Karen de la Carriere video series: The Church of Scientology killed my son

Discussion in 'Media' started by Anonymous, Mar 27, 2013.

  1. That's what Gerry Armstrong and others have been saying for years.

    Interesting how a certain element has adopted many of the views of others who they never acknowledge. And then they add their own twist to it. Weird to
  2. Horse shit! It was so an exceptional event, but not in the way the Scientology dictator presented it. It was exceptional in a bad way. The tax exemption was the result of some exceptionally hinky activity by the cult.

    Watching this video I felt uncomfortable and couldn't figure out why. Then I realized the guy being interviewed by the lady was acting. He was acting thoughtful and concerned, but overdoing it slightly. He was posing.
  3. The Wrong Guy Member

    Church of Scientology Justifications ~ Frightening Guru Devotion

    Published by SurvivingScientology on October 28, 2014

    There is something baffling and mysterious to both Scientologists, still-ins and Scientology Watchers. It defies reality and is incomprehensible.

    How do perfectly normal human beings become vicious thugs, grossly immoral, violent lunatics willing to act out with primordial gang like tactics in wolf packs, sometimes laughing like hyenas? Sitting around in Office of Special Affairs plotting (RICO) and conspiring to destroy their enemies.

    David Miscavige shock squads descend to stalk, harass and intimidate ~~ but hey, "Its the greatest Good!"
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  4. Ersatz Global Moderator


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  5. [IMG]

    Karen De La Carriere

    January 16 · Edited ·

    When the mighty VISA (Fortune 500 company) chooses Thomas Kinkade for its card, this Artist has more than arrived ! This just happened. VISA is actually bigger than MasterCard. Wish Tom was alive to see this ~~

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      Anette Iren Johansen That's awesome!!
      January 16 at 1:52am · 2
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      Jenni Gibbons Huge !!!!!
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      Christine Baranay Karen this is so wonderful -- for him -- for you as his always staunch supporter and friend
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      Will Robey He had commercial success in his lifetime, but not the sort of respect he deserved. I always loved his work. Glad to see VISA acknowledge him.
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      Michael Moore Well they are truly great pictures so the acolade is well deserved.
      January 16 at 12:15pm ·
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  6. Hi Ersatz, you don't like my boots?
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  7. This is a very messed up thread. It seems to consist of a mixture....

    Firstly, content that attacks Karen and appears to be from the church of scientology,

    then ridicule - sometimes cruel - of Karen, by anonymous, etc.,

    then content from Karen's fan club,

    then occasional comments by people who've recognized that Karen successfully "safe pointed" (Scientology term) herself several years ago in several venues and has established a group of people who are afraid of criticizing or even disagreeing with her (and can only praise her or be silent) and that this is a weird suckie situation,

    and lastly people who don't know about any of this and just met Karen in a friendly social setting.
  8. RightOn Member

    Errr....Isn't that how forums work?
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  9. The Wrong Guy Member

    Mike Rinder on Scientology Current Affairs

    Published by SurvivingScientology on October 31, 2014

    Mike Rinder discusses current affairs, including the incident in which Marty Rathbun was accosted by senior Church of Scientology officials at LAX.

    Also discussed: The consolidation of LA Org, the decline of activity at Flag, and the Ideal Orgs.

    Taken altogether, the indicators show a Church in crisis under the management of David Miscavige.
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  10. RightOn Member

    LOL!! ^^^
  11. Kilia Member

    404 on the moneypoject link.
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  12. It's easy to ridicule her, but she is still a hero- against the cult that is joining in the ridicule. She's funny and, I hate to say it, but endearing. Cowboy boots and aging fat ass. It's brave in a fucked up way. Age! Thou shalt not pass!
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  13. [IMG]

    Karen De La Carriere

    January 16 · Edited ·
    When the mighty VISA (Fortune 500 company) chooses Thomas Kinkade for its card, this Artist has more than arrived ! This just happened. VISA is actually bigger than MasterCard. Wish Tom was alive to see this ~~

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  14. The Wrong Guy Member

    Church of Scientology STATS Thursday 2 pm to Thursday 2 pm

    Published by SurvivingScientology on November 6, 2014

    Scientology, Inc. acts like a business, talks like a business and quacks like a business while taking advantage of the vast protections of the first amendment to protect its conduct.

    These include religious privileges and “ministerial exception” for kidnapping back fleeing Sea Org Members and other so called “religious disciplines.”

    The internal violence, the warfare, vendettas, malicious retaliation with PR Hit men merits Scientology, Inc. the title: The Al Capone of Religions.
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  15. As Marty Rathbun said several years ago, "Karen takes territory." She aggressively - using various Scientology trickery tech methods - "took territory" back in 2011 or thereabouts, and, as a result, the prevailing attitude towards her at the main discussion forums about Scientology is one of polite fear. No one dares to disagree with or criticize her. WWP is the only exception.

    Creating fearful timidity in people is never a good thing.

    Other than that, I like some of the stuff she does on videos, although her husband is a creep.
  16. 268

  17. peterstorm Member

    How is he a creep?
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  18. Does Karen de la Carriere keep track of the contradictory statements she makes to the media? Here is what she told the BBC in an interview she promoted on the 5th of October 2014:

    On one hand Karen disparages Hubbard and his tech, but on the other hand she sells the tech to the imbeciles that left the "church" who still want the tech, and who better than Karen, a self-proclaimed ex-scientology cardinal, is more qualified to carry on the con? She has it all pegged by profiting from former members even though she is no longer a scientologist or a believer of Hubbard’s tech. She promotes her Hubbard services here

    Let’s see how she is going to spin this one.
  19. The Wrong Guy Member

    Church of Scientology Justifications Part 2: A Snake With Two Heads

    Published by SurvivingScientology on November 16, 2014

    Pretending to be an "Ethical Group" the Staff and Sea Org of Scientology Inc indulge in internal snitching and ratting out each other, violence, such as report and battery, Kangaroo Courts of extreme INJUSTICE all the while *pretending* superiority as an elite group and gouging money from hapless victims stating they are *clearing the planet*.
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  20. RightOn Member

    "Pretending to be an "Ethical Group""
    How can those who offer auditing and more outside the COS be considered at all ethical?
    The tech uses regression therapy and thought stopping. They are helping someone try to get rid of body thetans.
    Funny how Indies speak of being ethical. Especially Hall's group who are openly practicing shunning and suppression.

    I am glad some of the Indies are helping to bring down the cult and I applaud all efforts, no matter who it comes from. But I think it's a real head scratcher for the general public to understand why they still follow the fat shit bag's tech. And that some Indies offer auditing and some offer the purif!
    If it's ONLY about these Indies making money, then sadly it makes total sense to me. But for those who don't offer auditing or whatever and who are not making any money off the Indies, it sadly proves just how brainwashed they still are. I remember that Steve Fishman's psychiatrist said that Fishman was the MOST difficult to deprogram out of ALL the people he has ever worked with and that Scientology was the hardest mind fuck to shake people of. Not verbatim of course.

    All the Indies who were tormented physically and mentally and financially drained by the COS and who still hold Hubbard's tech dear to their thetans, isn't really an easy thing to explain to the man on the street. I guess you can say that it's like the "I don't hate my abuser" syndrome to explain their continued admiration for the sack of shit. Sorry, but anyone who continues to offer auditing, the purif and these stupid courses and levels are just the new abusers in my mind. They are Hubbard's minions.
    And although they were/are victims themselves, if they are in it just for the money and know its bullshit, then shame on them.
    And if they are offering auditing and the rest of the crap and truly believe that they are going to "clear the planet" *snork* some day, then I hope they all wake up eventually.
    As the creator of the "Big List", it makes me so happy when someone leaves for MANY reasons, but it also saddens me when they stay "in" even though they are out. I know it takes time and baby steps and some will never wake up. Just SAD.
    Just wanted to get that off my chest.
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  21. One of the many benefits of the Big List is for those who find themselves suddenly able to look at 'entheta', to discover that their own thoughts and feelings are echoed in the stories of the others listed there.

    It's well-known to those who are familiar with the process, that almost everyone thinks the same things: that someone squirreled the tech, LRH good CoS bad, etc etc, and that there is a solid reason why their own experience seems to fit the pattern - that these are the only thoughts they are permitted to think, due to years of indoctrination.

    When they come to see how closely their own 'case' fits with everyone else's, I firmly believe it can accelerate the long process of freeing their minds, so that they come to appreciate how they have been systematically grossly abused by a bunch of crooks and/or deluded, dysfunctional dupes.
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  22. RightOn Member

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  23. To all of you who where late at the party and are judgemental like a Pilgrim Vicker


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  24. RightOn Member

    So Indies who audit and also offer the purif are not continuing the mind fuck? How can that be? Explain how they are not. please? And I mean that sincerely.Even Marty says its bullshit.
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  25. I am sentimental right now.Sorry

  26. The Indies are most definitely continuing the mind fuck and to a lesser extent, they also continuously reinforce the instilled phobias and controlling methodologies (e.g. shunning, censorship).

    The biggest problem that I have with the Indies (and their auditing/tech activities) is that they are most often treating victims in psychological crisis. The tech is known to induce a religious psychosis/religious delusion, which is often seen in schizophrenia sufferers. I am not saying that the tech causes schizophrenia (duh) but saying that there's a very good chance that many Indies have one or more serious mental health issues that is being treated by dangerous quackery. Auditors have been trained to isolate the Type IIIs and discard them ASAP, which is the WORST thing to do.

    Any Auditor is 100% unable to properly treat, care, or recognize symptoms of mental illness and they do not have the legal duty to even find proper care for the victim if they cannot help him/her themselves. What the Indies are doing is pouring gasoline on a potentially dangerous fire and putting the victim, families, and general society at high risk.

    I don't understand why ANYONE would say that practicing the tech is acceptable in or out of the Cult. It is most definitely not OK, and it galls me when I read uninformed posts and/or news stories that indicate otherwise.
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  27. indies, karen de la carriere included, try to sell hubbard's tech, yet at the same time some of them (Karen for example) bitches about the RPF, the ethics conditions and the "regging", yet these were developed by hubbard.

    i think she is picking and choosing just to make a buck
  28. agreed completely. people that audits are continuing the mind fuck. does not matter how "pro-Anonymous" Karen de la Carriere might seem, of pro-ex. she is in fact still a kool aid drinker that uses the tech to make a profit. just like the cult.

    she must be anti-hubbard as she bitches about him, just like many indies, but i cannot understand why she can continue auditing people with that point of view.
  29. Karen loves LRH, her license plate says so. She bitches about Miscavige, not LRH.
  30. I don't want her or her "I <3 LRH" license plate anywhere my State. She still a kool Aid drinker, weather she is or isn't against ElRon.
  31. Anonymous Member

    Why not ask her? Someone who is on one of the sites she frequents ask her what she would do if Miscavige was ousted?
  32. Ogsonofgroo Member

    I think it may be mostly a self validation type stuff, hanging on to the very end, or trying to internally justify spending so much of your life on something that (we know) doesn't work, so some will hang onto the very, very, last shreds of what they once believed. Kinda sucks to be them imho. They may have come in some sort of direction/cognition that there is a lot wrong, but never realize there is a tonne of stuff all through the core of scientology that is plainly abstract and patently insane, its all fucked, they end up taking what they consider 'the essence' and indy blah-blah, so at least they got something out of their pillaged and useless 'donations', in their own minds salvaging at least something for their silly sacrifices/gullibility, holy hell, they have paid for the right to make stupid choices after all haven't they?
    That the shit Hubbard spewed/created, in any capacity, makes sense to some, boggles me frikken mind.

  33. Please show us.
  34. Anonymous Member

    Shit what else of karen do we need to see?
  35. Her license plate.

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