, it may say something.
    Random thoughts...

    EDIT: I posted the wrong screenshot above. The comment I intended to post (which I cannot find now) was about a long email (not through fb) filled with black PR from a "friend."
  15. Some of these people need to learn some best practices. I don't say that as a know it all. I say it because many of those out seem to have no idea about those that have come before them or how communications should be (lol) handled. I wish someone reporting on cult tactics would address common problems such as the above. Look over esmb and same problems over and over. Solutions and finding out who is doing the damage seem to be overlooked.
  16. I don't post on Tonys' site (I find Disquis unbearable), but I cross-posted you comment to the relevant ESMB thread with the hope it would attract the attention of someone who does.
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  17. anon8109 Member

  18. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology’s Darkest Secrets Revealed By President’s Ex-Wife Karen de la Carriere

    Published by TheLipTV on March 17, 2016

    The Church of Scientology’s innermost and darkest secrets are revealed by Karen de la Carriere, former wife of Scientology president Heber Jentzsch, who has faced harassment from the Church since leaving in 2010. Carriere describes how the Church cut her off from her son and hid his death from her. She details the church’s exploitation of children and explains why Scientology celebrities like Tom Cruise and John Travolta turn a blind eye to the Church’s inhuman treatment of its members. Finally, we look at the 2008 Anonymous protest against the practices of the Church and the sadism of Scientology leader David Miscavige, in this uncensored Media Mayhem interview hosted by Allison Hope Weiner.

    Guest Bio:

    Karen de la Carriere left the Church of Scientology in 2010 after being in it for 35 years. She was dubbed the “Queen of Scientology” as she was married to its President, Heber Jentzsch and rubbed shoulders with the likes of John Travolta. Karen went from being in the top ranks within the organization to being called a “Suppressive Person”. Karen and her husband had one child, son Alexander Jentzsch who lost his life two years ago in 2012. Reports say 27-year-old Alexander died after an accident. Ms. de la Carriere said at the time she had not seen her son for 2 years, because she was shunned from him after it was revealed she had been criticizing the Church. She found out of his death through a Facebook posting.
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  19. Thank you. She reminds me of my hero, Donald Trump.
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  20. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology attorney Bert Deixler takes another swing at Karen de la Carriere

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, March 23, 2016

    In January, Karen de la Carriere shared with us the threat letter she received from Scientology attorney Bert Deixler. You may remember how over the top it was; Deixler said in the letter that Karen should be “ashamed” for helping a television production company put together a piece about Phil and Willie Jones trying to reconnect with their grown children, Mike and Emily, who are members of Scientology’s Sea Org.

    Karen told us the letter amused her: She’d had nothing to do with the television team filming Phil and Willie. And it was pretty obvious from the way Deixler laid it on thick about how much shame Karen should be feeling that he couldn’t be too serious about suing her.

    Karen had attorney Leslie Hyman respond for her, complaining to Deixler that the church had already been notified by Karen’s lawyer Ray Jeffrey that letters to her should be addressed to him, and not directly to Karen.

    Well, Deixler sent a response, and once again, Karen has shared it with us. We think you’re going to be entertained once again by Deixler’s bluster.

    Continued here:
  21. RightOn Member

    Bert is adorable.
  22. The Wrong Guy Member

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  23. The Wrong Guy Member

    Someone at the Pasadena Org needs to update the mailing list

    By Tony Ortega, July 13, 2016


    Karen de la Carriere received this letter recently, and she was good enough to share it with us, knowing that we might have fun picking our jaw up from the floor.


    Karen, of course, is one of the most well known former Scientologists, and a fierce critic, who was kept by the church from seeing her own son after he died of a very preventable medical condition while under the care of other Scientologists. We asked her how she felt about getting this letter.

    “I still get these letters from all around the world. Mostly I say or do nothing. They get shredded,” she said. “I feel an emotional pang for these staff members, working the trenches, doing it all and believing in it all, and waking up only 20 to 30 years later with the best years of their life sacrificed to a cult.”

    She also said she wanted to show us the letter as an example of how the church tries to convince lapsed members to come back into the church, and to contrast it with the creepy one-line message that one of our readers received recently.

  24. Ron Miscavige Senior, father of David Miscavige talks about being hurled into the lake at Int Base.
    He was there 26 years.
    Imagine a guy in his 70s being punished by being thrown into a dirty bacteria infested lake ~~ he called it "degradation."
    But what I don't understand is what Ron described as Tom Cruise love and adoration of Miscavige.

  25. There are times when the Cult seems mentally unhinged.
    Read this threat letter from their Lawyer Burt Deixler (25 years on their payroll) below.

    I posted some images on Facebook of Jeffrey and myself having dinner with Phil and Willie Jones
    Possibly this made them feel I was in a "conspiracy"
    Note the language ~~ laugh with me ~~ they are going to PROVE in COURT that I have "HIP DEEP INVOLVEMENT in disgraceful intentional infliction of emotional distress" ! Even going so far as to asking whether they should serve the law suit directly to me or to my lawyer.
    So where is the law suit ? 1 year later nothing.


    These accusations are hot air, bogus. utter codswallop.
    I do not know that A & E got threatened with litigation incessantly, almost daily while they were filming.
  26. Appreciate the post.
  27. [IMG]

    And that’s our roundabout way of telling you that for your holiday enjoyment, we have a piping-hot serving of L. Ron Hubbard goodness to spice up your Turkey Day.

    What we’ve done is take a Fair Use excerpt out of a 1960 lecture that Hubbard gave in Washington D.C. as part of his “State of Man Congress,” and put titles on it so you can read along. (And a full transcript is also included.)
    In this lecture, “Create and Confront,” Hubbard tells a cold-blooded and factual account of where you were some 20 to 40 thousand years ago, which was living in something called the Marcab Confederacy, headquartered on a planet orbiting the star Alkaid, which makes up the end of the Big Dipper’s handle!
    You don’t remember it? Well, you will. At least if you get some Scientology auditing and start exploring your “whole track” of existence. You see, Scientology teaches that we are each immortal beings called “thetans” which are trillions of years old, but something called the “reactive mind” prevents us from remembering the countless previous lives we’ve led in various parts of the universe. Only L. Ron Hubbard’s counseling “technology” can help you remember who you were and where you’ve been. And as his counselors do that work, Hubbard says that people tend to recover certain memories over and over again.
    “You’ll remember this sooner or later,” he says in this lecture, informing you that you were once part of a civilization so advanced, its medical doctors could replace just about any part of you that wore out until you were more or less a cyborg. In fact, they were so good at it, you had to make an effort to end your life.
    And one way that people in the Marcab Confederacy did that was by racing cars on a race track booby-trapped with atomic bombs.
    Hubbard remembers that he himself set speed records numerous times at the racetrack between 19 and 40 thousand years ago. And the funniest thing — as he came back in successive lives, he wouldn’t realize that the records he was breaking were his own.
    How’s that for a holiday knee-slapper! Anyway, we thought you could use a laugh before your relatives come over.
    Just try to not to think too hard about the fact that people who actually heard this lecture still gave this organization their life savings and their children for safekeeping.
  28. Karen's face is enough to put anyone off their food.
    Unfortunately I can't unsee that face thank you not for posting it yet again.

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